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    Online directory on dairy products is an information resource on the manufacturers and suppliers of dairy products in India. Get information on the leading manufacturers engaged in the production of various kinds of dairy products such as dairy whitener, ice cream, ghee, cheese, yoghurt, mozzarella, etc. Also presented below is a website listing of exporters, importers and manufacturers of dairy products in India. Browse the websites to get useful information such as product range, price list, quality standards, company profile and contact details.
Latest Website Listings
  • Midas Soy Nutritions  We feel proud to say that we are one of the leading Processed Soy food products manufacturers of Republic of India as well as also of entire South Asian Sub-continent. Today, we have immense pleasure in presenting before you the processed Soybean dairy products range of Flavored Soymilk in Six Popular Flavors & Tofu that are highly admired for their premium quality.
  • The Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation Ltd.  The Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation Limited is an apex level Dairy Cooperative Society registered under Cooperative Society Act – 1962.It has come into existence to integrate the milk producers in rural areas with consumers in the urban areas with an enterprising aptitude.Activities includes promoting, production, procurement, processing and marketing of milk & milk products for economic development of the rural farming community in Orissa.
  • National Casein Co.  It is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of edible acid casein and industrial/technical acid casein more than 30 years. we are recognized as the most trusted edible casein manufacturer and supplier.Competitive prices has made us a trusted a source of casein by leading companies in various industries in India and in the international markets.
  • Arohana Dairy  Arohana Dairy is a social enterprise whose aim is to ensure that the Indian dairy farmer is able to run the dairy far as a lucrative primary occupation without the debimlitating dependency on labour. The symbol is of a rising Umblacherry cow, a breed native to the Thanjavur delta depicted in simple form with cyan and ice blue colours to capture the calmness and docility of the cow.
  • K. M. G. Group Of Companies  Manufacturer & exporter of dairy products, electrical/engineering products, non-ferrous metals, alloys, raw wool, chemicals and handicrafts.
  • Dynamix Dairy Industries Ltd.  Offering Cheese, Butter & Ghee, Dairy Whitener & Infant food, Casein / Lactose & Whey Products, UHT Plain Milk, Flavoured Milk and Juices.
  • New Holland Agriculture  The company has focused its strength in agricultural mechanisation to build a world - class tractor company in India. It’s rationale for investment in India to be driven primarily by its long involvement and in - depth understanding of the Indian agricultural industry.
  • Keshav Milk Products Pvt. Ltd.  Keshav Milk Products Pvt. Ltd. manufacturing facilities are located in Aonla Industrial Town of Bareilly in western U.P. To ensure that only the best dairy products are procured for packing to the end customer, the company also has a strong collection network spanning the nearby villages of Aonla.
  • New Era Dairy Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd.  Milk and milk products are a vital source of nutrition and health. Milk is processed through various stages to derive at products in different forms like Butter, Ghee, cheese, etc. New Era Dairy Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a number of well fabricated milk processing plants and equipments for the dairy industry and allied food processing industry.
  • Nova Dairy Products  Offering skimmed milk powder, full cream milk powder, butter, butter milk powder, ghee, butter oil, dairy whiter & dairy creamers and fat filled powder.
  • DUDHSAGAR  A visionary movement initiated almost 50 years ago, in Mehsana, to organize the rural milk producers to help themselves had its’ benefits in building a strong cooperative movement to pool together the resources of milk producers. We are proud to exist as a purposeful organization in the Nation building process – Enhancing the milk production capacity, self-employment and income generation to the rural farmers, enhancing the per capita availability of milk etc.
  • Kodai Dairy Products Privte Limited  Producer of all types of milk products, milk, cheddar cheese, cream, mozzarella, ghee, smoked gouda, processed cheese, flavored cheese, mascarpone, cheese slices, cream cheese, soft cheeses, ricotta and ementhal etc.
  • EMU INDIA FARM & HATCHERY  An Ostrich like Australian bird Emu and its products are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industries. The meat of the bird is recommended by doctors for those who are diabetic and heart patients. Further, its Feathers, Toe Nails and Skin are widely in the Fashion Industry, Nowadays Emu breeding is encouraged significantly and Emu India Farm & Hatchery is the living result of this encouragement.
  • Dairy Fun  Ice cream and related products are generally classified as frozen desserts, which include ice cream, frozen custard, ice milk, sherbet, water ice, frozen confections, and mellorine - and parevine-type products. Dairy Fun provides most of the variety from above products through-out the year. Special flavors introduce in season timings too.
  • Varun Enterprises  Varun Enterprises is a trading company, which commenced its operations in 1995. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Sahni is the M.D of the company. We worked both for Indian Railways & Railway Contractors directly and we are appointed as Railway Authorized Distributor. We are having our head office in Paharganj and its branch office in Gurgoan Our head office, deals with Railways for a variety of products by brand leaders in the market like Bakery Products From Tushar Nutritive Foods P Ltd. Dairy Products.
  • Dynamix Dairy Industries Ltd.  Manufacturer and exporter of dairy products including cheese, butter, ghee, etc.
  • National Agriculture and Food Analysis and Research Institute  NAFARI, established since 2002, is an autonomous, not for profit sharing organization, registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act 1956. The institute has an ISO/ IEC 17025 and NABL accredited laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with State of the Art Facilities for Chemical and Microbiological Analyses.The organization has set up interanational class laboratory for providing agricultural and R&D services to Food exports and Industry.
  • Megha Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.  Megha Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneer companies to indigenously develop, market and popularize Drip and export quality Sprinkler irrigation system in India since 1995. Megha Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation System is a breakthrough in the field of water management. Megha export quality drip irrigation products and Sprinkler Irrigation System are playing a significant role in Drip, Sprinkler and Micro Irrigation. Megha Agrotech is a leading exporters of drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation.
  • SHRI BHAGYODAYA METALS PVT. LTD.  Stainless Steel is a light, heat resistant and temperature resistant material, which is often used to make kitchen equipments and utensils. Shri Bhagyodaya Metals Pvt. Ltd. made a modest beginning in the year 1966 by moulding stainless steel into various utility items for domestic uses.
  • Charotar Casein Company  Dealing in supply and export of edible acid casein, casein milk, quality casein and industrial casein used in food, dairy, adhesive, cosmetics, leather, paints and plastics industries.
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