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  • Association for the Prevention and Control of Rabies in India  Association for the Prevention and Control of Rabies in India (APCRI) is the pioneer organisation established to serve as a glimmer of hope for the control of the Rabies situation in India. APCRI was founded on Friday the 17th of April, 1998 by a group of 17 committed and dedicated rabies professionals at a meeting in Bangkok, Thailand. Since then APCRI has evolved in to a national establishment that is leading the war against Rabies in the country.
  • Pest Control  Environmental and cost effective pest control that won't cost the eatth proudly brought to you by Sydney based Ecologistics.
  • Pest Control services  The co-founder, Mr. B.K. Chandrashekar is a graduate in commerce from the University of Bangalore. On succesful completion of the same, he went on to pursue his further studies in the fields of entymologystudy of insects and pest control measures. Mr. B.K. Chandrashekar has been employed at leading pest control concerns, with more than 15 years of experience. This has been his first entrepreneurial venture in this field.
  • Astec Life Sciences Limited  Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of all types of propiconazole, hexaconazole, tebuconazole and metalaxyl etc.
  • Capital Pest Control (I)  Wholesalers and manufacturers of ticks-bed bugs and house-hold disinfestation.and Providing all types of general pest control services, termite control services and fumigation services.
  • Pest control and allied services  Pest control and allied services is a leading company engaged in providing Pest Management Professional Services in the field of Pest Control, Equipped With ultra modern techniques and thorough knowledge of Pesticides and Insecticides. We have treated over 5000 residential buildings.It is within our capabilities to provide an atmosphere free from unwanted insects & other pests Integrated Pest Management Standard from Residential & Non- Residential Buildings..
  • Kay Ech Exports  We are a pool of qualified engineers and experienced technocrats, committed to engineer innovative products for our valued clients. We are a proud member of Chamber of Industrial & Commercial Undertakings and also Engineering Export Promotion Council.
  • Chambal Fertilisers And Chemicals Ltd.  Manufacturer & supplier of fertilizers, urea and pesticides.
  • DAPMANS PEST CONTROL AND ALLIED SERVICES  Being considered as hazardous for human habitation and agriculture, pests and bugs are more of a nuisance. These tiny parasitic creatures spread various diseases and destroy crops. Providing effective measures in this domain, Dapmans Pest Control and Allied Services is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of effective pest control products including Moskill Oil, V-nash, Dapneeka 50-50 EC, and much more.
  • Atomic Vacuum Company (Exports)  Exporter of high purity neem based pesticide, natural vitamin e, machinery, waste oil refining project.
  • Manu Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.  Pest Management Systems professional managed team of technical expert engaged inpest control in commercial activities like C. Jammu. Sanjeev Sharma is a hands-on working owner of this company and is on-site during all projects; Consultant, analyzing the problems and remedy measures.
  • Sri Balaji Traders  Balaji Traders was started as a sole proprietorship by Mr. P. Ponnambalam who is very energetic & dynamic person in whole sale business at 132-Karumbakkam village which is from 15 km from chengalpattu and 12 Km from Thriuporur in the year of 1999. Balaji traderss primary focus is involving in whole sale business of fertilizers & Pesticides, paddy seeds & it has also involved in supply of building materials such as Cements, Steels, sand, bricks, & blue metals.
  • Pest Control Organization  We are managed professional hardworking team engaged in the field of pest control services. The choice of suitable pesticides for controlling a pest requires a thorough knowledge, the behavior of the Particular insect pest, its life cycle and changed imposed on these by weather and seasons.
  • PESTIMADE GUJARAT  Pesticides play a crucial role in killing the harmful pests and rodents that adversely affect the soil and its nutrients. In this way, they remarkably increase the productivity of the soil, and in turn, of the agricultural products. Pestimade Gujarat is a leading name in providing superlative soil preservation solutions, by offering high grade, brilliant quality pesticides.
  • Maharashtra Metal Works Pvt. Ltd.  We are an ISO 9001:2000 engaged in manufacturing & exporting wide range of Tin and Plastic Containers, & Metal Sheet Products. Our range finds wide application in various Pesticides, Food, & Beverages manufacturing industries.
  • Sree Ramcides Chemicals Private Limited  Manufacturer and exporter of agro chemicals such as agricultural insecticides, agricultural pesticides, agricultural fungicides, agricultural weedicides, public health products and other speciality products.
  • PESTOMATIC CONTROLS  The use of pest control equipments is vital for a safe and germ-free life, away from rodents, lizards, and other pests. Pestomatic Controls is an established manufacturer and dealer in products related to pest control. Our efficacious product range consist of Cockroach Gel/Cockroach Paste and Powder, Cockroach Gel-Bait and Anti Gel-Bait, Snake-Out (Snake Repellent), Mosquito-Out (Mosquito Repellent), Liz-Out (Lizard Repellent), Spider Out (Spider Repellent), Fruit Fly-Kill (Attractant), etc.
  • Gujarat Pesticides  Manufacturer of pesticides in liquid, granular, dust and wettable powder forms.
  • INFOPEST  INFOPEST is a fully Integrated Pest Management Solution & Training Company, offering a wide range of services that include Preventive Measures such as Exclusion & Elimination. INFOPEST brings a new dimension to using technology in the Pest Management across India to provide quality service & pest awareness workshops with affordable charges.
  • Parijat Termite & Vector Control  We offer a range of High Purity Insecticidal Formulations For the control of termites, in both pre and post construction. And A range of High Purity Insecticidal formulations, For the control of Vector borne disease For both, indoor and outdoor locations.
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