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  • SHAKTI SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL  Bandhani or Tie and Dye is one of the traditional methods of printing textiles in India. Though, its origins are obscure, it is strongly believed to have been brought to Kutch from Sindh by Muslim Khatris who are still the largest community involved in the craft.
  • Agasthya Polyplasts (P) Ltd.  Engaged in supplying and exporting cigrattes made with 100% food graded material.
  • P P Patel & Company  We are manufacture of Chewing Tobacco.
  • Shakti Shipping International  Exporters and importers of chewing tobacco, tobacco products, mouth freshner, gutkha, betel nuts & catechu, ayurvedic products, scrap ships and metal scraps.
  • Crane Betel Nut Powder Works  Manufacturer of all types of mouth freshner and ghee.
  • Ashok & Company- Pan Bahar Ltd.  One of the leading supplier of pan masala.
  • Ascent Techno Management Services  Ascent Techno Management Services is group of professionals engaged in Consultancy, Representation and Trading. We undertake Projects, Foreign Representation and Marketing services ranging from initial development to networking world-wide for machinery and other project requirements.
  • Swastic Trading Co.  Dealers and traders of sweet pan mouth freshener, cigarette and tobacco.
  • Kothari Products Limited  We are provide superior Product, quality, availability and reasonable pricing.
  • Aspac India  Aspac India has become an eminent manufacturer and exporter of brand protection holographic labels & packaging material. The holographic materials are designed and manufactured using advanced holographic technology, ensuring flawlessness. These are widely used across pharmaceutical, textile, tobacco and automobile industries.
  • apara international  para International is a leading Merchant Exporter for more than 2 decades, exporting different commodities such as Tobacco Products, Herbal Extracts, Oils, Cosmetics, Aromatic Chemicals, Colour Pigments and many more.
  • M. S. International, Kanpur  Manufacturer and exporter of tobacco, flavoured, chewing tobacco, dry hukkah tobacco, flavoured chewing tobacco, tobacco products cigarette, bidi, panmasala and gutkha.
  • Dholakia Tobacco Pvt. Ltd.  Dholakia Tobacco Pvt. Ltd. DTPL is an ISO 9001 2000 company. DTPL offers plain, mentholated, scented, and various international flavored snuff. Moist snus is also offered in a variety of flavors. Dholakia Tobacco Pvt. Ltd. DTPL is the most modern snuff-manufacturing facility in India. We have originated from a 150 year old snuff manufacturing company know as the Dholakia Groups.
  • Godfrey Phillips India Limited  Manufacturer and wholesale exporters of tobacco, tobacco leaves, tobacco products and menthol for use in cigarettes.
  • H. M. Products  Manufacturers and exporters of betelnut supari including sandal supari, sweet supari, saffron betelnut, elaichi mix betel nut, pan flavouring material, pan masala etc.
  • International Tobacco Company Limited  Manufacturer and exporter of cigerettes and cut tobacco etc.
  • Soex India Pvt. Ltd.  Manufacturers and exporters of flavoured filter cigarettes, handcrafted cigarettes and other tabacco products.
  • Dharampal Premchand Limited, Noida  Manufacturer of all types of baba brand flavoured chewing tobacco, elaichi and supari.
  • Haji Ebrahimkhan Tobaccos  Engaged in exporting of tobacco, hookah tobacco paste, rice, sugar, gypsum, spice, granite and marble.
  • Bommidala Sreeram Agro Traders Private Limited  Supplier of fcv tobacco, air cured tobaco, burley tobacco, solanesol and cotton seeds.
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