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  • JALARAM INDUSTRIES  Jalaram Industries Colour Chem is the pigment manufacturing division of well established Indian chemical manufacturing giant Jalaram Industries. Jalaram Industries group has grown up to be a world-class chemical manufacturer, majority of its customers being very large multinational companies.
  • Mac Dye-Chem Industries  Manufacturer and supplier of direct dyes, reactive dyes, direct turquoise blue 86, reactive turquoise blue, ramzol turquoise blue G, direct congo red and direct bordeaux BW dyes.
  • Mansi Chemicals  Mansi Chemical has started commercial production of solvent dyes in the year 2000 and in a short span of time company has earned excellent reputation from its customers for the quality of its products, consistent supply and excellent commercial services.
  • Sai Chemicals  Dealers of solvent dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, food colors, Chemicals & Minerals, acid hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulphuric acid, dilute sulphuric acid, calcium chloride, zinc oxide, manganese oxide, sulphates, cashew nut shell liquid (cnsl oil), cardanol, cnsl resins and cardanol resins.
  • Saraf Group  Manufacturer of reactive dyes, organic pigment powders, direct dyes, acid dyes and also provide granite, marble, slate, sandstone and limestone.
  • Shreenathji Industries  Suppliers and exporters of leather dyes, nylon dyes, silk dyes, paper dyes, carpet dyes, textile dyes etc.
  • M. K. Rangwala & Company  Manufacturers and exporters of reactive dyes: hot, cold, he & me ramazol type v.s. derivatives direct dyes and optical blues, acid dyes, pigment, emulsions, acrylic binders, ethyl binders, gold adhesive, glitter adhesives.
  • Diamond Textile Mills Private Limited  Deals in printing, dyeing and processing of quality textiles fabrics like cotton, silk, rayon, viscose, polyester, acrylic, nylon and their blends.
  • Adhik Chemicals  Manufacturers & exporters of dyes like solvent dyes, basic dyes, pigment dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, vat dyes, soluble vat dyes, reactive dyes and also dye intermediates.
  • Shree Chem Marketing  Manufacturer of all types of pigments paste, pigment powder, binder and emulsifiers etc.
  • Star Dyes and Intermediates  Manufacturers and suppliers of dyes & dyes intermediates like reactive dyes, acid dyes black, acid dyes red, direct dyes and solvent dyes.
  • Chroma International  Supplying and exporting dyestuffs/colours, direct dyes, leather dyes, acid dyes, low salt dyestuffs & liquid dyestuffs etc.
  • Akik Dye Chem  Manufacturers and exporters of vat dyes, reactive dyes and disperse dyes etc.
  • NEOCHEM INDUSTRIES,  Neochem Industries is incorporated in 1975. We are manufacturing Organic Pigments having applications in different fields like Textile emulsions, Printing Ink, Rubber, Leather, Plastic Paint etc. We are also manufacturing Emulsions by further processing Organic Pigments which are suitable for Textile, Paint, Detergent Ind. Etc.
  • Milestone Catalyst Private Limited  Dealing in supply and export of vat dyes, cast iron powder and conite concrete hardner.
  • Triveni Exports  Manufacturers and exporters of eterinary medicines, medical surgical disposables, orthopes, injectables products.
  • A-One Chemicals  A leading manufacturer & exporter of organic pigments, cuprous chloride and aluminium chloride.
  • AEROMAX INDUSTRIES  Thriving on our technical expertise and quality-centric approach, we introduce ourselves as a renowned manufacturer and exporter of premium quality Dyestuff and Pigments such as: Acid Dyes, Reactive Dyes, Synthetic Food Colours, Synthetic lakes, Solvent Dyes, Basic Dyes, Direct Dyes and Some Natural Colours. Our products have gained immense recognition worldwide owing to their high quality, purity and consistent results.
  • SHREEM INDUSTRIES  SHREEM INDUSTRIES is a reputed family-owned group of companies engaged in diverse range of businesses. Established in 1977 under the able leadership of Mr. Mukesh Shah, SHREEM INDUSTRIES started with manufacturing of dyestuffs for textiles, paper and ink applications.
  • SPAN OVERSEAS  All of us are aware that nature is combiniation of Colors. Green Trees, Red Flowers, Blue Sky, and Yellow light. They bring the essentials of life to the human being who inturn visualises every aspect of life with specific colour. There are colours for happiness, anger and for various other functions, even the colours are associated with God remembering the various colours in painting the temples and sorroundings.
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