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    Art galleries are a perfect way to showcase art works of famous artists and at the same time give opportunity to new budding talent to demonstrate their skills. Art exhibitions provide that ideal platform to bridge the gap between an artist and the art lover. The art gallery directory of India aims to bridge this very gap by listing popular art galleries of India under its online directory. Here you will find useful information such as access to online art galleries and contact information from the website listings of these leading art galleries of India.
Latest Website Listings
  • Saga  Saga is renowned for its impressive relationship network of quality artists all around the country and an impeccable track record of complete customer satisfaction. And with such inclusive exposure to quality artworks, Saga has become a portal with an extensive collection of contemporary art.
  • Discovery Art Gallery is a passionate endeavour of an avid art lover and collector with an aspiration to showcase the greatness of Indian art in its multifarious depiction, to the world. Our canvas of presentation has paintings, sculptures, graphics, etching, woodcuts, drawings, textile paintings, photography, lithographs and prints etc.
  • Native Art  Canadian Indian Art continues to grow their collection of fabulous native sculptures, wall plaques, drums and much more.
  • Utalika  Handicrafts are part of Orissas rich cultural heritage. These are mainly works of art and beauty, designed and shaped by hand with creative imagination of craft-persons from time immortal. Orissa was once known as UTKAL a synonym to excellence in the field of arts & crafts. Handicraft and Handloom products were the main stay of maritime trade of Kalinga Empire.
  • Tanjore gallery  Tanjore gallery Art Centre has been in existence for the past 11 years. The centre has artists hailing from Thanjavur District and has been learning Tanjore Art since their early childhood. Our artists transform paintings into a mellow, with a blend of tradition and modernity which is rarely seen in the conventional Tanjore art. Our art is infused by the glow of devotion enhanced by our own unforced imagination.
  • Kalasree  Kalasri Kesavan,is an interior designer & artist. Creative work has been my forte & flair for transforming creative thoughts into creative work has been my goal. My work has brought that change & earned for me a name & status that has satisfied my soul & spirit.
  • Breathearts  Durva Gandhi has been an avid art collector, publisher,aesthetic consultant and curator for the last decade.With a background in art and art publications,Durva shares successful,long term working relationships with galleries,artists,auction houses, collectors, art patrons, corporate houses and leading publishing houses in India and abroad.
  • National Gallery of Modern Art  The principal aims and objectives of the National Gallery of Modern Art art To acquire and preserve works of modern art from 1850s onward To organize, maintain and develop galleries for permanent display To organize special exhibitions not only in its own premises but in other parts of the country and abroad. To develop an education and documentation centre in order to acquire.
  • Mascot Art Gallery  MASCOT ARTS Has Carved Out A Niche For Itself In Sculptures, Art Works, Mementos, Artifacts, Lifestyle Products, Murals, Wall Hangings, Designer Furniture, Pots And Corporate Gifts items Etc. MASCOT ARTS has created a new era in framing 3D Paintings for Business Houses, Hotels And Other Industries. MASCOT ARTS Has Over 100 Varieties Of Custom Made Designs With Indian Themes At Their Hearts.
  • Universal Arts  Tracing the origin of walnut wood carving, we go back to the 18th Century, when in the valley of Kashmir the men though candid, but full of intricate artistic zest. They were having the aesthetic sense charged with the incredible patience. They used to carve on the other woods,and walnut wood was rarely brought in to use. This aesthetic zest came to a bloom in the second Quarter of 20th Century when the Maharaja of Kashmir felt the glittering magic of the hands of these men. He channelised and illuminated the artistic ability of these men by exhibiting this sublime art, not only in the various parts of the country but in other parts of the world.
  • Asha's School of Visual Arts  We offer Art Classes for children all the year round and a specialized systematic approach to painting is offered to teen and adult. We not only teach how to draw and paint but become instrumental in developing and strengthening observation skills, stimulate imagination, creativity and encourage self expression through fun filled appropriate art activities.
  • art  Shree chakrapani fine arts and educational trust is conducting classes in derawing and painting for children in the age group of 3 to 12 years and for youth.
  • Gayathri  Gayathri is a socio-cultural organization founded in 1985. The main objective of Gayathri is to promote various social, artistic, cultural and literary activities. Though it had a humble beginning as a platform for the Namboothiri Brahmins in Delhi to come together, Gayathri has come of age and proved its worth now as a leading cultural organization in the Capital, organizing unique programmes with the essential touch of Indian heritage, be it in art, literature or other cultural fields.
  • is a initiative by Matrix to bridge the gap between upcoming artists and art collectors worldwide, the promotion of each artist and their art work, Matrix formed the management team from established artists to support the upcoming artist to promote talent and educate the different aspects of art and promotion.
  • NilamiHouse  NilamiHouse internet largest resource for Sculptures and Paintings, covers various aspects of Hindu culture and Buddhism. has effectively made reach to Indian contemporary art simple and instantaneous. Also involved with various institutions, organizations and publications.
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan  The Bangalore center of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, a prominent signpost in Bangalores cultural scenario, bloomed in 1965 and enjoys an enviable a reputation in the service of arts, education and culture as envisioned by its founder, Kulpati Dr. Kanhaiyalal Maneklal Munshiji. Dr. Munshhiji, who set up Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in 1938.
  • Kroma  Kroma, in its literal sense, means the purity of a color and its freedom from white or grey. Anshu Morarka & Samira Khandelwal bring forth this vibrancy and color through the eclectic mix of Childrens paintings imported from South East Asian countries.
  • Gallery Contemporary  Gallery Contemporary in the city of Udaipur, India is born to cater the art lovers an affordable art of high aesthetic order showcasing etchings, engravings, litho-graphs, leno-cuts, woodcuts, mezzotints, digital prints and mono types by the celebrated artists and print makers from all over India.
  • Vedic Arts & Crafts Promotions Pvt. Ltd  we have given a gift to the whole world in form of Transcendental Meditation, a simple, natural and effective technology of meditation our products of audio are Forty Aspects of Veda And Vedic Literature, Shri Aranyakanda, Shri KishkindhakandaAll and more and video also available. products are produced keeping in mind the requirement of Indian citizens and other nations
  • The Fine Arts Society (Regd.)  Providing Promotes and encourages cultural activities, fosters and develops music, dance and other fine arts of cultural India. Information about the academy, facilities, achievements, membership and working calendar.
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