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  •  CanvasGuru Art Gallery is currently one of the Unique Indian gallery dealing with online sales of artworks. We are ready to offer you magnificent, high-quality artworks created by professional Indian and international artists. All works by our artists are original.
  • Gallery Beyond  Gallery Beyond is a young gallery focussing on young, contemporary art. Our success stories are artists like Datta Bansode, Anand Panchal, Prakaash Chandwadkar, K.K.Muhammed, Uday Mondal, Manish Chavda, Prajakta Palav, Sanjeev Sonpimpare to mention a few.
  • Ratnakar Art Gallery  Ratnakar Art Gallery strives to present you such a form of art which can add beauty to your life and home. We take great care in selection of our artists and all of our collections are carefully handpicked. We work very hard to bring you the best of the artworks which have taken birth right from the womb of beauty.
  • Sohan Jakhar  A contemporary indian artist & visual artist providing online art gallery of his part work and painting.
  • Nirvana  Nirvana is based in Delhi India and specialises in Affordable Indian art by established and emerging artists. Created by Manjula Singh and Tina McGonagill Singh, Nirvana has developed from a passion for Indian art and the promotion of great artistic talent. We strive to represent the best new and established artists, and to provide them with greater opportunities through exhibition and recognition.
  • Southern Arts & Crafts  we are the dealers of remarkable master pieces in Bronzes, Stone and wooden sculptures which quenches the thirst of art lovers globally, Spanning over a period of thirty years, Southern Arts & Crafts have revived the art of the past by Shri.M.Sitaram by traveling intensively, visualizing and learning the immortal works of the past
  • AJAY ARTS  Ajay Sharma is a Artist. In 1979-84 Apprenticed under the direct tutelage of Master Painter Mahendra Sharma, Jaipur, India. Subjects studied, practiced and mastered include: He is holding an extensive experience of more than 25 year. as a Marster in Miniature Arts. Mastery of Pigment In depth analysis, research, preparation and practical application for all pigmentations and mediums including stone colors minerals and their extraction, purification etc.
  • Ruchika's Art Gallery  Ruchika Art Gallery is committed to the experimentation and growth of art and provides a large canvas of opportunities for local, national and international artists in the realm of Goa. The facility includes an art gallery as well as both private and communal studios.
  • Red Earth Gallery  Red Earth is also closely associated with Uttarayan Art Foundation, which is building a truly unique art center near the city of Baroda. Red Earth will nominate and sponsor 2 - 3 artists each year to Uttarayan for a month long residency at the art center.
  • Mrs. Jayashree Ganesh  An artist of great natural talent from Tamil Nadu offering Tanjore paintings.
  • Artland  Artland represents a true cross section of emerging artists, along with senior artists of international fame. During its existence, it has the privilege of organising several prestigious exhibitions by brilliant artists. Artland has helped these artists cross difficult milestones and now they appear to be the most sought after painters of the country.
  • Rajesh Chand  Offering information about his profile, biography, painting and gallery.
  • Art Expressions  Art Expressions, Chennai a gallery and studio for art started in 2002 and pioneered by M. Rama Suresh, aims at art that appeals to everyone and can be understood by people of all ages. They have experimented with various techniques of texture and color, and aim to share their knowledge with willing learners.
  • KeralaMurals  Kerala has a tradition in the field of painting as is evidenced by the murals in temples, palaces and churches. The murals of Tirunandikkara (now in Kanyakumari district) and Tiruvanchikulam are reckoned as the earliest specimens of Kerala painting. These have been assigned to the period from the 9th to the 12th century A.D.
  • Its Arts  An artist of oil paintings on Indian culture, mythological, nature, prosperity and creativity.
  • Apartists  Apartists is the organization developed to promote and most importantly market the art and art related; exclusively focusing on individual artists and artisans .Its an unique way to establish presence in the market of art and design. It is launched solely for the benefit of both the art community and art buyers, but not commercially.
  • Idiyas Gallery  Idiyas Gallery was established several years ago in Kolkata, India, to provide a platform for contemporary Indian art and sculpture. Over time it has become a haven for collectors, art-lovers, and artists. The gallery works with over a hundred artists and sculptors from Bengal and is happy to source work of any artist that has garnered your interest.
  • Artist Anil  The sensitivity in the behavior with others synthesizes my feeling in the paintings. Through them I visualize the meaning of life. The life itself is a work of art through which unconsciously the paintings appear. The different aspects of life provoke me to evolve them and I become like a medium for them, through which they appear in different forms in a series.
  • Triva Contemporary  Triva Contemporary, founded in August, 2007 in Thiruvananthapuram, by a collective of cultural aficionados, aims at generating a discourse on contemporary art and acting as a link between the city and the current art scenario of India.
  • Sreemal Raj  Born at Calicut, Kerala. Bachelor of Science, Calicut University. Studied at the Universal Arts School, Calicut, Kerala.Working as Section Officer in the office of the Accountant General, Kerala. He Secured first position in oil painting and second position in water color painting at the third All India Audit and Accounts Cultural Programme, Kolkatta.
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