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    Directory on dances of India is a one stop online destination for information on famous dance institutes of India. Online directory on dances also provides information on popular dance forms practiced in India. Also available is information on famous dancers of India under the web guide of dances. Here you will find website listing showcasing leading dance exponents of India, different types of popular dance forms practiced and famous dance institutes of India offering courses on traditional and modern dance forms.
Latest Website Listings
  • Rukhmini Devi Natyakshetra Foundation  Rukhmini Devi Natyakshetra Foundation was established on July 6th 1997, at Mugappair, Chennai. Major focus of the institution is to train the younger generation on a curriculum system with a certificate course in Bharathanatyam, Vocal, Violin, Veena, Flute, Mirudangam and Arts.
  • Prathibha Prahlad  Prathibha Prahlad an outstanding exponent of Bharatanatyam is undoubtedly a class apart among contemporary dance exponents. With her innovative creativity that transcends the mechanical in the traditional framework, she has made a name for herself as the foremost of the new generation of classical dancers of the country.
  • Path Music  Path Music is a dance & Art institute for the performing Art. The institute is dedicates towards furthering creativity knowledge, pedagogy & performance in music, dance & art preparing students for a verity of profession in these fields. We have started path of music Institute in 1996. An Institute of Indian Classical music, Instrumental music and Dance from primary level to MA level.
  • Kala Rydham  Kala Rydham which stands shows and resembles unity well there is a famous saying “UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDEDWE FALL” so the main motto of this institute is unity and when we are talking as out unity then we have to say our group is not join with professionally but it is join with heart.
  • Learn Dance in Chandigarh  Rock n Roll, is one of the state of Art insititute where like mind people meet to rediscover themselves. Its and exciting way to socialize to become fit to stay healthy to rejuvenate yourself. We have already successfully training people from all spheres of the life including DOCTORS, ENGINEERS, LAWYERS, BUSINESSMEN, STUDENTS, people from different continents, SECURITY FORCES CORPORATES.
  • Tamil Dances  Provide information about various types of indian dances including chhau, bharat natyam, kuchipudi, mohini attam, kathakali, odissi, manipuri and kathak.
  • Priyadarsini Govind  We are teaching riyadarsini Govind, Bharatanatyam, dance, dancer, Classical Indian Dancer, dances of india, classical, Indian, South India, Indian Classical Dance, South Indian Dance, South Indian Dancer, Indian Classical Dancers, Indian Dancers, Chennai, madras, tamilnadu, Temple, Performance, Instructor, Teacher, Trainer, Artist, arangetram, mudras, hastas, abinaya, Indian, Bharata, Natyam, Classical, Sacred, Art, Indiandances, Dances, bharati, attam, Artist, Artiste, Nritta, Nritya, Natya, Classical Dancers, Kathakali, Bharata Natyam, BharatNatyam, Bharatanatyam, Srutilaya, Indian Art, events, artiste's adresses, dance forms, dancer, music, India, artistes, Institutions, festivals, performance, nattuvangam, Modern, accompanists, classical music, art, tradition
  • Sumeruschoolofdance  Sumeru School of dance is First Institution of more than forty dance forms from different countries under one roof. Except dance classes school is having music, Fitness and therapy classes also. We provide training not only about dance but about any kind of art activities. Jazz, Tap, Latin American & Ballroom dances, Belly dance, hip- hop dance, Breakdance, Flamenco, Ballet, Bollywood, bhangra, dandia and garbha etc. are our speciality.
  • Prerana Shrimali  A senior dancer of Jaipur of Kathak Prerana Shrimali, received her training in dance from Guru Shri Kundanlal Gangani. Having mastered the grammar and the complexities of the Jaipur style, with her grace, innovativeness and imagination, she ranks among the most illustrious and reputed classical dancers of India today.
  • Buskers  We also provide a variety of creative ideas and impact current trends and styles to your settings. We offer you a variety of choice in the type of event you wish to host, to insure it befits your image and lifestyle. We believe in making every event a one of a kind memory to all those present at the event.
  • Natyakailas  A non-profit performing arts theatre and school providing dance training such as kathakali, classical dances, classical music, drama and theatre performance.
  • Rang Puhar  Provides training for young talent in the various rigorous disciplines of Indian dances and folk dances.
  • Art India Net  A directory of Indian classical dance, Indian classical music, Indian performing arts, etc.
  • Brian's Academy of Dance  Brian's Academy has a simple philosophy. We believe that dancers are just not performing artists, but instruments through which the art is created. The quality of this art thus depends on the physical qualities and skills that each dancer possesses.The stronger and more flexible a dancer's body, the more capable it is of performing wide range of movements.
  • Dance Magic  The name Dance Magic itself suggests there is magic in Dance. Over the years he has gained tremendous experience as a Performer, Trainer & Choreographer. Sandeep Lays Great Stress on correct technique, Posture through simple unique dance steps with Lots of Variations.
  • K H Kala Soudha  KH Kala Soudha (Kengal Hanumantiah Kala Soudha) is The Place to Perform. It is located centrally and welcomes all performing arts. Designed by renowned architects and built by BBMP this place stands tall admist the calm Ramanjaneya Temple surroundings. This auditorium is dedicated to Dance, Drama, Music, Movies and Art. With dearth of such affordable places we dedicate KHKS to Bangalore's culturally rich people. Contact us for all further information.
  • Sagar Natraj  Sagar Natraj is God Father of Dance is the youngest guru to achieve titles, honoures and awards at the age of 14th. It was established in the year 1991 for imparting students the technique of 33 pure dance forms. We conduct various workshops charity shows, demonstrations, stage shows, group training, marriage programs, fashion shows.
  • Honeys Dance Academy  Honeys Dance Academy boasts an exciting range of courses ranging from fashionable Bollywood to upbeat Bhangra right through to traditional Classical and professional Acting classes. The academy is proud to provide opportunities to students by involving them in entertainment related projects ranging from taking part in Bollywood films and dancing in pop videos right through to participating in stage shows.
  • Ranjana Phadke  Originating from Northern India, Kathak has gained immense popularity for its sparkling footwork, fast whirling movements and subtle abhinaya or mimetic dance. It almost never fails to capture the audience and this ability is probably because of its long history in the courts of emperors and kings.
  • Lalita Art & Discovery Academy  We are supporting all type of cultural activities and events, sponsoring talented artists, organizing events and facilitating visitors to discover Gujarat through a direct interaction with the locals, and in a spirit of respecting nature and its inhabi - tants.
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