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    Directory on dances of India is a one stop online destination for information on famous dance institutes of India. Online directory on dances also provides information on popular dance forms practiced in India. Also available is information on famous dancers of India under the web guide of dances. Here you will find website listing showcasing leading dance exponents of India, different types of popular dance forms practiced and famous dance institutes of India offering courses on traditional and modern dance forms.
Latest Website Listings
  • Twist N Turns  To inculcate the aesthetics of dance in every human being, and to create a sense of adaptibility and confidence within them. It is the feel of dance that helps us choreograph lives more artistically and to develop a dancer at heart. Our teachers offer either classic teaching styles or new cutting-edge methods.
  • Dr. Vidhi Nagar  Official website of Dr.Vidhi Nagar offering information about Kathak, its history and origin.
  • Smitha Madhav  Smitha Madhav began learning Carnatic vocal music at the age of 4 and gave her first public performance in 1994. Smitha is gifted with a powerful and melodious voice and a wide vocal range that is the result of several years of training and practice. She currently receives advanced training from the Hyderabad Sisters - Ms Lalitha & Ms Haripriya.
  • Impulse  Since our childhood to our college days we are fascinated rather obsessed with the word extra curricular which mainly consists of cultural activities like dance, music, drama, painting etc. We strive to win prizes, accolades by getting hard training for acquiring those special skills. But as we enter the professional world, those skills start taking a backseat because of the work pressure, time deadlines, business competition.
  • The Chhau Dance  Dance form indigenous to eastern India, especially Orissa.
  • Aakaash  Providing all types of music composition services, music programming services and albums launch services.
  • Future Sound  Providing laser show, stage show, disco light, dance floor , event manager services.
  • Chithira Recordings  Specialized in the digital recording of different traditional art forms of Kerala like Ottanthullal, Katha Kali, Bharatha Natyam and Mohiniyattom etc.
  • Tamil Dances  Provide information about various types of indian dances including chhau, bharat natyam, kuchipudi, mohini attam, kathakali, odissi, manipuri and kathak.
  • Kalamandalam  Premier center of excellence in Indian performing arts emphasizing especially on the traditions that developed in the state of Kerala.
  • Swastik Rangoli  We rangoli artists of Vadodara started working collectively in 1985 as a group named swastik rangoli kalakar group. Since then our group has organized many rangoli exhibitions in different cities. Thousands of visitors flock to the exhibitions. Our main exhibition was held during Diwali 2009. It was in Kirti Mandir hall, Baroda. The exhibition was a great success.
  • CGreen Club  CGreen Club offers an excellent opportunity to members to discuss on how to make Life enjoyable in a positive manner. The discussions can range over a variety of categories: Fun Activities, Out-Door sports, Indoor sports, Adventure, Nature, Partying, Hobbies, Inventions, Relaxation techniques, Jokes and Social service.
  • Daksha Sheth Dance Company  The Daksha Sheth Dance Company is located at Natyashram, a rural arts centre in lush, sylvan surroundings on the banks of Lake Vellayani, 14 kilometers from Trivandrum in the state of Kerala. Natyashram also serves as the base for AARTi, the Academy for Arts Research, Training and Innovation, and functions as a dynamic centre for multicultural and multimedia interactions in the arts.
  • K H Kala Soudha  KH Kala Soudha (Kengal Hanumantiah Kala Soudha) is The Place to Perform. It is located centrally and welcomes all performing arts. Designed by renowned architects and built by BBMP this place stands tall admist the calm Ramanjaneya Temple surroundings. This auditorium is dedicated to Dance, Drama, Music, Movies and Art. With dearth of such affordable places we dedicate KHKS to Bangalore's culturally rich people. Contact us for all further information.
  • Kg2pg  Kg2pg is a revolutionary phone education- service. It is dedicated to helping Students to educate them. We have the potential to reach crores of people and have designed it in such a way that more than 25 crore Students can study through mobiles via Voice, Video Recordings, and the meny who use internet benefit from our service.
  • Venkatasubramanian  His performances under the auspices of Bharat Cultural Integration Committee at Music Academy, Chennai and at Bobbili won him high appreciation and proved that classical music can be well played on Keyboard chasing away the blues in the people mind that keyboard is the best fit for western and light music concerts.
  • Kala Rydham  Kala Rydham which stands shows and resembles unity well there is a famous saying “UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDEDWE FALL” so the main motto of this institute is unity and when we are talking as out unity then we have to say our group is not join with professionally but it is join with heart.
  • Dance with EMDC  It was started on the 26th of April,2007 at Dadar,Mumbai.Sumeet & Expressions Modern Dance Company instructors teach Hip-hop,Street Jazz,Jazz Bollywood and Modern Contemporary dance at Expressions Dance & Fitness Studios & perform in the same dance forms too.
  • Bhasabharathi  Dedicated and promotes cultural heritage of Kerala through allied performing arts by utilising elements of various folk, classical, and martial art forms in theatre performances.
  • Buskers  We also provide a variety of creative ideas and impact current trends and styles to your settings. We offer you a variety of choice in the type of event you wish to host, to insure it befits your image and lifestyle. We believe in making every event a one of a kind memory to all those present at the event.
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