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    Get acquainted with the amazing background of India through the history directory of India. The online directory of history presents rich information on India including pictures and interesting facts related to the many places of India. The online historic web guide of India also provides a listing of many useful websites providing exciting details about India history. Access the websites on India to get valuable information on the history of India.
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  • Sai Sathya Sai  When the boy Sathya Narayana Raju (born in the village of Puttaparthi) was in his teens, he claimed to be the reincarnation of the fakir Shirdi Sai Baba, who was not well known in that area. Shirdi was, at the time, just a small village near Kopergaon in Maharashtra. It has now become a place of pilgrimage for millions of devotees because Sai Baba spent his life there. Sai Baba lived in Shirdi upto the Dussehra of 1918.
  • Sri Vyaasa Tirtha  Providing information of the history of Sri Vyaasa Tirtha and works done by Sri Vyaasa Tirtha.
  • Baba Sai Shirdi  Sai_Baba_in_Gurusthan Few devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba, are coming up with a Gujarati book containing some good content. Content like Sai TatvaRatnavali (Essence of Sai Baba’s teachings given by Sai Baba himself) and translation of Bhaktleelamrut (A book containing Sai Baba’s teachings, which was written while Baba sported in physical form and also read as pothi in Dwarkamai) in simple form.
  • Festivals of India  Indian Festivals, celebrated by varied cultures and through their special rituals, add to the colours of the Indian Heritage. Some festivals welcome the seasons of the year, the harvest, the rains, or the full moon. Others celebrate religious occasions, the birthdays of divine beings, saints, and gurus (revered teachers), or the advent of the New Year. A number of these festivals are common to most parts of India.
  • Mahatma Gandhi, Research and Media Services  Providing information about Mohandas Gandhi including photos, audio, film footage, and day-to-day chronology.
  • Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya  Providing information about the Gandhi museum and library with resources on Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Onam  ONAM, the harvest festival, is celebrated annually throughout Kerala during August-September. In short, Onam means flowers, 'onakkodi' (New clothes), sumptuous feats on plantain leaves with 'avial'', 'pappadum' 'pazham' (Plantation fruit), 'payasams' onappoo-ada and swinging under the mango tree, days spent collecting those elusive flowers for pookalam (floral arrangement) and evenings dancing with neighbourhood children wearing tiger masks, called pulikkali.
  • Kerala  KERALA is one of the most graceful lands on earth filled with nature and beauty. It’s a land of the Leal, a happy-land in INDIA. Its salubrious nature is pantheism to the people who visit its atmosphere, here. Every step you make and every breath you take will make you understand the power of GOD and creation. So, awesome to feel and no words to describe. The blissful nature has haunted this piece of land with beauty and testifies that God is real, to own this city. [KERALA - in other words –GOD’ own country] A blessed southern state in India, for man to inherit and dwell with it’s climate ,long stretches of backwaters, beaches, plantation’s, golden greenish meadow’s, cascades and, scenic forest’s filled with gorgeous wild life are the great wonderful environment’s of this paradise’ indeed are HEAVENLY experience on earth for a tourist.
  • Apna Patiala .com  Patiala a Royal city, the land of Maharajas is famous for its ‘peg’, ‘pagri’,‘dresses’, ‘jutti’, ‘Patiala sahi salwar’, Reshmi naale , Food like ‘Makki de roti’ and ‘Saraason da saag’, folk songs , dances like Gidha and Bhangra , its traditions and culture.
  • Punjabtourism  Punjab, a region in Northern India, has a long history and rich cultural heritage. The region has been invaded and ruled by many different empires and races, including the Aryans, Persians, Greeks, Egyptians, Afghans, and Mongols. Around the time of the 15th Century, Guru Nanak Dev founded the Sikh religion, which quickly came to prominence in the region, and shortly afterward, Maharaja Ranjit Singh reformed the Punjab into a secular and powerful state. The 19th Century saw the beginning of British rule, which led to the emergence of several heroic Punjabi freedom fighters. In 1947, at the end of British rule, the Punjab was split between Pakistan and India.
  • B.M. Birla Science Centre  The B.M Birla Science Center is one of the most prestigious institutions in the country for the dissemination of science and has several innovative programmes in the popularization of science and formal and non formal education and research. It is recognized both as an Institute of Higher Education and for R&D.
  • Swarn International  Swarn International stand apart in the field of designing a complete range of metal helmets, armors, medieval suits, roman ancient helmets, antique swords, antique decorations, bayonet with leather cover, ancient leg guards, metal chainmail, metal helmet, viking warrior helmet, roman officer helmets etc.
  • about arts  Chakyar Koothu in which Koothu" means dance - which is a misnomer, since there is minimal choreography involved in this art form; facial expressions are most important . The other art forms are more or less religious and tribal. They are Theyyam [The term Theyyam is a corrupt form of daivam or God.
  • The Indian Archaeological Society  The Indian Archaeological Society was formed and registered in the year 1968 at Varanasi as a non-governmental, non-profit making professional organization of archaeologists. The Society was founded by Prof. A.K. Narain, late Prof. Sankalia and other eminent Indologists and archaeologists of the country
  • History of Sabarimala  Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa Temple is the most famous and prominent among all the Sastha temples. This is one of the most ancient temples in Kerala. Lord Parasurama consecrated the deity of the temple at the foot of Sabari hills to which reference has been made in Ramayana.
  • History  David Beckham: Beckham and his Spice Girl wife, Posh, appear tired of the overseas scene and have made plans to join the LA Galaxy, but rumors are circulating bhind the real raeson for the move. Gossipers are led to believe that the recent reality show has something to do with the deal. Also, rumors exoist that plagued with injury, Beckham truly lnogs for a new cazreer in Hollywood insted of kicking the ball aorund.
  • VISIT INDIA  Visit TNT, a principal e-travel agency, headquartered in New Delhi, provides you with the best of travel-related services. It is one focal point, where you are provided with all information about the places you would prefer to visit and explore.
  • Ashtalakshmi Temple  AshtaLakshmi temple is considered as the only temple featuring the eight manifestations of the Goddess MahaLakshmi. The temple was built in the year 1976 and features various characteristics of Dravidian temple architecture. Ashtalakshmi temple and the Mahalakshmi temple in Mumbai are only temples of the goddess that are located on the Indian coast.
  • Qutub Minar  Explore Qutub Minar, the enticing monemument that depicts the beauty of Mughal architecture. Qutab-ud-din Aibak, the first Muslim ruler of Delhi, commenced the construction of the Qutab Minar in 1200 AD, but could only finish the basement. His successor, Iltutmush, added three more storeys, and in 1368, Firoz Shah Tughlak constructed the fifth and the last storey. The development of architectural styles from Aibak to Tughlak are quite evident in the minar. The relief work and even the materials used for construction differ.
  • Department of Archaeology And Museums  Originally the museum was known as "Hyderabad museum". Today it is known as the A.P. State Museum, located in the Public Garden of Hyderabad City. This is the oldest museum in Hyderabad. The Department of A & M, A.P., owes its original establishment to Nizam VII of the erstwhile Hyderabad State. The Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan, wanted to preserve the cultural heritage in his state and also took steps to extend the treasure trove act of the British ruled dominions to his state and also created the Department of Archaeology under the stewardship of Dr. Ghulam Yuzdani in 1915. From then onwards the department played an active role and conducted several extensive explorations and excavations. Several Hindu and Muslim monuments were protected and conserved. From various activities of the Department and extending the Treasure Trove act to the Nizams dominions, large number of antiquities and other artefacts of ancient period were collected. The collection became so vast that in the year 1930 it led to the starting of the Museum. the proposal of setting up a museum was accepted by the Nizam and the museum was constituted in the premises of the Public Gardens, Hyderabad. The Museum then known as the "Hyderabad Museum" started the collection of works of the contemporary artists from 1949-50. In 1968 the name of the museum was changed to "State Museum, Hyderabad". It is administered by State Govt. of A.P. There are many galleries devoted to Stone Sculptures, Bronzes, Weapons, Arms & Armoury, Copies of Ajanta murals, Manuscripts, Textiles, Bidri ware, coins, modern paintings, miniatures, sculptures etc. Though there is a vast textile collection it has not been displayed alongwith other objects. By nature, the State Museum is mainly research oriented and has brought out several publications in connection with its variety of collections.
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