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  • Ayyappa Paniker  Ayyappa Paniker is the pioneer of modernity in malayalam literature. He is also considered as one of the foremost Indian poets and crictics to emerge in the post independence era. He influence has been quite profound and far-reaching in the entire cultural and intellectual life of the Malayalee. In the field of literary criticism he ushered in a paradigm shift towards a radically newer awareness.
  • Sunil Gangopadhyay  A living legend of modern Bengali literature and for his dedication and achievements in this area.
  • Navratan Jan Kalyan Society  Navratan Jan Kalyan Society is all about selfless service, identifying talent and enhancing performing arts, commitment to community education, health and environment. Our projects are meant to be implemented at the grass root level and the results can be measured in real and not books.
  • Acethetik  Acethetik publishes all artistic creations including music, stories, literature, articles, poetry, photographs, paintings, cartoons, etc. Art lovers can sample all creations before deciding to buy.Acethetik publishes only original content not published before and will not publish pornography or content that attack religions or political states.
  • about cultures  The culture of Kerala is one of its kinds in India. Traditional yet modern, the fascinating aspects of our culture have been covered in our related sections. We will be amused to read about the rich cultural heritage of us, which till date is intact in almost all natives of Kerala. The traditional rituals and sacred practices are very much alive even today. We there are fiercely protective of our cultural heritage and are very proud of it.
  • Rural Institute for Standard Education  To provide International Standard Education to the rural students in India With the goal of Establishing Effective Learning Environment and enabling the students to experience an educational system like observing, analyzing, experiencing and experimenting rather than memorizing.
  • MASI  Every body in the society has right to achieve education. But this right is not given to all community members at equal level. The poor or deserving children have lack of achieving education because education is becoming very expensive it is very hard for the poor children to attain education in good school.
  • Kalidasa Samskrita Kendram  Kalidasa Samskrita Kendram is a registered Trust, started to serve the Sanskrit language and literature. It is a Non Government Orgnisation. Sanskrit is the Heritage of India. The Indian History and History of Sanskrit Literature go hand in hand. Sanskrit is taught all over the world, particularly it is taught in all major Universities all over the world. This language is learnt not only by Indians also by foreigners. During the end of 17th Century AD this language was taken to European countries by the Dutch, French and English Scholars.
  • Roshni Educational Society  Life in India seems to be very interesting to those who see it from outside only. Poverty and illiteracy and their adverse consequences still do not let a large majority of people lead a decent and dignified life. The worst sufferers are children of poor families who are denied their childhood innocence and playfulness. Poverty compels people to keep their children at home or to send them out to work.
  • Gadima  Literature of Gadima, marathi songs and geet-ramayan.
  • Centre for Community Development  Centre for Community Developmentis a non-profit voluntary organization working to bring qualitative change to the lives of the tribals, disadvantaged and vulnerable sections of the communities in Gajapati District, Orissa, India. Over three decades, CCD has initiated and focused on Natural Resource Management & Sustainable Livelihood promotion, Reproductive Child Health, Women Empowerment & Promotion of Micro Entreprenuership.
  • Writing Lab  Online content writing and copy writing is all about writing keyword rich articles. This is what most companies out there would tell you. But not The Writing Lab. If you want something different, something more than just keyword rich articles, then consult us ASAP.
  • St. Thomas College  St. Thomas College places emphasis on cultural, literacy and sports activities and our students have acquitted themselves creditably in these areas, bringing laurels to the college at the District, State and National levels. It has several achievements to its credit.
  • IndiaStar Review of Books  A literature magazine include nonfiction, fiction & poetry, articles, film reviews and poems.
  • Accrete Social Reviews Advancement  Accrete Social Reviews Advancement, a non government development organization which is working on issues of rural poor and other social works. Every child deserves a chance that the organization exists and works to make this possible. Our mission is to promote and provide quality education at affordable costs to all those children who are helpless and communities and economically disadvantaged.
  • The Guild of Service  The Guild of Service North India was born in 1972. Today, under the leadership of Dr. Mohini Giri Former Chairperson of the National Commission for Women and Founder/President of the War Widows Associations, the Guild works for the empowerment of marginalized women and children. Since then the Guild of Service has launched multidimensional programs aimed towards vocational training and education of women--both through advocacy and grass root work.
  • Remmers india  Active as a successful, medium-size, family owned company that is a leader in the manufacture of synthetic products for the building industry and the wood finishing industry. More than 1000 employees today stand for the highest degree of competence in all matters concerning the protection of wood and buildings - from the cellar to the roof.
  • Tagore Biography  Provide a brief biography of Tagore, links to excerpts of Tagore's most famous poem Gitanjali, selected quotations from Tagore's works and conversation between Tagore and Einstein & H.G. Wells.
  • Marwar  A marwar magazine offering information about their land, their culture and their voice.
  • TALEEM Research Foundation  TALEEM Research Foundation is a literary, scientific and charitable society and trust. TALEEM meaning education and training, is also an acronym for Transnational Alternate Learning for Emancipation and Empowerment through Multimedia.MISSION To provide access and opportunities for quality education through distance and open learning leading to employment and income generation. To promote communication research.
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