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    Processed foods directory presents information on the leading suppliers of processed food products such as packed fruit juices, pulps, concentrates, spices, sea foods, canned vegetables, etc. Information on the exporters and importers of processed food products in India is also available under the informative directory on processed foods. Also view website listing of leading Indian processed foods manufacturers and access their websites to get insightful information related to the company profile, products range, quality parameters followed, order booking information and contact details.
Latest Website Listings
  • Kitchens Of India  Manufacturing and supplying curry paste, conserves, chutneys, indian desserts and ready to eat biryanis.
  • GSR Food  We are a group of food-loving people, thoroughly passionate about food and gourmet. As development practitioners, we take keen interest in how food preferences affect the livelihoods of producers who produce the food and the health of consumers who consume the food. Following are some to the key people who are behind the initiative.
  • HungryZone  This is a one stop shop that not just allows you to search and locate restaurant of your choice but also takes ordersreservations on your behalf completing the cycle for you. This site allows users to place orders or book tables across 550 restaurants serving over 40 cuisines and 1 lakh dishes in Bangalore city currently.
  • INGLOBE  We are a registered Export Company specializing in high growth industries.As a young dynamic company, we export products which adhere to international quality standards backed by excellent service and support. We are a registered Export Company specializing in high growth industries.As a young dynamic company, we export products which adhere to international quality standards backed by excellent service and support..
  • Calypso Foods Pvt Ltd  Calypso Foods aims to be amongst the leading food solutions company that caters to the rapidly growing, global processed foods market. Based in India, we leverage the subcontinents agroclimatic diversity, its lowcost structure and ability to imbibe and implement high technology to provide complete processed foods solutions for an international clientele.
  • ABC International  A leading supplier of a wide range of vegetable pickles, fruits & vegetable powders, pickled gherkins and tamarind products.
  • Pristine  Pristine is an organisation that harvests Nature as is especially for you.Pristine converts every experience & expertise into useful products ranging from pediatric to geriatric.We attend to some of the key areas of nutrition like malnutrition, lifestyle diseases and needs of the immuno challenged.
  • Foods & Flavours  Manufactures and exports instant rice, dehydrated vegetables like carrot, cabbage, capsicum, sweet corn, leek and ginger bits as well as dehydrated chicken products.
  • Sooraj Trading Company  It is a pioneer unit known for its reliable and novel business ethics. It is one of the prominent manufacturers and exports of Tamarind Kernel Powder in the industry. With the rich wealth of experience behind it, the company has today firmly positioned itself in the market.
  • Danvar Foods Private Limited  Manufacturers of processed meat products, from pork meat, chicken, beef and mutton.
  • Khandige Organic Health Products Pvt. Ltd  The promoter family has been leaders in the field of holistic and sustainable agriculture and education since 1800 with roots to cultivation and practicing Ayurveda. Since inception, the aim of the company has been to make available the best quality certified organic nutritional supplements,medicines.
  • Victory Essence Mart  Supplier of food colours, flavours, milk powder, canned foods, ice cream stabilizers, food additives like xanthan gum, guar gum, cmc, s alginate, carrageenan, food chemicals and modified starch etc. And manufacturer of ice cream stabilizers.
  • M. T. R. Foods Limited  Manufactures of ice creams come in a variety of different flavours like american vanilla, plain vanilla, butterscotch, kesar badam and strawberry.
  • GREEN Foundation  GREEN Foundation for the past decade and half has been working in the state of in Kanakapura taluk in Ramanagarara district in Karnataka. Ramanagara is situated in the sourthern part of Karnataka. The state of Karnataka is located between 11°, 31' and 18°, 45' North latitude and 74°, 12' and 72°, 40' East longitude, and lies in the west central part of peninsular India. Karnataka is divided into 10 agro climatic zones.
  • U. B. Global Corporation Limited  Manufacturers and exporters of beer, whiskies, brandy, rum, gin, vodkas etc.
  • Chulha  Chulha, a division of Purnima Viands Pvt. Ltd. is Bangalore based tiffin-service provider with a single motto in mind: Delivering Mouthwatering & Healthy Food to people in need of the same. Just like any dream, Chulha also started small as a simple localized dabbawala providing cooked food in steel containers to a small part of Bangalore. We have now started increasing scope to cover areas across Bangalore. Chulha has been and will continue to be dedicated to serving delicious and hygienic food to all its customers.
  • Iyengars Bakery  Iyengars Bakery is a pioneer in the baking industry since nearly 3 decades. Austintown Iyengars bakery is the biggest Iyengars bakery in Karnataka and is also popularly known for its State of the art infrastructure, combined with traditional taste and top notch quality of Bakery Products.
  • Sunil Agro Foods Limited  The Company is an profit making Company in the manufacture of Wheat products namely Maida Wheat Flour, Sooji Semolina, Atta Wheat Resultant Atta and Bran Wheat Bran as well as Whole Wheat Atta extracted out of wheat. The marketing network spread all over south, sound tie-up in marketing, experienced promoters, locational advantage with infrastructure facilities favorable demand supply gap, growing consumer trends and assured off take of production.
  • Mushroom India  Mushroom India, is engaged in cultivation of White Button mushrooms. The mushrooms are grown for human consumption and being used to fill the vast protein gap. It contains vitamin B complex, Vitamin C thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, Folic acid, and Vitamin B 12.The mushroom is a fungal vegetable. The two important varieties of mushrooms are White Button mushrooms and Oyster mushrooms.
  • Ambience Refrigeration  Ambience means ‘The Atmosphere of a Place’ and our products always brighten the surroundings where they are placed and so our motto rightly conveys; products for Better AMBIENCE in Food Courts. We at Ambience Industries, a premier manufacturer and supplier of refrigeration and food display equipments, have always strived towards satisfying our customers by providing quality food display equipments that enhances multifold your sales. We manufacture both refrigerated as well as non refrigerated systems such as pastry coolers, ice cream display cabinets, refrigerators, deep freezers, Bain Marie’s, Chat/juice counters, bakery displays etc. The market areas where our products are utilized include café, bakeries, restaurants, food courts etc.
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