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  • Access Networks Pvt. Ltd.  Provide cutting-edge technology solutions in the area of voice over IP(VoIP), speech technology and embedded technology.
  • Founder  Register your company and personal mail ID with us to receive newsletters on interesting topics. Guaranteed, you will not be disappointed. Maintenance Circle Team.
  • Net ProActive Services Ltd.  Offering networking services, managed infrastructure and security services.
  • Pravridh Technologies  Pravridh is a professional products development company, specialized in providing intelligent IT products powered by cutting edge technologies that seamlessly plug into the customers critical business process. We are a focused player in the product engineering space combining industry knowledge, technological expertise and innovative thinking to offer a wide range of products and support to our customers across a wide range of business.
  • A. K. Aerotek Software  Sellers of gps modems, Embedded Software etc.
  • Micro Solutions  we are leading provider of world-class products, services and solutions in the field of networking and data communications.
  • SpAN Services  SpAN Infrastructure Management Services (SIMS) begins with expert onsite/ offsite helpdesk support and cover up to disaster management, as a whole package. We have made a sincere, genuine and humble effort to capture the essence of this primal force. For us the essence translates to life giving and life sustaining solutions in the software and hardware services realm. Established in 2005, SpAN Infrastructure Management Services (SIMS) has provided all encompassing solutions to customers across the country, which allows customers on Huge cost savings through the reduced dependence on an in-house team and increased delivery of optimized and well-managed services.
  • Design Spot  Providing services in landscaping, data & voice networking, interiors, exteriors, access control systems, electrical systems and public address systems.
  • Commuteeasy  Commute Easy is a pooling initiative launched by Buzzword Technologies. We aim to leverage techonology and innovation to work out a feasible solution to the nightmarish traffic problems in metros like Bangalore. This site is currently in a nascent stage and several additional features are in the pipeline which will be added soon.
  • DATALINKINDIA.COM  We are specialized in ISDN, LEASED LINE, DSL, LAN, Video Conferencing solution & Data communication.
  • R-Soft-Solutions  R-Soft-Solutions is authorized service providers for Software’s & Security Solutions & our aim is to provide a secure IT environment in your organization. Technology today is growing at a very rapid pace. It is very difficult to keep up with the pace at which it progresses, thus becoming difficult for one to be a master in all fields.
  • Fortune Network Labs  We firmly believe that technology, more than anything else is the key competitive differentiator today. However it’s not only what technology you use, but how you learn and integrate it that counts. Fortune Network Labs is one of the training organization in India with qualified professionals having a track record of strong subject matter experience and business skills as we believe that the correct mix of expertise and business skills is key to providing excellent training and consultancy.
  • Computers  A Total networking company offering wired and wireless LAB and WAN solutions.Networking is imperative, but optimum design, flexibility, and scalability is critical. Total cost of ownership- not just hardware costs, operating costs too, depend on the design. Hence, you need a partner who can provide you with a full suite of network solutions.
  • Luit Infotech  Providing on premise and on demand (saas) document management systems.
  • Reachwell Software Services Pvt. Ltd  Reachwells OEM program facilitates Independent Software Vendors ISV that want to add exceptional value to their products using bestinclass technology and provide an opportunity to deliver onestop shopping for their customers. Bring heterogeneous networking solutions quickly to the market, thus keeping you focused on your core business. Reachwell offers powerful technology and integration support to the OEM partners. Solutions Services.
  • AMD Infotech (P) Ltd  AMD Infotech (P) Ltd., is into distribution and consultancy for new ICT infrastructure technologies/products in India. The current pillars of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure are based on first generation of new technologies, which is more than 10 years old now. New, efficient and better technologies had arrived in the market for some time now. Unfortunately, not many vendors are able to cope up with the new technological advancements and help the enterprises with new offerings. AMD Infotech (P) Ltd., was incorporated to address this gap. Accordingly, AMD is presenting few solutions and products based on new technologies (we call them pillars) which will immensely benefit the enterprises and also provide high level of Return on Investment (RoI).
  • G-Associates  Putting together the perfect team is an investment that goes a long way in ensuring the success of your company. To handpick every employee and ensure that the equilibrium at the workplace is maintained at all times requires skill and tact. When you assign this responsibility to US you can be rest assured that your organisation will be equipped with a high performance workforce.
  • Matrix Systems  Matrix Systems is a leading IT infrastructure solution provider and the finest systems integrator offering the most cost effective solutions and services. The fine partnerships we have with some of the leading names of the IT world and our excellent team of professionals makes it possible for us to offer our services to locations in & around Bangalore.
  • Exira Software Pvt Ltd.  Exira Software is a consultation and service provider in the areas of Wireless Messaging, Internet Solutions, Knowledge Management and Embedded Solutions. With our mission of being the finest in emerging technologies, we provide high quality, cost-effective services and applications for a global, interconnected community.
  • NET HUES  we provide state-of-the-art software development and IT consulting services. We provide custom software development using Perl, ASP, XML, PHP, JSP, Java, Flash, FileMaker Our Extended Services : Web Development Intranet Development Specific Tool Developmentt Custom Software Development Legacy System Migration and Conversion Client Server Application.
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