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    India has always been acknowledged for having excellent medical facilities which are amongst the best in comparison to any other destination of the world. Indian medical and hospital directory gives important information pertaining to leading medical institutions in India. Get extensive online information related to the major hospitals of India. View website listing of major hospitals and leading medical equipment suppliers of India.
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  • TRUSKIN GLOVES PVT. LTD  Our Company provides a leading Indian latex glove manufacturer with international outlook, meeting and exceeding all quality standards and promoted by satisfied customers around the globe. Our proximity is to seaport and airport, the unit is strategically positioned to serve on- time delivery of products to the customers. The factory has an installed capacity of 24 million pairs and is currently expanding its capacity 3 fold. Kerala being the home for latex production in India, only the best quality latex is used to manufacture gloves resulting in minimum antigenic protein.
  • Chan Re  ChanRe Rheumatology and Immunology Center and Research (CRICR) is a unique speciality center for patients ailing with rheumatological and immune mediated disorders. The center also has specialists in the field of infection and immunity, pulmnology etc. The center is backed up by a well equipped ChanRe Diagnostic Laboratory, a specialized autoimmune laboratory with facilities for CD4/CD8 counts and HLA typing,in addition to wide range of tests in the fields of Pathology ,Microbiology, Biochemistry.
  • Narayana Hrudayalya Hospitals  Providing cardiology, neurology, transplants, surgery and other medical treatment services.
  • INXS antiaging and antiobesity clinique  INXS antiaging and anti-obesity clinique was pioneered by a young doctor couple Dr Keerthi Patel and Dr Sangeetha Patel. In 1988, the then medical education minister Dr Shankar Nayak was given the honour to inaugurate the INXS clinique. INXS is the first and only medical establishment treating solely obesity since the last nine years.So far thousands of patients have been treated here with nearly 80 success rates.
  • Sunayana Eye Hospital  Sunayana Eye Hospital is a modern Super Specialty eye Hospital located in Jayanagar. The hospital is managed by a team of well qualified & highly experienced doctors to handle different types of the eye problems. The Doctors are trained at the leading eye care centers in the country.
  • Specialty Dental Clinic  Specialty Dental Clinic is committed to providing you with the highest quality of oral health care in the gentlest manner possible. Our focus is towards the improvement of the dental health of the population as a whole as well as of individuals within that population.
  • TELEREACH  We 'Tele Reach' are leading manufacturers of Wired Communication Products for critical areas. Since 1994, our company is manufacturing and supplying Field Telephones, Hot-line Telephones, Annunciators, Magneto Telephones, Intercoms, Fluid Level Alarm, Nurse Call System and Solar Power Packs.
  • Nova Medical Centers  Nova Medical Center develops and manages Daycare Surgical Centers. The company has been floated by New York-based private investment company GTI Group LLC and Dr Mahesh Reddy.Nova opened its first branch at Koramangala in Bangalore in May 2009. It is spread across 12,000 sqft and has ultra-modern facilities. The second center is coming up in Sadashivnagar.
  • Vijaya Eye Clinic  Vijaya Eye Clinic was established in 1988 by Dr. Appaji Gowda. The Clinic has latest equipment and facilities for the treatment and surgeries. Dr. Appaji Gowda is special interest in Phako Emulsification with Foldable Lens Implantation. He did Eye Surgeon at Various Hospitals.
  • Centre for Classical Homeopathy  The Centre was established in 2007 by experienced classical homeopath Dr Mahesh M and his wife Dr Seema Mahesh together with English molecular geneticist Dr Craig Talbot. The concept came about through months of discussions on how best to promote the teaching of the old Masters of classical homeopathy in order to combat the rise of “bad-homeopathy” as we see in India.
  • Emancore Clinical Research Training Centre  We strive to maintain high standards of quality to ensure excellence in all our efforts. Our team of professionals will train and develop the best and brightest in the industry, who can make a difference by helping to deliver life - saving and life - enhancing contributions in clinical research efforts around the world.
  • Vaishnavi Dental Clinic  Vaishnavi Dental Clinic, a center for all your dental needs was started in the year 2002. We are committed to provide you the highest standards of personalized dental care in a gentle, efficient and professional manner. We focus on Smile Analysis, Smile design and Esthetic Dentistry.
  • Alliance  Alliance is a consulting and management firm that specializes in designing and managing workout facilities ranging from in-house fitness studios to private,public and corporate fitness centers,worksite health promotion,equipment services and fitness management.
  • Viable Central Asia Exim Private Limited  Manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of laser cutting machine, laser engraving machines and engraving machines.
  • My Dentist  We are especially for personalized and optimized dental care. We are an advanced center for complete dental care, with nearly all modern treatment facilities under one roof. My Dentist offers you a team of professionals, specializing in their chosen areas of expertise, with an intense dedication towards providing the most safe and comfortable dentistry .
  • Asian Health Alliance Pvt. Ltd.  Asian Health Alliance is another innovative creation from the promoters of Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai. We enable, empower and excite ambitious & forward looking doctor owner/s of mid sized hospitals across the country to make their hospital deliver high quality patient experience and improved financial performance through a series of management and financial interventions, which each of these hospital would, otherwise find difficult to implement.
  • Fortis Hospitals  Compassion and warmth along with medical care par excellence. Imagine a hospital that understands the difference between being well and well-being. These, and much more, are wishes brought to reality by a revolution called Fortis Healthcare Network. With 39 hospitals across the country, over 5000 beds and 48000 surgical procedures in the last year alone, Fortis is one of India’s largest healthcare and Asia’s fastest growing network.
  • Evangelsoft  Founded in 2003, Evangelsoft is a value driven IT solution provider. We started with a group of highly qualified software engineers, developing hospital information management system mainly for reputed hospitals. From our humble beginnings we rapidly built up an enviable reputation due to our ability to deliver cutting-edge and results-driven solutions focusing on overall customer satisfaction.
  • Dental Educators  Dental Educators is a leading dental education centre. Our motto is Enhancing dental education par excellence. Dental educators registers qualified professionals and dental students and aims at ensuring that these professionals keep up-to-date with the latest advances in our ever changing field of dentistry.
  • Vaidya Health Center  Treatment of recurrent infections in children is best done with the constitutional medication given in Homeopathy. This treatment is aimed at boosting the child’s immune system to fight infections. With treatment the frequency and intensity of the problem comes down, allowing the natural immunity of the body to take over. The associated problems of low appetite, slow weight gain; crankiness etc comes down automatically, ensuring a healthy and normal growth…
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