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  • GoldenEmbryo Technologies  GoldenEmbryo Technologies is an avant-garde software services company in the domain of Business Intelligence & Analytics. We help companies better their Performance by effective use of latest cutting-edge technology like Genetic Algorithm ,Heuristics, Artifical Intelligence,Neural Networks. We help the manufacturing and Services sector with their Logistics & Supply Chain Management programs
  • GENAXY Scientific  GENAXY urges to hold itself distinctly as a steadfast company. A kinship with the potential customers for years to come so that we can grow along with our customers much faster than the industry growth and position ourselves as no. 1 biotech suppliers in India.With a futuristic mission and matchless vision Genaxy founded its corporate office in New Delhi and Head Office in Solan H.P. in 1999.
  • Deepa Farm Inputs Private Limited.  The Company are manufacturing, Marketing, and distribution of all types of Agricultural inputs like Chemical Fertilizers, Pesticides, Herbicides, Weedicides, Nemeticides, Rodenticides, Bio-Pesticides, Biofertilizers, Biocontrol Agents, Organic Fertilizers, Root Growth Stimulants, Plant Growth Stimulators, Flower Fertilizers, Neem cakes and other
  • Sudershan Biotech Limited  Sudershan Biotech Limited is located in Hyderabad, India,by far the leader in generic,emerging and green-field Pharmaceutical and Bio-tech activities. Apart from being the base for some renowned names in Pharmaceuticals.Sudershan Biotech are powered by a matchless geographical,scientific and industrial hinterland.It has Pharmaceutical & Biotech products.
  • Samraj Agencies  Dealing in supply and export of clasic metal cleaner, supreme clean plus, super clean, trans plus 1704 etc.
  • SAURADIP CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD  Sauradip Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a team of experts commited towards industrial reasearch and development, manufacturing and worldwide marketing since last three decades. Our dedicated family is our most important asset and we firmly believe that challenges create a whole new era of growth and opportunities.
  • Richfield Fertilisers Pvt Ltd.  Supplying best quality material supported by technical guidance through our Agronomists and Horticulturists.Also our major strength is we have exclusive arrangement with top most leaders in the Water Soluble Fertilizer Industry. We are proud to say that being a leader in Water Soluble Fertilizers, our products are ‘Best tested’ and ‘Best trusted’ and ‘Best supported’ by the support of Agronomists and Horticulturists.
  • Millennium Special Pathology Laboratory  Millennium Special Pathology Laboratory was established in August 2001, the foundations of which were to provide Quality Specialized laboratory services at reasonable prices. Employing the latest technology and laboratory automation, Millennium Special Pathology Laboratory soon emerged as a leading reference laboratory catering to all the major institutions and Hospitals and other laboratories in and around Pune. The laboratory also performs routine investigations for its walk-in patients.
  • Biotechnology Resource Centre  Biotechnology Resource Centre scientific team consists of several scientists in the multidisciplinary field of biotechnology under the dynamic leadership of the founder directors. In addition there are quite a few research associates who are working for their doctorate degree in some of the leading agricultural universities in the country.
  • Chemicals  Egg Albumin Flakes, Egg Albumin Powder, Albumin Bovine Fraction, Agar Agar, Fructose Crystals,Organic Chemicals, Inorganic Chemicals, Pharma Intermediates, Laboratory Chemical Reagents, Molecular Biology Reagents.LEO CHEM is a rapidly growing company at the leading edge of Process Development Research & Fine Chemicals Manufacturer.
  • Travancore Titanium Products Limited  The Company commissioned its first sulfuric acid plant along with the expansion, producing 50 tonnes of acid per day for captive consumption. In the very same year, the management of the Company was taken over by the Government of Kerala. In 1963 the capacity of titanium dioxide was further increased to 18 tonnes per day and a second sulfuric acid plant of 50 tpd, capacity was also commissioned.
  • Maps  Pioneer biotechnology company producing industrial enzymes.
  • Planet Foods & Chemicals  Company focused on laboratory Equipments of Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Research Institutes, Government Organisation, Institutes and cleanroom equipment technology with a history of quality products.We are highly oriented towards the international marketplace with quality supply and service.
  • Swemed Biomedicals  Swemed Biomedicals Pvt. Ltd is an innovative Biomedical Equipments and consumablesmanufacturing company dedicated to patients precious life. Established in 2000, in the quest to find new ways to build a fully automated analyzer, first developed and manufactured SemiAutomated Auto Analyser ARTOS to help medium and large diagnostic laboratories and quality reagents to suit any auto semi automatic analysers.
  • Sadguru Chemicals & Fertilizers  It manufacturers and suppliers of Bio-Stimulants and Plant Growth Regulators, which are proved to be effective for the development of roots and strength of stems of crops as well as plants. Farmers from various states have appreciated our products and are also using them for the better growth of their crops
  • LIFE TECHNOLOGIES  We are providing Research & Development and contract manufacturing services to Biotechnology, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals industry.
  • Kushal Chemicals  Sodium Sulphate, Stable Bleaching Powder, Caustic Soda Flakes/Lye,Chlorine, Poly Aluminium Chloride, Formic Acid, 2EHA, Neo Pentyl Glycol, TMP etc., Pentaerythritol, Pthalic Anhydride, Maelic Anydride, Maelic Acid, Fumaric Acid, Glycerin, Potassium Permagnate, Sodium Hydro Sulphite, Resins and driers, Calcium Carbide, Textile auxiliaries, Titanium Dioxide,Tri Chloro Ethylene(TCE) etc.
  • Soyachem Industries  Soyachem Industries manufacture and export various soya based products for industrial usages. Our products such as PAO-antioxidant for rubber, Soya Lecithin, Soya Flour, Soya Oil, Chemicals for Water Treatment, Fuel Additives, etc.,
  • Krishnai Biotech  Krishnai Biotech is the foremost choice of various industrial sectors as it caters to their needs specifically. The company is actively engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of Industrial Chemicals like Organic Bio Fertilizer, Botanical Pesticide and Humic Acid.
  • Sri Biotech Laboratories India Pvt. Ltd.  Supplying biofertilisers, biopesticides, biocontrol agents, seaweed liquid fertilisers, organic manures, plant growth stimulants, herbal based fungicides etc.
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