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  • British Gas India Private Limited  Deals in all types of industrial gases.
  • Modi Chemicals Private Limited  Manufactorers of gases like industrial oxygen, medical oxygen, nitrogen gases and modi welding electrode.
  • Hamworty Kse (I) Private Limited  Engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of high pressure compressors, gas systems, inert gas systems, pump systems, marine deck equipments, marine deck equipments and water systems.
  • Bi - Group  Suppliers of liquid chlorine, hydrogen gas, caustic soda lye and hydrochloric acid across maharashtra, gujarat, goa and rest of the indian regions.
  • Vadilal Chemicals Limited  Supplier of commercial grade gases, purity gases, industrial gases, calibration gas mixtures and specialty gases.
  • Deluxe Industrial Gases  Supplier & exporter of a wide range of industrial gases, cylinder gases, cylinder trolleys, gas regulators, portable gas canister, gas handling equipments, gas monitoring systems and dry ice.
  • Metco group of Companies  Manufacturers and exporters of chemicals, bulk chemicals and gases.
  • Maruti Koatsu Cylinders Private Limited  Manufacturer of hp seamless steel gas cylinders.
  • Compare Natural Gas Rates  This energy offer comparison engine allows consumers to compare electric and natural gas rates, plans and suppliers to find the best rates every time!
  • All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers' Association  In the early 1970's, there was phenomenal growth in the gas industry in India. The increasing need for communication and understanding between the gas manufacturers and government authorities as well as consumers necessitated the formation of a body that focused exclusively on the industrial gas industry; a body that could effectively communicate and synergize the needs and requirements of industrial gas manufacturers and suppliers with those of the policy makers.
  • GM Chemicals  GM Chemicals A Group Company of Gujarat Multi Gas base Chemicals Pvt. Ltd founded in 2002 is Indias leading manufacturer and exporter of Animal feed supplements and verterinary products which includes HSCAS, Toxin Binder, Pellet binder, Antioxidants, Acidifiers, Mineral Mixture, Enzymes, Phytase, Liver Tonics, Aqua Zeolite, Vitamin Premix etc.
  • Oxygen Plants  Our Company has patronized the technology of Boschi,Italy as it has been the most successful in the world specially in Europe due to excellent design features and efficient process cycle. The process of manufacture of oxygen and nitrogen from oxygen/nitrogen plants has been very much simplified by Dr.Boschi of Italy with the following advantages.
  • Ellenbarrie Industrial Gases Limited  Manufacturers and exporters of liquid and compressed oxygen, nitrogen, argon carbon dioxide gas, hydrogen gas, dissolved acetylene gas, high purity gases and gas mixtures, helium gas, zero air, medical gases.
  • Peenya Industrial Gases Pvt. Ltd.  Supplier of industiral gases like oxygen, dissolved acetylene, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide and mixture gases.
  • Tripti Gases Pvt. Ltd.  Our pure gases are guaranteed to be free of critical contaminants that can cause instrument interference and chromatographic capillary column degradation. We achieve consistent high-purity through extensive gas cylinder preparation, dedication of gas cylinders by gas service, and statistical quality control. Use of our pure gases will optimize analytical results, regardless of application, and significantly extend instrument life.
  • Madhuraj Industrial Gases Private Limited  Manufacturer and exporter of industrial gases, special gases, mixer gases, calibration gases, argon gases, aluminium powder and aluminium sots.
  • TECHREVO ENGINEERS  TECHREVO ENGINEERS professionally undertakes Engineering, Procurement and Construction “EPC” activities in the fields of Sugar Plant Machinery, Power plants, Energy conservation, and other allied equipment such as material handling, filtration and special purpose machines SPM’s. company brings trained and experienced engineers and designers with specialization in preparation of design & engineering calculations, layout, plant design and detailed engineering of equipment and system.
  • Liquid Tanks  Universal tanks are engineered for maximum flexibility and minimum cost. The new design makes installation a process saving time and resources. Our optimized piping design makes operating and maintaining a tank very easier. Readily accessible valves and controls provide ample clearance, facilitate operation and simplify maintenance procedures.
  • Indian Agencies  Deals in all kinds of welding electrodes, gas cylinder, industrial gases and tig wires.
  • International Industrial Gases Limited  Manuacturers of industrial oxygen, acetylene, medical oxygen gas, acetylene generator, oxygen plants, arc welding electrodes, welding and gas cutting equipment.
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