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  • Innovation  Innovation can change the life of an individual or the company or even a country. Each country has organizations facilitating innovation and the innovators get paid and the innovations provide opportunity to many. We are an entity of GeoMarine Biotechnologies, Supplies and Services.The company itself is the result of innovation in indigenous products like Probiotics for Aquaculture and animal husbandry.
  • L G Sea Foods  Processors and exporters of seafoods and marine products.
  • EFGC BIOLOGICAL FARM  The company has ventured into the realms of manufacturing and supplying of Aquarium Fishes, Oyster Mushrooms and Bee Hives. The infrastructural base has played a crucial role in the fast & steady growth of the company. And also has engaged in providing Agriculture Training Sessions to clients interested.
  • A.A.Biotech Pvt Ltd  Over the years the company has built up reputation of providing quality product to the aquaculture industry.It's foray into area manufacturing of products,production of shrimps and exports have been well received.A.A.Biotech has strategic tie up with IDEE Aquaculture, France for consultancy assistance in the field of aquaculture in India. IDEE, France is an engineering office specialized in aquaculture and is the major partner of public and private organization in France.
  • Pioneer Aquaculture Consultants  Pioneer Aquaculture Consultants are India based Aquaculture company located near Chennai. We offer consultancy for setting up new projects of the above fish varieties both Farm and Hatchery. We are successfully operating several Aquaculture projects in India and we have taken up new projects at UAE and Malaysia.
  • Clenergen India Private Limited  Clenergen Corporation is focused on the backward integration of energy crops in order to generate renewable electricity at full capacity, competitive priced and without the requirement for government subsidies or carbon credits. The business model projects to increase the rate of return from the projects being implemented bycreatingcosefficiencies in the feedstock supply chain.
  • Pets n Pets is owned and operated by Taiyo Pets Online Trading Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Taiyo Group Indias largest dealer of pet related products headquartered in Chennai. Mr. R S Prabakar is the Founder & Director of and promoter of Taiyo Group of Companies. His industry leading businesses include Taiyo brand of Aquarium products, Taiyo Petco retail chain stores, Aqua system and Tropical Industry.
  • Gicmat.  Green India Carbon Mitigation and Trading Ltd are known for tree growing business.we are having our awn long tearm projects.oue projects includes Land Buying and Selling in Green India Carbon Mitigation Project,Housing Plots and Farm Houses,Developing Nurseries Like Amla, Jatropha, Vembu, Pungan etc
  • The Waterbase Limited  Exporters of fresh frozen shrimp and raw breaded butterfly shrimp.
  • MILLENNIUM EXPORTS  Millennium Exports is the only manufacturer and exporter of fish leather in India. The company's products include Fish skin, Dog and Cat collars, Dog leashes, Pet carriers and Ocean chew. Virtually any natural fiber other than animal and human hair can be woven into a cloth or at least a thread and similarly any animal skin other than pseudo skin under exoskeleton and that of jelly fish like textures can be tanned and made into leather.
  • SR Seafood International  Headquartered in Chennai, India, SR Group is one of the premier food processing and distribution companies in India. The company, started with an intent to satisfy the domestic market needs of the Hotels, Retail & Catering HOERCA industry, has today expanded to cater to the international market through exports and has been a pioneer in the field of frozen foods.
  • SOUTHERN INDIA AQUACULTURE  Southern India Aquaculture SIAC, Chennai, have been in the business of aquariums and aquariums and aquarium products for more than three decades. We have two large Fish Farms in Chennai for selective breeding of quality fresh water aquarium fishes, adhering strict quality control. This includes Goldfish, live beares, egg layers and some cichlids, to cater to the national market. Our Aquarium Supermarket is one of the oldest and largest in India.
  • CENTRAL INSTIUTE OF BRACKISHWATER AQUACULTURE  Brackishwater Aquaculture has been identified by the Government of India as one of the high potential area for increasing fish and shell fish production and also to achieve maximum economic and social benefits. Institution of an All India Coordinated Project on Brackishwater Fish Farming by Indian Council of Agricultural Research in early seventies transformed the traditional activity of brackishwater aquaculture into a scientific activity.
  • Auromira Exports  Out of the world's overall fish production, India holds the third position. India has a total annual fish production of around 5.65 million tons (and increasing), which has consequently resulted in the increase of its export rate. In order to support the Indian fish export segment and meet the needs of varied clients for quality seafood, Auromira Exports was incorporated in 2009.
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