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    It is important to invest in Research and Development activities in order to achieve economic progress. There are many research and development centers in India. The directory on research and development centers provides valuable information on the institutes engaged in research and developmental activities in India. Here under online web directory of research and development, get information on the various institutes promoting and conducting research and development in fields like medicine, agriculture, business research, environmental safety etc.
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  • HRDS INDIA  The High Range Rural Development SocietyHRDS is a registered non-profitmaking charitable and voluntary organization working for the welfare and up-liftmant of poor, destitude and needy in the society. A team of noble-minded philanthropists and social workers are leading HRDS INDIA. HRDS plays a vital role in preventing the spread of the AIDS epidemic and mitigating its impact in the world of work. Due to the increase in the number of HIV infected persons.
  • TANKER FOUNDATION  Founded on 30th June 1993, The Tamilnad Kidney Research Foundation was set up primarily to provide financial assistance to underprivileged patients for dialysis, transplantation, investigation and medication costs. The Foundation also aims to encourage organ donation at time of death. It was started by Dr. Georgi Abraham along with a group of like-minded individuals.
  • Biozone Research Technologies  Biozone Research Technologies, a bioscience training and research entity designs and delivers innovative research and training solutions to pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. We cater to the academic and research demands by our stateoftheart infrastructure and domain experts in the fields of biotechnology and bioinformatics.
  • Mettex Laboratories of India  Providing services in metals & alloys test, platinum, gold, silver analysis, rubber & plastic testing, water, effluent, air monitoring and soil testing.
  • The Indian Statistical Institute  The Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), a unique institution devoted to the research, teaching and application of statistics, natural sciences and social sciences. Applications are invited from candidates for the posts of Lecturer, Associate Professor and Professor with strong applied work background in the fields of Statistics, Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • CIKS  It is came into existence in August 1993, when it was formed as an autonomous center under the Academy of Development Science, Maharashtra. In January 1995 it was registered as an independent trust in Chennai. The activities of the center are supported through grants from government.
  • Asha Nivas Social Service Centre  Asha Nivas Social Service Centre was initiated in July 1976 by Rev.Dr.Kurian Thomas out of a deep concern for the women in distress especially the marginalised and exploited women, and children in difficult circumstances, particularly the street children and child labourers living in Chennai city slums. Asha Nivas upholds the human and social values in its commitment to the poor.
  • RTI NATIONAL SECRETARIAT  Round Table is an organisation of nonpolitical and nonsectarian young men between the age group of 18 and 40. The aim of the young men is to promote service, fellowship and goodwill in National and International affairs. The unique feature of this organisation is that it always remains young, because the Tablers retire when they turn 40, giving way to younger people.
  • SSN Research Centre  Cutting edge science and technology. Nationally relevant issues. Uncharted peaks in research. Symbiosis between Research and Education. Global integration and networking. Inspiration for youth. Its laboratories will be devoted to solving problems in cutting edge research topics of promise to future applications.
  • Seimylaporetrio  We would like to introduce ourselves as the beloved foster children of Sumukhi and Rajasekharan who made a substantial contribution in the fields of Charity, Education, and Culture etc in Mylapore during the second half of the Twentieth Century. They were toppers in their respective academic fields by acquiring University Ranks, have also won several laurels in the cultural.
  • Delvin Formulations Pvt. Ltd.  Delvin Means Research & Development. Delving Formulations is a Marketing Wing of Novel Therapeutics Private Limited (NTPL). NTPL is involved in formulation Research & Development for US & Regulated Markets. Core Competence of NTPL is Research & Development of Formulations.
  • Environmental Information System  Environmental Information System ENVIS Node on Microorganisms and Environment Management has been setup and functioning since June 2002 in the Department of Zoology, University of Madras with the goal of collection, collation, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information on the biodiversity of microbes and its potential applications in the environmental cleanup programmes.
  • ABL Biotechnologies Ltd  Providing services of research and development like identification and commercial extraction of bio-chemicals and predominantly from microbes.
  • IRGC  Ibnul Qayyim Islamic Research & Guidance Centre (IRGC) was established in December 1999, with the aim to spread the message of Islaam based on its sources i.e., the Quraan and the authentic Sunnah as understood by as-Salaf-us-Saalih; to caution against Shirk and Bidah; to create a true brotherhood amongst Muslims; and to remove misconceptions about Islaam and Muslims.
  • Center for Research On New International Economic Order  The Centre for Research on New International Economic Order was established in 1979, as a study, research, training and action oriented organisation. CRNIEO and its partners are well experienced in Training and have been involved in Public and community health for last nearly 30 years and have been striving to attain the Millennium Development Goals MDGs in its work.
  • SAATHII  SAATHII Vision is to stabilize and reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in India and ensure that people living with HIV/AIDS receive unstigmatized, affordable and quality care, support and treatment. SAATHII Mission is to build the capacities of individuals and organizations working on HIV/AIDS and related issues in India through information dissemination, networking, advocacy, research, training and other technical assistance services.
  • TDP Technologies  TDP Technologies was established in 2000 in response to the burgeoning trend of shopping for pharma products over the Internet. A business house that dates back to foundations in 1914 has promoted the company. It has had its successful stint in Retail, Trading, Manufacturing and Research & Development.
  • PEACE SOCIETY  The Society of PEACE is only a Social and Charitable one. And it origin began from the year 1983. Till the year 1993, it had functioned as something unseen in a very humble manner and that too as unofficial non-formal one. but in the year 1993 it was felt, in all practicability - Necessity, with convictions - true to facts, to convert the society of PEACE into something LEGAL & OFFICIAL and so it was registered as per the Society.
  • Jeevan Foundation  Jeevan Foundation was established in the year 2006, as a registered non-profit trust (Registration no. is 2057/2006, under Tamil Nadu Trust Act). The trust was established by the likeminded people with the objectives of promoting all activities essential for the empowerment of Physical, Mental, Social, Economical and Educational status of the weaker sections of the society including destitute, persons with disabilities and persons suffering from various health hazardous.
  • The Cherian Foundation  The Cherian Foundation is a private charitable trust which has been formed to benefit the needy, irrespective of class, community, creed and religion.Broad Goal of the foundation, The Cherian Foundation serves as the Corporate Social Responsibility wing of Raj Holdings. It also serves as a platform for the employees of Raj Holdings to participate in the Corporate Social Responsibility activities of the Company.
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