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    The other education directory provides information on major school, colleges and universities operating in India. Also view information on suppliers of education materials such as sample question papers, learning materials, educational CDs and mock entrance examination preparation guides. Browse the websites of leading educational institutes in India offering quality education in various fields of education such as management, engineering, science, finance, technology, law and journalism.
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  • DCS TRUST  GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO CARVE OUT A TEACHING CAREER. Job Oriented Three Months Certificate Course, Six months Diploma Course & Nine months Advance Diploma Courses in Montessori Teacher Training through Distance Education. Equips you to start your own Montessori School or get immediate placement This dream and vision of her has taken shape as DCS MONTESSORI, KINDERGARTEN & NURSERY TEACHERS TRAINING CENTRE.
  • Winny Education Services  Winny commenced operations in 1982, primarily helping artisans and workers to find employment in the then booming construction industry in the Middle East. Valueadded facilitation services like for foreign Visa, overseas workpermit and international travel were essential to succeed in highly competitive industry. In the process of gaining knowledge and developing skills to provide these services.
  • Paramount Global Educational Consultants  Paramount Global Educational Consultants was started with the sole purpose of providing Innovative and new Educational services with a global prospective. All our services are unique and path breaking. We are the only educational firm in South India to be authorized by The College Board USA to administer the Advanced Placement Examination and the PSAT. Our array of cutting edge services includes Application perfecting, Campus recruitment training, Personality Development training
  • Compass One  Experts in Corporate Training, Effective Career Planning and Worklife Skill development and have worked with more then 5000 individuals through their Career Life Cycle. The programs targeted to Students, Professionals and Corporates, are customized to meet our participants needs.
  • Biotechnology City - Lucknow  Biotechnology City - Lucknow, with its network of Educational and R&D institutions, UP unit of Confederation of Indian Industries, Government of Uttar Pradesh, and support of Department of Biotechnology and Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Government of India, offers unique opportunities for the establishment of biotechnology based industries.
  • Curiouscity Science Education Pvt. Ltd.  Curiouscity has been created with the aim of promoting science in our communities. We believe that science is not merely a subject in school curriculum, but it is a way of looking at the world. There is a wonderful world out there that is waiting to be explored, to be discovered and our attempt is to bring some of that joy to the community we live in and to the children growing up around us.
  • Rural Developement Organisation  Rural Developement Organisation RDO is a duly registered voluntary agency founded in 1999 and working for the betterment of the marginalized in Pudukkottai District of Tamilnadu. RDO is headed by an enthusiastic woman and is ably supported by Board comprising mostly of women members. Thus, the organization understands the problems of women, especially rural and works for their betterment.
  • Cell for Consumer Education and Advocacy  Cell for Consumer Education and Advocacy, incorporated in July 2007 by Mr. Bejon Misra, Executive Director, Voluntary organization In Interest of Consumer Education VOICE, for promoting and protecting the interests of the Consumers in all the matters relating to power sector. This cell has come into existence with the support of UTTAR PRADESH ELECTRICITY REGULATORY COMMISSION.
  • Building Blocks  Building Blocks is a social enterprise with a vision to strengthen the Primary and Elementary Education in India. The products, developed by Building Blocks, touch all aspects of School Education right from innovative curriculum, experiential Learning kits to exhaustively researched Teacher Training programs.
  • Light & Life Academy  Light & Life Academy is a nonprofit Educational Trust. Founded by one of India's leading advertising photographers Iqbal K Mohamed and his wife Anuradha Iqbal,Light & Life Academy is a visionary answer to the long felt need for a professional institute of photography in India.
  • HRLogys  Thank you for visiting our company website, hope you will find this site more useful for your HR needs. I understand that the needs like yours can be challenging and need special expertise to deal with, I hope that the trust you have on us will help us to realize how efficiency and creativity can solve most of your challenging needs at our company. To be the pioneer in providing need based Human Resources services to foster future human Capital by creative, affordable and accessible Human Capital and Human Capital Services.
  • Centre for Joint Warfare Studies  The Kargil conflict brought to fore the absence of the Joint Warfare Profession in the forces and MoD officials. It also highlighted the need to create Joint HQ and promote Jointness in policy formulation, defense acquisition, procedures and decision-making process in the Security of the Nation.
  • Brickwork Finance Academy  Brickwork Finance Academy BFA registered under the societies Act 1860 is a center that imparts knowledge in the field of Finance. The academy has its services spread over five areas focused on the financial sector such as Research, Seminar/training, Certification program, Wealth management research, Consulting services.
  • DIET - Kozhikode District  DIETs were the progeny of the 1986 NPE ,which is a mile stone in the history of Indian Education.They were established throughout the country for the enhancement of quality education.As a result in Kerala,14 DIETs were established in a three phased manner under the General Education Department. The DIET Kozhikode came in to existence during the second phase ,ie in 1991. DIET Kozhikode is situated in Vatakara ,50 kms away from Kozhikode city.
  • Om Creations Trust  The organization is run on the conviction that with professional training and support, women born with Downs syndrome and other mental disabilities can imbibe professional skill sets and become productive contributors. This will make them less of a burden as well as impart a sense of self worth. We aim to ensure that they live as normal a life as is possible.
  • Maithree  Maithree is an organization formed by the parents, to take care of the needs of the special children with a vision to integrate the persons with mental handicap into the mainstream in order to bring dignity in their lives. Uniqueness of Maithree is that it develops parents as professionals and administrators in this field, advisors and counselors for the needy, service providers and also beneficiaries.
  • ACN School of Business  The Institution provides quality education strictly as per the norms laid down by NCTE, AICTE, CCIM &INC (Government of India) at a cost effective fee and innovative learning methodology with international instructive standards. In the present scenario, there has been an immense academic advancement in the educational world.
  • Advaith Foundation  Ankur, meaning sapling, is the name of the children's comprehensive residential education programme set up by the Advaith Foundation in 2004. For the children of the underprivileged sections of society, education has historically been neither a priority nor a pleasure. The harsh realities of inaccessibility, lack of facilities, poor teaching, inability to assimilate what is taught, disconnect between their books and their home conditions, lack of educational support at home, and the need to contribute to the family exchequer from a young age have made it almost impossible for such children to succeed.
  • TPN CHARITABLE TRUST  TPN Charitable Trust is a registered not-for-profit Non Government Organization NGO situated at Coimbatore, India, formed by like minded individuals those who believe that the service to needy is service to God. Core objective of the organization is to make our Indian roadways safer for both Motorists and Pedestrians.
  • EDUCATIONAL SUPER STORE  We introduce ourselves as a leading supplier of items required in educational institutionsGSEB,CBSE,ICSE,ISC,IB. Ours is a ONE STOP SUPER STORE for all your educational need. We supply Scientific apparatus for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Psychology labs, Chemical, Glassware, Audio-Visual equipment like Over Head projector, Automatic Slide projector, OHP trolly, Display items such as Data Press board, Bulletin board, Notice board, Chalk board, White board, Easel stand etc.
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