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    Yoga and meditation directory is an online information guide providing detailed information on leading yoga and meditation centres of India. View website compilation of popular institutes promoting yoga and meditation in India. Get information on famous yoga schools teaching the famous yoga and meditation courses which teach different relaxation techniques.
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  • Yogasanam  Yoga is a long and arduous journey calling for perseverance, persistence, dedication and total surrender. Yoga is based on a deep understanding of man and his position in this world and was the first system evolved in the world to recognise the connection and the interaction between body and mind.
  • Personal Trainer UK  M10 Fitness offer a range of services and programmes including personal training, strength training, professional sports training and BioSignature modulation.
  • Cosmic Rhythm  Spritual counseling and meditation center providing enlightenment intensive retreats, past life healing, reiki therapy, anger and stress management counseling, spiritual healing retreats, soul awakening workshops and relationship advisory counseling.
  • Mrtyunjaya  Mrityunjaya is now an eight year old organization that started from a simple idea of proporgating the therapeutic benefits of Yoga & to teach the practices as mentioned in the Yoga texts without any contemporary jazz, art, heat, dance, forceful motion etc, making it genuine, simple, practical & effective.
  • Yoga On Call  Yoga On Call is started by a group of people who are dedicated to provide healthy & long term healing solutions. It was was born from the desire to make Yoga approachable in the comfort of your home. The Yoga sessions have been structured keeping in mind the lifestyle related problems.
  • Pragnya  Pragnya is firmly established on the foundations of spiritual science. It was founded in 2004. It is a company that is committed to uncap the vast knowledge found in the rich manuscripts, heritage and culture of our country by conducting extensive research to develop products that are simple to understand, enabling everyone to adopt this profound knowledge to enhance their lives.
  • Vishnu Bharath Yoga Kalai Koodam  I was basically practising yoga from my school age. After my schooling i migrated from my native and came to Chennai where I met Vishnu my first teacher who was a disciple of Swami Vishnu Devananda of the International Sivananda Ashram who in turn is a disciple of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh.After learning yoga fully from my guru vishnu I felt I should study this further and use it to help other people.
  • Institute of ParaPsychology and Spiritual Researches  Prof. Dr. Ramesh Paramahamsa, a Spiritual leader of many dimensions is a philogopher, the founder of Institute of Para-Psychology and Spiritual Researches. New Delhi, the author of several books, began his search for Absolute Truth and deep knowledge of Para-Vidya from his early age. He has knowledge and proficiency in practical aspects of Yoga-Tantra, Breathing technique Ajapa Japa, rituals and meditation sitting at the feet of several Gurus
  • Abhiyan Tours & Travels  Abhiyan Tours commits itself as a leader in promoting and enrichment of mankind and the globalization of the world as we embark on the journey in to the twenty first century. The company is incorporated with people from different backgrounds and experience and an innovative & adventurous team. Our mission is to provide a lifetime experience and make our customers feel the spirit of India. We specialize in cultural tours, trekking, fishing, Yoga & Meditation, wildlife tours, Angling, River Rafting , Bird watching, Jeep Safari,
  • Corporate Trainer  Offers yoga & meditation programs like corporate training programs, family learning programs, spiritual training programs, teachers training programs, couples training programs, communication skills, time management, goal setting training and stress management.
  • Narayana Yoga & Naturopathy Medical College  We, Narayana Educational Institution one of the best education providers in India from the pre-primary to professional post graduation, have been successful in an uninterrupted and dedicated task i.e. Perfectly shaping worthy leaders of India as good doctors, good engineers, good human beings and professionally competent citizens. We proudly accept that ocean of parents dreams came into reality by our uncompromising education system, which is taken up for the cause of educating young minds.
  • Osho Harmony Meditation Centre  Osho Harmony Meditation Centre was initiated by Late Swami Narayan Satyarthi & friends of Osho. The centre runs through a registered trust with the co-operation of Osho lovers and blessings of existence. We continue to initiate meditation and celebration possibilities after regular intervals. Friends and seekers take part collectively in endeavors for inner growth.
  • Kaivalya Yoga Institute  Our yoga Institute,along with a battery of 30 very strong and highly experienced teachers in the field, who works as second line of defense;have been exploring the frontiers of mind/body medicine, using Ancient Vedic wisdom in Pune,at eight different branches.And at all these branches,we teach yogic asanas,pranayama,meditation and Suryanamaskar.An enlightened patient,an energetic health program and an empowered community are the most potent prescriptions for CAD prevention in India.The most successful cardiac rehabilitation program we have been doing is at Poona Hospital & Research Center in Pune,India.
  • Kare  Kare, Kerala Ayurvedic Research & Rejuvenation establishment, is located far away from the madding crowd of pune city, india. a breathtaking view of the mulshi lake, in between virgin trees, literally in the womb of the sahyadri ranges, Kare is located on a mountain where peace, calm and serenity surrounds all over - making Kare the perfect ayurveda and medical yoga destination resort.
  • Shri Ram Sharnam Ashram  If you mediate for half an hour daily, you will be able to face life with peace and spiritual strength. meditation is the most powerful mental and nerve tonic. it opens the door to intuitive knowledge and realms of eternal bliss. the mind becomes calm and steady.
  • Satyananda Yoga Centre  Satyananda Yoga does not postulate any political or religious beliefs. It provides everybody, regardless of social background, with tools for health, peace of mind and an inspired vision for their lives. People who practise Satyananda Yoga are of all ages, levels of fitness and come from many walks of life.
  • Shanti Sarovar  Shanti Sarovar - An Academy for a Better World, Brahma Kumaris - provides seminars, lectures and experiential workshops in meditation, positive values, stress free living and self management. The Centre supports individuals in recognising their own inherent qualities and abilities and bringing out their inner most potential.
  •  Wholesaler of meditation cushions, fragrances, ayurvedic products, yoga mats & bags, yoga clothing and spa equipment.
  • FitneSolution  Fitnesolution is the best Fitness Centre in India where we have range of fitness activities. We started in 1996. We offer range of activities like Aerobics, Step aerobics, Kickboxing, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Aqua aerobics, Weight training, Swiss Ball and some unique modules which only we offer in India as Ramping Up, Bosu, Bhangra Aerobics, Dancercise etc. We also have gyming facility.
  • Yoga Science  The Sanskrit meaning of the word Yoga is ‘Integration’. It represents a process though which one learns how to live life in the most integrated way. This becomes possible through a process of constant effort for identification and elimination of all the elements, which would lead to dis-integration.
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