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    Yoga and meditation directory is an online information guide providing detailed information on leading yoga and meditation centres of India. View website compilation of popular institutes promoting yoga and meditation in India. Get information on famous yoga schools teaching the famous yoga and meditation courses which teach different relaxation techniques.
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  • Kedar Nath Center for Yoga and Naturopathy  The asanas, Pranayamas or the dharana which we have studied earlier or the yam and niyam are based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Hence, we will acquaint ourselves with the fundamentals as stated by Patanjali first. In which he has formulated Yoga as a Eight Limbs or Eight Fold path.
  • PREKSHA INTERNATIONAL  Reduce physical stress and strengthen the immune system. Improve mental and emotional health. Develop personality, change harmful habits, and treat phobias. Enhance mental abilities, concentration & operational efficiency.
  • Medical Yoga  Medical yoga is a blend of Modern Science and Hatha Yog. From Science we use advance diagnosis techniques like M.R.I, X rays, blood tests,ultrasound, C.T scans etc. Yogasanas are done with the help of specially designed YogaProps. Like Yoga Ropes Yoga Belts, Yoga chairs, Yoga benches etc.
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  • Youth Hostel  This Hostel is licensee Youth Hostel,approval under progress from Youth hostel association of India Our motto is to give quality accomodation in budget charge. Facilities are good,clean,hygeinic and located little outskirts of pune but all main sites in pune reached.
  • Dhrti Yoga  Dhrti Yoga Studio is started by dedicated yoga professional Mrs. Satvinder Ramana, affectionately known as Satya, M. A., B.Ed., M.Sc., Yogic Sciences, SVYASA, Bangalore, with a scorching ambition and soaring spirit to spread the scent of yoga. With a humble beginning from home at MICO Layout, she discovered her vision and mission, grew immensely from time to time serving people belonging to wide spectrum of the society, found a niche for herself, and established Dhrti Yoga Studio.
  • Ananda Marga  Ananda Marga is a global spiritual and social service organization founded in 1955 by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti (Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar). The mission of Ananda Marga is self-realization and service to humanity. The fulfillment of the physical, mental and spiritual needs of all people.
  • Yoga On Call  Yoga On Call is started by a group of people who are dedicated to provide healthy & long term healing solutions. It was was born from the desire to make Yoga approachable in the comfort of your home. The Yoga sessions have been structured keeping in mind the lifestyle related problems.
  • Yoga With Sapna  "Yoga with Sapna" (YWS) is a program for learning and practicing Yoga in a holistic manner, rooted in the traditional discipline, and tailored to contemporary urban life. The program uses concepts and techniques for instruction that have been developed by Sapna Sondhi Dutt in the course of teaching and practicing Yoga over the last ten years.
  • Siddha Yoga  Siddha Yoga is a path of inner transformation and discipline. It is imbued with the grace of the Siddha Yoga Guru Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. As a meditation master and the spiritual head of the Siddha Yoga path, Gurumayi guides students in their spiritual practice and study.
  • Pain Cure  Dr. Goverdhanlal Parashar was initiated into the field of osteopathy by his father Mr. Sanwarlal Parashar. With his guidance, Dr Goverdhanlal Parashar completed his Doctorate in ayurvedic Medicine from Allahabad University, India. He was awarded Ayurved Ratna , when he topped the course.While working with his father, he got associated with alternative University, Kolkata and moved to US and UK, where he served with leading hospitals.
  • SREE GURU RAGHAVENDRA SCHOOL OF YOGA  Everybody wants to lead a good life. Good health is basic to good life, that is why it is said ‘health is wealth’. Health is not mere absence of disease; it includes physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Shri Shri Yogiraj Bhupendraji Maharaj  The Mission is to Establish learning centers wherein it will be the prime objective to foster education based on modern scientific learning, to promote a healthy mind and a vibrant body enabling facilitation of spiritual development to rejuvenate latent noble virtues in people particularly in children so that their lives optiomize the values of beauty, dedication, and rationalism thereby rendering harmony friendship.
  • Sri Krishna Gana Sabha  Dancer, choreographer, writer, scholar and cultural commentator, Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant, with an acclaimed and intense body of artistic work, that spans rich mythologies and historical chronicles, searing commentary on gender issues, as well as secular & philosophical presentations, continues to stretch the outer realms of artistic endeavor, using the grammar, idiom and space-time construct of Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi making it at once contemporary and communicative.
  • Siva Soorya  Those who complete training from our institution are people really endowed with a rare spiritual spectrum. We commit ourselves to a perceptive mission of the dissemination of the basic principles of yoga sasthra, which we have acquired through years of rigorous, rigid penance and austerity in the inaccessible Himalayan mountain valleys.
  • Bapu Nature Cure Hospital & Yogashram  Naturopathy is a way of life strictly akin to Nature. Nature never betrays one who truly loves her. Therefore, what happens in a true Nature Cure & Yogashram is that the individual is introduced to a Natural System of life style involving all aspects of life. This involves everything viz. food, thinking, exercise, breathing, sleeping, working and so on physical & spiritual activities in a simple Natural way with powerful results without negative reactions.
  • Soul Searchers  Offering yoga services and meditation services through books and CD's.
  • Yoga Yogini  The word yoga literary means unity or oneness and is derived from Sanskrit root ‘yuj’ that means to join. This unity of joining is described in spiritual terms as the union of individual consciousness with the cosmic conscious. At a more practical level yoga is a tool of balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and emotions.
  • Sushumna Yoga and Pilates  Sushumna Studios in Goa, India was started by Sonja Appel and her partner Gita Sahni. Sonja has eleven intensive years of experience studying and then teaching Yoga and twenty years experience of teaching Pilates. She comes from a professional performing arts background and has found these two disciplines to be invaluable in balancing and maintaining calmness in her life.
  • Rishikesh Yog Peeth  Offering courses such as yoga, meditation, pranayama and yoga teacher training classes.
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