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Government Organizations

Get detailed information on the leading government organisations in India under the directory on government organisations. Get online information related to various government organisations providing services in the field of education, infrastructure development,agriculture, scientific research. Also view websites of leading government organisations operating in India which is available under the online web guide on government organisations.
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Government of Gujarat  The Government of Gujarat, in the Legislative Assembly has passed an Act No.2 of 2008 called “Gujarat Professional Technical Educational Colleges or Institutions (Regulation of Admission and Fixation of Fees) Act, 2007” to make special provision for regulation of admission in the professional technical educational colleges or institutions in the State and fixation of fees in such colleges or institutions and for matter connected therewith or incidental thereto. As per the powers conferred to State Government,
Hosakote  Hosakote is a Town Municipal Council TMC of Bangalore Rural District. It is situated along the Bangalore- Chennai Highway NH-4, at a distance of 27 Kms from Bangalore. It is administered by the District Commissioner, Bangalore Rural District, Bangalore. The Town Municipal is ruled by the Administrator and Chief Officer.
Himachal Pradesh Takniki Shiksha Board  The board is located at Dari in Dharamshala. Which is in the lap of Dhauladhar range of Himalayas. Presently Twnety Six Government or private polytechnic collges and 145 industrial training Institutes, industrial training centres are affiliated with this board.
EARTHSYSTEM SCIENCES AWARENESS AND RESEARCH ASSOCIATION  The modern technology, which apparently has been able to sustain a tremendous growth of human population solely by industrialization and urbanization, started cracking up with dangerous consequences to the humanity. The phenomenal decrease of bio-mass and the alarming increase of pollution have become a serious concern to the scientists and planners the world over.
Rajasthan Mission on Skill and Livelihoods  Rajasthan is the largest Indian State with a geographical area of 342,239 square kilometers. It accounts for 10.4% of the land area of the country and 5.5% of the population. But its share of national GDP at 2.7% 2005-06 clearly shows the impoverished nature of the state and its people. The burden of providing livelihoods has been disproportionately on the rural sector and especially agriculture and allied sector
Information Infrastructure & Innovations  Indias inclusive growth agenda and its global competitiveness in the new knowledge paradigm will increasingly depend on its ability to provide its citizens access to information and quality public services in key areas such as education, health and governance.These activities will have a revolutionary impact on governance reform and inclusive growth in the country.
The agricultural situation in India  The agricultural situation in India has undergone a rapid change after independence. Investment in the agricultural sector both public and private, has risen with the result that agricultural production at national level has achieved a better growth rate as compared with other developed countries. Now-a-days there is primarily a need to accelerate the growth rate and minimize the fluctuations in agricultural production.
Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace CNDP  The Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace CNDP was constituted in November 11-13 2000, as the national coalition of organizations and individuals in India committed to and working for nuclear disarmament, in response to nuclear weaponisation in India, and soon after Pakistan, against a background of the global stockpiling of nuclear weapons.
Government of Gujarat NRG CENTRE VADODARA  When the Industrial Estate was established in the south of Vadodara City in Makarpura, all the industries situated in this estate had various problems. Hence for the purpose to represent the interests of the entrepreneurs and to take up the problems collectively, there was necessity to organize an Association and thus was born Makarpura Industrial Estte Association in the year 1969.
VSSC  VSSC is the lead Centre for development of satellite launch vehicles and associated technologies. The Centre pursues active research and development in a host of distinct technology domains like aeronautics, avionics, composites, etc with a view to achieve self-reliance in the high tech realm of launch vehicle technology.
AMRL INTERNATIONAL TECH CITY LTD  AMRL Special Economic Zone - Gateway to a world class facility. A Business Location Built to world class standards to drive your business to great heights. AMRL International Tech City Limited is a joint venture effort of AMR Group of Hyderabad and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation(TIDCO). AMRL SEZ is the first Multi product SEZ in TamilNadu.
Cybersri  Cybersri is a project set up by Department of SC/ST Development, Government of Kerala for providing advanced IT training and industry incubation centre for SC/ST students in Kerala. The centre was set up in CDIT premises and started functioning since 2003. The centre has successfully completed 2 batches of advanced IT training for BTech/MCA/MSc Computer Science candidates among SC/ST categories.
Mahila Jagrukta Abhiyan  The organization is a nonprofit making registered voluntary organization working for the cause of downtrodden and suppressed people. It is Registered under Govt. of India. Presently thousands of people are associated with our mission and take part in decisionmaking process during planning process, design and monitoring and evaluation for greater transparency and smooth implementation of the projects.
ANDHRA PRADESH RAIV SWAGRUHA CORPORATION LIMITED  There are several housing schemes for the urban poor. Land cost in the urban areas has been increased manifold. The poor are benefited from the existing housing schemes which are highly subsidized and the rich face no problems in getting houses of their choice , the moderate income group only has been relegated to the back position of not being able to afford a decent house / flat with minimum facilities and basic infrastructure.
e-Procurement Technologies Ltd.  eProcurement Technologies Ltd. ETL is profit making Indias only ISO 27001 Certified, which complies to Multilateral Development Banks World Bank, Asian Development Bank, IMF, etc. eProcurement Guidelines in totality. Many Indias Fortune 500 Companies trust only ETL when it comes to Spend Management which is offered through its portal, where annually ETL enables eProcurement worth Rs.25,000 Cr is successfully.
National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council  The National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council has been set up by the Government to provide a continuing forum for policy dialogue to energise and sustain the growth of manufacturing industries in India. The NMCC is expected to suggest various ways and means for enhancing the competitiveness of manufacturing sector including identification of manufacturing sectors which have potential for global competitiveness.
Himachal Pradesh Financial Corporation  The Corporation caters to the requirements of the entrepreneurs by providing term - loan to small and medium scale industries, hotel, Micro Hydel project for creation of assets, viz., land, building and machinery. It also provides working capital term - loan to the industrial units on competitive terms
Retailers Association of India (rai)  Retailers Association of India (rai) is the unified voice of in India retailers. rai working with all the stakeholders for creating the right environment for the growth of the modern retail industry in India. rai is the body that encourages, develops, facilitates and supports retailers to become modern and adopt best practices that will delight customers. rai has a three charter aim of Retail Development, Facilitation and Propagation.
NEERJAAL  Neerjaal is a concept originally conceived by the Global Rainwater Harvesting Collective GRWHC, Barefoot College in Tilonia Rajasthan. GRWHC, under its flagship activities of Barefoot College, has been collecting and managing information regarding various linkages of Water in the desert of Rajasthan, especially in and around tilonia village near Kishangarh.
Nonconventional Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Limited  The genesis of Non-conventional Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Limited NEDCAP took place in the year 1986 with the help of Government of Andhra Pradesh. The sole objectives of NEDCAP are to: Generate electricity through renewable sources like wind and solar on decentralized manner Conserve energy in rural areas Import and adopt viable technology and machinery in the areas of Non-conventional energy sources and ensures post installation service.
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