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    Organisations directory aims to provide informative content to our online users on the various organisations operating in India. Get useful information on the many Indian private, non-profit and government organisations offering a variety of services to promote areas like healthcare, education, hospitality, women empowerment, music and dance, environment, etc. in India. The online web guide on organisations provides a listing of websites on the Indian organisations which will further provide valuable insights into the Indian organisations.
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  • Friends2support  Friends2support is started with a desire to help our society. The reason behind starting friends2support is to show our little support and we hope we can inspire others in the process. We want to help students who are facing troubles in continuing their education. Nowadays many people are struggling with information about Blood donors. Our aim here is to provide some information about blood donors and give support to blood seekers.
  • Children Adoption Agencies  This link provides information about various Adoption Agencies in India recognised by the Government of India.Adoption is a begining of a life long relationship and indeed a wonderful experience. For adoption a number of procedures has to be followed like submission of documents etc.,
  • Great Commission Ministries Hyderabad  This was started at Bhongir of Nalgonda district of AP with a vision of helping the orphans who are in millions in India.Great Commission Ministries is in the heart of God to raise orphans and destitute children.It is non-Governmental, Independent, Charity Christian Organization registered in India since 1994.
  • Sumudra  Now you donít have to take the risk of remembering important occasions and professional assignments of your life. We take the pleasure of remembering such important moments and you can get timely reminds. All you need is, go sign up yourself at sumudra and you will see us reminding you about every event you wanted to remember.
  • NAVAJYOTHI MAHILA MANDALI  NAVAJYOTHI MAHILA MANDALI was established with a group of dedicated social workers and started services for rural reconstruction, aiming towards Rural Prosperity with the vision of Mahatma Ghandhi. It is registered as a voluntary services organization in the year 1987 on 11th May under Andhra pradesh Telangana Areas Public Societies Registration Act, 1350 Fasali.
  • Mahatma Gandhi National Institute of Research and Social Action  Mahatma Gandhi National Institute of Research and Social Action MGNIRSA is an Institution established by Dr. D. Swaminadhan Research Foundation DSRF registered as a Trust and a Society covering All India as its jurisdiction. Three former Members of Planning Commission, Govt. of India viz., Dr. D. Swaminadhan, Dr. Jayant Patil and Dr. S.Z. Qasim are the Founder Trustees and they are also on the Board of Governors of MGNIRSA.
  • Pearl City Chapter  Pearl City Chapter, Hyderabad, India is one of the fastest growing components of PMI in the Asia pacific region. The chapter was incorporated in the year 2001 with 25 members and it has grown close to 1000 members. The chapter has made significant contribution in the region by evangelizing the project management profession through seminars, workshops, conferences and network meetings.
  • SHEKINAH CRUSADERS  Shekinah Crusaders an Inter- Denominational Fellowship was founded by Late Dr. K. Paul Richmond Peter, Dr.P.Permanas and Mrs P.Santosh Permanas in the year 1993 in obedience to the vision God laid down on their hearts. The word Shekinah means "Manifestation of Glory of God" and Crusaders means "Conveyers of the Glory of God". Dr. K.Paul Richmond Peter was a renowned Chief Medical Officer in Government General Hospital in India and a man full of Holy Spirit having burden for perishing souls.
  • safa  Safa works on an innovative business model which provides income generating options designed to meet the needs of the women. All livelihood activities are introduced based on careful and extensive market assessment. Safa also works with the production groups of women to distribute the products through a network of retailers, corporate houses and other channels to generate income for the women.
  • Shyamprasad Institute for Social Service  Shyamprasad Institute for Social Service SISS was established in 1991 as a nonprofit trust with an aim of conducting all kinds of service activities for the upliftment of the socially and economically weaker sections of society. The institute undertakes research studies and conducts symposia and seminars on various vital issues affecting the society.
  • Association for Human Development  The Association for Human Development is a non-profit organization that works to accelerate development in India through its publication, Catalyst for Human Development, organizing a Development Congress and conducting other such activities.This organization also provides a platform for development related dialogue.
  • MAHITA  MAHITA, a term derived from ancient Indian scriptures, means regeneration. Mahita is a team of committed individuals who formed in to a group in 1995 to initiate development interventions in the urban slum slums of Hyderabad. Mahitas ideal is to generate development that is socially just, economically viable and culturally vibrant and true to the area and regional ethos.
  • BAIF Institute for Rural Development  In 1946, Mahatma Gandhi established a Nature Cure Centre at backward village in Urulikanchan. Dr. Manibhai Desai, his trusted disciple was assigned the responsibility of its management and worked closely with the villagers. In 1967, Manibhai Desai established the Bharatiya Agro Industries Foundation (BAIF), a non profitable, public Charitable Trust to replicate his experiences in rural development. BAIF has now been renamed as BAIF Development Research Foundation. Continuing the good work of Dr. Manibhai Desai in the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi, BAIF reached Andhra Pradesh in 1996 and started its interventions on the invitation of the Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Limited, Hyderabad to establish doorstep cattle breeding centres in backward districts of the state.
  • APMAS  APMAS originated in 2001 out of a need for an institution which provides Capacity Building for both primary and secondary stakeholders and which ensures quality promotion and management in SHG institutions. Since inception, APMAS has been actively supported by the government, Banks, NGOs and Communicy Based Organisations.
  • Heal a Child Foundation  Heal a Child Foundation is a Charitable trust & Non Profit Organization, founded with the objective to help sick children in need of medical treatment. We are one of the few organizations that helps all sick children. We do not focus on a specific area of illness. Our aid is available to any sick child who needs it. Our Mission is: To Heal & Save Sick Children who may not survive, not because of their illness but only because the family cannot afford to pay for medical expenses
  • Panchtatva  Panchtatva are the most attention seeking elements in the life of any human being especially in the present time when on one side the depression and similar mental diseases are spreading like anything in human life and on other side global warming and similar environmental problems are growing day by day.
  • Aarohan Foundation  Aarohan Foundation is seeded and driven by a group of IIT and IIM allumni It has an advisory council of leading Global executives with over 20 yrs of diversified sectoral experience and expertise in the areas of Sales and Marketing, Outsourcing, Finance, Human Resources,Project Management Training and development.
  • Bharatiya Telecom Employees Union  The Bharatiya Telecom Employees Union BSNL, has been advocating a policy shift. The workers are to be taken into confidence and their sufferings at the hands of the vested interests is to be ended. The survival of the company is at stake. The confidence of the public in the company is in tact and this has to be exploited by all of us.
  • Catholic Social Service Trust  Catholic Social Service Trust is a charitable organization in India based in Hyderabad. Catholic Social Service Trust was established in the year 2006. The Trust is registered under Indian Trust Act 1869. The service field of the trust includes education promotion, character and health care, publications and family development.
  • Jandhyala Sastry Matrimonials  Jandhyala Sastry Matrimonials is extending services to Brides / Bride grooms by suggesting them Suitable alliances. This Organization is Founded by S.Jandhyala B.Tech,MBA And is functioning with 18 employees totally dedicated, maintaining more than 35000 profiles. Perfect & intellectual services of unique nature are extended here. Computerised information is served here about the matrimonials alliances.
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