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    Organisations directory aims to provide informative content to our online users on the various organisations operating in India. Get useful information on the many Indian private, non-profit and government organisations offering a variety of services to promote areas like healthcare, education, hospitality, women empowerment, music and dance, environment, etc. in India. The online web guide on organisations provides a listing of websites on the Indian organisations which will further provide valuable insights into the Indian organisations.
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  • Heal a Child Foundation  Heal a Child Foundation is a Charitable trust & Non Profit Organization, founded with the objective to help sick children in need of medical treatment. We are one of the few organizations that helps all sick children. We do not focus on a specific area of illness. Our aid is available to any sick child who needs it. Our Mission is: To Heal & Save Sick Children who may not survive, not because of their illness but only because the family cannot afford to pay for medical expenses
  • Agape India  Agape India is committed to holistic care and development of HIV affected and infected children and transformation of communities through health & HIV/AIDS directed initiatives. The core activity is childrenís homes located at Uppal-Hyd. Children admitted to AGAPE are from families where one or more parents are suffering with HIV/AIDS and donít have any means of support or whose parents have already died of HIV/AIDS.
  • Children Adoption Agencies  This link provides information about various Adoption Agencies in India recognised by the Government of India.Adoption is a begining of a life long relationship and indeed a wonderful experience. For adoption a number of procedures has to be followed like submission of documents etc.,
  • Sadhana  Sadhana was conceptualised in 1992 by a young group of educationists and activists to explore alternative and creative approaches to educate, make education more child-centered and provide equal opportunities of education to all children regardless of caste,creed and colour. It is currently implementing a wide range of programmes in Medak district to mobilize community around the issues of universalisation of education and childrenís rights.
  • M V Foundation  A non-profit organization working towards elimination of child labor through education.
  • Non Ferrous Materials Technology Development Centre  Providing services like non ferrous materials technology development centre.
  • Lisa india  Lisa was registered as a non government organisation in June 2007 to do community service for the teeming millions in the areas of health, education, employment, housing, and several others. It's ultimate goal is to provide a secure environment and living condition.
  • Mutual Assistance for Voluntary Institutions  Mutual Assistance for Voluntary Institutions in India MUAVIN is a voluntary organisation established in 1985 with the following aims and objects:a To undertake research and analysis and forward planning for the educational, economic and social betterment of Weaker Sections of people.b To promote and facilitate and co-ordinate the pursuit of excellence by existing institutions in their working for educational, economic and social betterment of Weaker Sections of people.
  • Aryavysyagroup  Aryavysyagroup to formalize to all my Aryavysyas. This website is to communicate the most upto date information on what and where the community is growing. Hopefully, this will lead to action on your part and you will support them. I began to work with this site to know more about the Arya Vysyas. My involvement was not planned; A small gesture ten years ago has now become a steady flow of support that is pregnant with promise of a better tomorrow. Together, with progressive members like you. All praise to Kanyaka Parameshwari.
  • Catholic Social Service Trust  Catholic Social Service Trust is a charitable organization in India based in Hyderabad. Catholic Social Service Trust was established in the year 2006. The Trust is registered under Indian Trust Act 1869. The service field of the trust includes education promotion, character and health care, publications and family development.
  • Association for Human Development  The Association for Human Development is a non-profit organization that works to accelerate development in India through its publication, Catalyst for Human Development, organizing a Development Congress and conducting other such activities.This organization also provides a platform for development related dialogue.
  • SHEKINAH CRUSADERS  Shekinah Crusaders an Inter- Denominational Fellowship was founded by Late Dr. K. Paul Richmond Peter, Dr.P.Permanas and Mrs P.Santosh Permanas in the year 1993 in obedience to the vision God laid down on their hearts. The word Shekinah means "Manifestation of Glory of God" and Crusaders means "Conveyers of the Glory of God". Dr. K.Paul Richmond Peter was a renowned Chief Medical Officer in Government General Hospital in India and a man full of Holy Spirit having burden for perishing souls.
  • Affiliated College Teachers' Association,  ACTA has a proud history of over sixty years. It is a pioneer in the College Teachers movement in A.P. as well as in the country. It is a founder member of AIFUCTO which was formed in 1962 and has contributed substantially to the growth of College Teachers Movement in the country. It has played a leading role in the evolution of educational policies, specially at the higher education level.
  • Tapin  The Association is formed primarily to contribute to creating a more inclusive, collaborative and generative world resulting in a sense of abundance and to stand for any benign cause in general interest of nations and societies. We Provide a gateway to individuals, organizations and large systems for understanding and implementing new approaches to change management drawing from complexity sciences and leveraging neo-sciences.
  • ICRISAT  ICRISAT is a non-profit & non-political research organization that serves the poorest of the poor in the semi-arid areas of the developing world.
  • Mahatma Gandhi National Institute of Research and Social Action  Mahatma Gandhi National Institute of Research and Social Action MGNIRSA is an Institution established by Dr. D. Swaminadhan Research Foundation DSRF registered as a Trust and a Society covering All India as its jurisdiction. Three former Members of Planning Commission, Govt. of India viz., Dr. D. Swaminadhan, Dr. Jayant Patil and Dr. S.Z. Qasim are the Founder Trustees and they are also on the Board of Governors of MGNIRSA.
  • Sri sathya sai seva organisation Shivam  The construction of this Mandhir named Shivam is a special Saadhana for the residents ofBhaagyanagara (Hyderabad). Its appearance is unique, for it is to be built in the shape of a Linga, the form most approximate to the conception of the formless, attributeless Absolute.
  • Bharatiya Telecom Employees Union  The Bharatiya Telecom Employees Union BSNL, has been advocating a policy shift. The workers are to be taken into confidence and their sufferings at the hands of the vested interests is to be ended. The survival of the company is at stake. The confidence of the public in the company is in tact and this has to be exploited by all of us.
  • Feed  The trustees have a dream to support 4,00,000 students by the year 2015-16 and mobilize and disburse a budget of 200 crores (approx US$.50 Mill).The empowerment of the poorest of the poor children and youth from remote and interior villages of Andhra Pradesh with education will enable them to achieve their oblective and cascade into economic up-liftment of their families to better demographic levels.
  • Svechha  Svechha is a non-profit organization initiated to increase social awareness and raise funds to support causes like children education,support for senior citizens,women reforms,healthcare,village development and increase awareness on civic responsibilities.
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