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Government of India

India is a federal republic government and is officially referred to as the Union Government or (commonly) Central Government. The Government of India (Bharat Sarkar) was established by the Constitution of India and it is the governing authority of a federal union of 28 states and 7 union territories, which are collectively called the Republic of India.

The Preamble lays down the type of government that India has adopted i.e. Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic.

The chief of state is the President and Vice President. The head of the government is the Prime Minister. A cabinet is appointed by the president on the recommendation of the prime minister. The following will brief you about the Government of India:
  • The President is elected by an electoral college of elected members of the two houses of Parliament and the legislatures of the states for a five-year term.
  • Vice President is elected by both the houses of Parliament for a period of five years.
  • Parliament or Sansad consists of the Council of States or Rajya Sabha and the People's Assembly or Lok Sabha.
  • The Rajya Sabha consists of not more than 250 members, up to 12 of whom are appointed by the president, the remainder are chosen by the elected members of the state and territorial assemblies; the members serve six-year terms.
  • The Lok Sabha consists of 545 seats; 543 elected by popular vote, 2 appointed by the president; members serve five-year terms.
  • 1 chief justice and 25 associate justices are appointed by the president and remain in office until they reach the age of 65 or are removed for "proved misbehavior".

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