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    The directory on Indian university is a one stop information resource on leading universities operating in India. Get access to famous universities in India offering undergraduate and post graduate courses in the filed of medicine, management, finance, computers, science, law, technology, etc. View an online listing of websites of leading universities in India. Access these websites to get information on various courses, fee structure, contact details and admission procedure in the popular universities of India.
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  • JANARDAN RAI NAGAR RAJASTHAN VIDYAPEETH UNIVERSITY  With the awakening of national consciousness in the early years of the last century, a few notable efforts were made in British India to improve the system of education prevalent in India during that time. Gujarat Vidyapeeth, started by Mahatma Gandhi, aimed at preparing youth to serve and uplift the rural masses; Shantiniketan tried to bring the cultures of the East and West into universal harmony; Jamia Millia tried to educate the Muslims in keeping with the needs of the main stream of national life; and the Gurukul Kangri aimed at preserving the cultural heritage of the nation keeping with the requirements of the modern age. Inspired by the same spirit Pandit Janardan Rai Nagar established Rajasthan Vidyapeeth in 1937.
  • International School of Informatics & Management  A major milestone in the history of ICG is the conferment of the Autonomous Status on the college by the UGC for a period of six years w.e.f. 2007-08. The Autonomy is a concept created and evolved by the UGC for qualitative enhancement of higher education. It was realized that the higher academic institutions be given more freedom for the development of intellectual climate in the country. Autonomy enables the college:
  • NIMS UNIVERSITY  Nims UNIVERSITY is steered by renowned world scientist Prof. (Dr.) Balvir S. Tomar, who is a Former Professor, Head & Director, Institute of Pediatric Gastroenterology, S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur and has been awarded various International & National level Fellowships & Awards. He is a member of International & National level GI/Medical Societies like NASPGN, APPSPGAN, ISPGN, GAI & IAP. He had been Investigator / Co-investigator in research projects funded by DST, ICMR, WHO, UNICEF.
  • The IIS University  To be an International Model Institution for students' success beyond predicted expectations. To transform the dreams and aspirations of the youth to reality. To empower the youth to realize that they determine the outcome of their own lives. To provide quality education for self-reliance.
  • MDS University  Providing post graduate degree courses in arts, science, commerce, management and education.
  • Stani Memorial P.G. College  The Library has a rich collection of more than 26,000 books, subscribes for 10 Newspapers and 20 Weekly and Fortnightly Journals and Magazines. The Modern Scientific era is analytical and practical based educational era and demands not only theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge of every aspect.
  • The LNM Istitute of information Technology  It is a public-private partnership University jointly set-up by the Government of Rajasthan and the LAKSHMI & USHA MITTAL FOUNDATION as an autonomous non-profit organization. Our objective is to provide quality education having research focus, so that students graduating out of the Institute can make significant contributions to the industries and society.
  • Banasthali University  Banasthali is a unique, fully residential womens university which offers an integrated system extending from the primary to the Ph.D. level.The origin of Banasthali is unique in more ways than one. Banasthali owes its existence neither to the zeal of an educationist, nor to that of a social reformer. It is also not the creation of a Philanthropists purse. It has arisen like the fabled phoenix from the ashes of a blossoming flower Shanta Bai that had withered before its bloom.
  • Central University of Rajasthan  The Central University of Rajasthan has been established by an Act of Parliament (Act No. 25 of 2009, The Gazette of India, No. 27, published on 20th March, 2009 as a new CentralUniversity, and is fully funded by the Government of India.The President of India, Her Excellency Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, is the Visitor of the Central University of Rajasthan
  • Jagan Nath University  Jagan Nath University has been established in the year 2008, by an Act (Act No. 19 of 2008) of the Rajasthan State Legislature and is approved under section 2(f) of UGC Act 1956 vested with the authority to award Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates. The University has been established to cater to the growing needs of higher education in the country.
  • Banasthali Vidyapith  Provides school education, undergraduate & postgraduate degree courses in arts, science, commerce and also doctoral research programs.
  • University of Rajasthan  Jaipur, popularly known as the Pink City, was founded in 1727 AD by one of the greatest rulers of the Kachhawaha clan, the astronomer king Sawai Jai Singh. It was designed by the brilliant architect Vidyadhar Bhattacharya.Sawai Jai Singh came to the throne of Amer in 1699, at the tender age of 11 years and showed signs of his brilliance even at that early age. He faced many difficulties but overcame each, and thus proved a strong and able ruler who could establish peace and stability. By 1725, he decided to build a bigger city Jaipur - and moved his capital from Amer to Jaipur
  • Kamla Poddar Institutes  KPI offers a wide range of new-age courses developed by leading educational institutes and universities of the country.These include undergraduate,post-graduate,degree,diploma and certificate courses ranging from 6 months to 3 years in duration.The institutes under KPI umbrella are co-educational,have quality infrastructure and provide facilities like hostel,conveyance and educational loans to students.
  • BMIT  BMIT provides an excellent student-centered environment which is highly conducive to the learning of new skills. Every step taken at is student oriented, keeping the interest of the student at the highest priority. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the campus These activities are completely organized and managed by the student community under the broader umbrella of Student Activity Center under the guidance of Faculty Members.
  • Janardan Rai University  Janardan Rai Nagar established the Rajasthan Vidyapeeth' in 1937 to uplift the down-trodden common man in the feudal state of Mewar. Started as a night Study Centre for the Elementary, secondary and Advanced Courses in our national language Hindi, Rajasthan Vidyapeeth has grown into a large complex of more than 50 institutions spread over several districts of Rajasthan.
  • Faculty of Management, Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University  Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University is the First Private State Women’s University in India. The State Legislature of Rajasthan has established the University under Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University Act 2008 (Act No. 17 of 2008) and notified through its Official Gazette Notification No. P.2(23)Vidhi/2/2008 dated April 21, 2008. The University is empowered to award Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees and also Educational Rewards as per norms of Statutory Bodies as UGC,
  • Department Of College Education  The Commissionerate of College Education was set up in 1958 for the administration and development of higher education in the Rajasthan State. In 1958 there were only 40 Colleges (24 Government, 13 Aided And 03 Unaided) under the Control of the Commissionerate. The Commissionerate is working under the control and administration of the Commissioner of College Education, Rajasthan, Jaipur.
  • Sri Balaji PG Mahavidyalaya  Islam means âˆ?submission, obedience, surrender and compliance with the command and âˆ?prohibition of the commander without objections. Allah has named the true âˆ?religion, ï?½Islamï?½ for it is an obedience to him, submission to His Commands âˆ?without any resistance, purifying acts of worship for Him, believing in His âˆ?words and having faith in Him. Islam then became a proper name for the âˆ?religion brought by Muhammad.âˆ?
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