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    The chemical industry in India comprises of companies that manufacture and distribute chemicals including specialty process chemicals, plastic resins and materials used in synthetic fibers, paints and coatings. The chemical directory of India provides in depth information on the leading manufacturers and exporters of chemical products in India. Get online information on all small and big chemical entrepreneurs dealing into biochemical, detergents, petrochemicals etc. also indulging in other chemical businesses like producing chemical goods for distribution within and outside the country. Also know about the leading suppliers of industrial chemical products, inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals and list of all known chemical dealers of India, owners of Indian chemical industries and chemical plants in India.
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  • Nice Chemicals Private Limited  Manuafacturer and exporter of laboratory chemicals, clinical reagents and laboratory chemical supplies.
  • Prestine Colours & Dyes  Exporter of all types of indigo product such as indigo leaves, leaf powder, indigo blue dye cakes and powder etc.
  • Kochi Refineries Limited  Manufacturer and exporter of petrochemicals and a wide range of petroleum products.
  • Industrial and Fine Chemicals  Manufacturers and suppliers of both organic and inorganic chemicals like rubber maker sulphur, agricultural dusting sulphur, microfined sulpur powder, zinc oxide, citral, palmarosa and di ammonium hydrogen phosphate.
  • Meron Bio Polymers  Manufactures natural biopolymers like agar, chitin and chitosan.
  • Travancore Cochin Chemicals Ltd.  Engaged in manufacturer & exporter of industrial chemicals like caustic soda.
  • GEOFRANC CHAMBERS  The company is not only a single company but also a group of companies that is involved in the various business. These different companies are involved in their own areas such as pipes and pumps, turnkey projects, power plants, as well as in oil and gases plants.
  • Leela Enterprises  Exporters of biological stains-dyes, sulphonephthalein dyes, oxidation reduction indicator, industrial chemical, pharmaceutical intermediate and bulk drugs.
  • Merchem Limited  Manufacturer of rubber chemicals, rubber additives, agrochemicals and water treatment chemicals.
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