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    Organisations directory aims to provide informative content to our online users on the various organisations operating in India. Get useful information on the many Indian private, non-profit and government organisations offering a variety of services to promote areas like healthcare, education, hospitality, women empowerment, music and dance, environment, etc. in India. The online web guide on organisations provides a listing of websites on the Indian organisations which will further provide valuable insights into the Indian organisations.
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  • BHUBANBHAVAN  The Mahamandals objective is the regeneration of India. A large number of sincere, honest, hard working, patriotic, and courageous young men are everywhere in the country, who are eager to dedicate themselves for the regeneration of India. The Mahamandal intends to enthuse and unite them. The Mahamandal wants the youth to be confident and face the problems of their life as well as of the country.
  • Calcutta Foundation  Socio-cultural organisation reaching out to the under-privileged and weaker sections of Calcutta's society.
  • TANTRAAKRIYAS  Man is social animal. From times immemorial the man after birth since its existence is in search of peace, prosperity, wealth, name, fame and happiness. It is also observed that many waste their lives in unscruplous actions. All remain absorbed in this material world and we find a little difference between MAN and ANIMAL Only those persons can be termed as Great who have been blessed with ALMIGHTY’s GRACE.
  • Trinayani  Trinayani is a welfare trust which uses the arts to change perceptions about the value of people with disabilities.We believe that neglecting the cause of including people with disabilities in the mainstream of social life,happens more out of ignorance, misinformation and exposure to Appropriate Visibility.
  • All India Council for Mass Education and Development  It had its genesis in the formation, in 1965, of the West Bengal Students Council to Eradicate Illiteracy, which was the culmination of large-scale mobilisation of students and youth from the colleges and universities of Calcutta to the villages of West Bengalto launch a mass literacy campaign. The vision of the organisation is to develop an enlightened, empowered and self-sustained rural community - both materially and morally.
  • Transactions of the Indian Ceramic Society,  Transactions of the Indian Ceramic Society,, devoted to science, current research, technology and industryrelated news on glass and ceramics being published since 1941. This is the most important journal in glass and ceramics published in India by the Indian Ceramic Society Recently selected for coverage in Thompson Reuters products and custom information services, it is also covered in some of the most important abstracting journals in the area.
  • Ramakrishna Math Yogodyan  Yogodyan lies in the busy suburban area of Kankurgachi in Kolkata. It has become an important pilgrimage centre for devotees from across India and from overseas. It is a place where the spirit of Sri Ramakrishna is very much alive, his presence having made every inch of this place vibrant with divinity.
  • Kolkata China Town  A website for chinese people in kolkata.
  • JENTEK  JENTEK recognises that input quality is integrated into the output quality. Hence, it is a particular mission for JENTEK to help small and medium scale industries and even unorganised sectors to systematise their operations in an optimum manner, because their products and services constitute the basic input and/or raw material for the large, multinational and giant industries.
  • Society Against Violence in Education  A non profit organization providing awareness, to support the victims, to promote healthy modes of interaction between seniors and juniors.
  • Child In Need Institute  Working to achieve sustainable development among poor communities living in the city of Kolkata, South 24 paragons and surrounding areas.
  • Digambar Jain  Shree Ahinsa Prachar Samity is a pioneer institute of digambar jain samaj in Kolkata, West Bengal. It was established on 21 September 1953 by a group of learned people, prominent industrialists and philosophers of digambar jain samaj in the leadership of late Sahu Santi Prasad Jain with a sole aim to serve the society.
  • International women centre-streeshakti-The Parallel Force  Streeshakti is a organization having collective energies of organizations engaged in human welfare.It is a moment to rouse and activate women of every class and creed and empower them with th necessary inputs to work as catalysts for fundamental social change.
  • Tomorrows Foundation  Tomorrows Foundation is a nongovernmental development organization committed to the all round development of children.We support children from the most underprivileged backgrounds to become self reliant and enjoy their right to a dignified life. All our children are supported until they complete their education in some cases courses like engineering and medical and placed in a suitable job.
  • Jain Dharm Online  This web site is promoted by Ganeshmal Patni Memorial trust in the memory of our respected father and grand father Late shree Ganeshmalji Patni, a great follower of Jain Dharma. Shree Ganeshmal patni Memorial Trust have several plans to serve the society, spread jain dharma and teaching of Bhagavan Mahavira among to masses.
  • Nature Environment & Wildlife Society  Nature Environment & Wildlife Society NEWS is one of the leading NGOs in Eastern India. Since 1991, NEWS is committed to protect and conserve wildlife, ecology & environment. NEWS is also committed to engage people in alternative and sustainable livelihood who are majorly dependent on threatened ecosystems and to enhance their participation in the conservation process.
  • Thoughtshop Foundation  Promoting public health & welfare and is dedicated to creating new and effective ways of dealing with social issues, with the aim to educate, motivate and initiate change.
  • Minds & Souls Rehabilitation & Research Foundation  Providing education to children with multiple disabilities like mental retardation, slow learners, aspergers syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, hearing impairment, etc.
  • Micro Centre For Community Development & Research  Providing all kinds of research and development services.
  • Construction Workers Federation of India  With the continuous efforts of the CITU, thus the construction workers had been marching forward through bitter struggles and facing brutal repression. It decided to organise the construction workers at the national level on a common platform, and as a major step formed a coordination committee of construction workers for the Eastern Region of the country in July 1979. This committee conducted several campaigns and struggles.
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