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  • Surgicotfab Textiles Pvt. Ltd  They are the manufacturers of very good quality products like, Adhesive Bandage Fabric, Crepe Bandage Fabric, Paraffin Gauze Fabric, POP Bandage Fabric, etc.
  • Narayan Clinic  A doctor can help you determine whether you need to lose weight and, if so, how much. In addition to evaluating your BMI and waist circumference, a doctor can review your medical history, which helps reveal how dangerous excess fat is to your health. Talking to a doctor openly and honestly about your weight is one of the best things you can do for your health.
  • drpauls Multispeciality Clinic  Dr Pauls Multispeciality Clinic DPMSC is an established renowned brand name in the health and wellness sector in eastern India. It has started its journey with a sole objective to make people look beautiful naturally, in the heart of Kolkata in the year 2007. The dream is still on and we are in the journey of fulfilling it slowly.
  • Hair Drug Testing - Trimega Laboratories  Hair drug testing is a revolutionary method of detecting substance abuse. It utilises hair strand analysis to establish and verify persistent substance misuser's.
  • Gokulam Rose Eye Clinic & Opticals  Gokulam Rose Eye Clinic & Opticals is the outcome of the collaboration between Sree Gokulam Group and Rose Opticals Pvt. Ltd. The aim of this business venture and collaboration is to provide quality eye care at reasonable and affordable cost and also to showcase world class frames and lenses under one roof. Our first showroom was inaugurated on 4th September 2009 at Pathanamthitta and Second One at Kottarakkara on 30th April 2010 . We have plans to open showrooms in all major cities of Kerala.
  • ORA-CARE MULTI SPECIALITY DENTAL CLINIC  ORA CARE is a multispeciality dental clinic and oral rehabilitation centre. Specializes in treatment of all dental problems and various oral soft tissue diseases. It is fully equipped with two modern dental units, X-ray facility and a competent panel of doctors to ensure quality treatment to all its patients.
  • Chest, Vascular and Vein disease Care  Chest, Vascular and Vein diseases are responsible for much morbidity and compromised life. Their prompt treatment is not only uncomplicated but also highly rewarding. All of which is delivered in a compassionate way in the beautiful land of the Sun and Sea and glorious beaches along the western Indian coastline Goa.
  • Eating Disorder Treatment Florida  Eating disorder treatment offered at in the form of special dietician and nutrition plans by experts.
  • The Face Value  Dental & Facial Surgery Clinic provides you the amazing combination of advanced technology, skill and expertise by different specialty doctors under the same roof. The treating doctors are experts in their respective subjects and carry sufficient experience, so one can be sure of the best treatment. Hygiene and sterilization are our top priorities and top standards are strictly followed.
  • Medical Negligence London  Now you can claim for compensation or sue the NHS for a medical negligence claim about your medical treatment with
  • Neuro Clinic  Neurology is a medical specialty dealing with disorders of the nervous system. Specifically, it deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all categories of disease involving the central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems, including their coverings, blood vessels, and all effector tissue, such as muscle.Physicians who specialize in neurology are called neurologists, and are trained to investigate, diagnose and treat neurological disorders.
  • Powiekszanie piersi warszawa  Our specialty is ductile surgery, as grandly as non-invasive aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. The distance of our services is not fixed to: teat enlargement (also using Macrolane), needle mesotherapy treatments, Radiage and multitudinous others. Seeking concluded 12 years, the get of physicians, material therapists, physiotherapists and beauticians in our clinic in Warsaw offers something you order not hit upon anywhere else - a comprehensive service. Every person who goes into our individual advance can guarantee thresholds, professional assistance, as well as globe-shaped the clock care. We better patients to give rise to a determination: surgery, or inoperable. Proposed on us without a scalpel division provides chirurgia plastyczna warszawa|powiekszanie piersi|depilacja laserowa warszawa|chirurgia plastyczna|usuwanie rozstepow warszawa a wide drift of dermatology treatments, physiotherapy and cosmetics (eg, rind rejuvenation method Radiage or needle mesotherapy). We certain anonymity and discretion. Each patient undergoing surgery can calculate on the rehabilitation and further medical care. All treatments are performed in equipped with the latest materiel, halls and rooms, using paper tools. Acquiescent safety is our priority.
  • Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals  Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals began in 1996. We are indebted to Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, Ms. Margaret Gebhard and Animal People News for their kind support and encouragement over the years. We are proud to have one of the few mobile animal ambulances in India which was donated by the Bridgitte Bardot Foundation.
  • Pediatrist Omaha  Omaha Foot and Ankle provides you services and information about podiatry, foot and ankle ailments, treatments available, exercising and shoes. Contact us to fix and appointment.
  • Metamorphosis Clinic  At Metamorphosis Clinic, our medical professionals endeavour to treat your medical condition and safeguard your well-being .We have for you, a team of experts who combine their skills and experience to help solve patient's health problems. Many are simply tired of the burden of being overweight and want to improve their daily quality of life.
  • VANITY LASER & SKIN CARE CLINIC  Vanity Laser Skin Care Clinic was established in year 2005 by internationally renowned Dr.MinooSingh. Vanity Laser Skin Care aims to provide the absolute best quality of care for laser and cosmetic skin treatments.All treatments are performed by trained medical staff with a minimum of 5 years of experience.The safety and effectiveness of all treatments at Laser Skin Care is paramount.
  • Nidaan Multispeciality Dental Clinic  It was the first vision of total oral care that Nidaan Multispeciality Dental Clinic four years back in Gumasta Nagar. It brought together specialists from different branches of dentistry under one roof and provided them a plateform for providing quality treatment to the citizens of Indore who deserve treatment at par with metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai.
  • orthodontix and more  orthodontix and more is a multi-speciality Dental centre in Cochin, Kerala State, India, offering the complete range of dental treatment options. It is a group practice of several experienced dental specialists who coordinate treatment depending on the dental needs of each and every patient. There are 6 dental treatment rooms, impeccable sterilization facilities, a Panoramic radiographic x-ray machine in addition to a dental x-ray machine and a dental laboratory.
  • Centre for Skin Cosmetic Surgery  we are witnessing an explosion in the demand for aesthetic medicine services. Advancing technology has joined hands with medical expertise to give rise to a new trend in cosmetic treatments Minimally invasive. No undergoing the proverbial knife, no interrupting you daily routine and no need to worry about any risks or complications. Simple, safe and effective is the motto we follow at CSCS.
  • Asha Speech & Hearning Clinic  Asha speech and hearing clinic is an Integrated mix of experience and technology in the field of Hearing and Speech Impairment. A dedicated team of highly accomplished specialists imbibe the latest innovations in treatment of such impairments. From highly specialised detection & diagnosis to path breaking concepts in rehabilitation and therapy, the center offers complete services for patients of all ages. The center has earned a special distinction in detecting impairments amongs children.
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