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    Online directory on dairy products is an information resource on the manufacturers and suppliers of dairy products in India. Get information on the leading manufacturers engaged in the production of various kinds of dairy products such as dairy whitener, ice cream, ghee, cheese, yoghurt, mozzarella, etc. Also presented below is a website listing of exporters, importers and manufacturers of dairy products in India. Browse the websites to get useful information such as product range, price list, quality standards, company profile and contact details.
Latest Website Listings
  • Warner Multimedia Ltd  We are a highly Professional Managed Business group having wide range of business activities like Film producing, Real estate business, Finance, Public construction work and also a big marketing house for sales and marketing of pharmaceutical, animal health Products, Vaccines, Food Processing, shipping etc with turnover of more than thousand crores.
  • Fortune Gourmet  Fortune Gourmet Specialities Pvt.Ltd came into being in April of 1997. Fortune is built on a dedication and overriding passion for good food. Our love of fine foods will continue to drive every aspect of the companys development. From our foundation as one of the only specialists in cheese, we have rapidly expanded into a broad range of products including processed meats, seafood, and other specialty products.
  • Paramount Milk Specialities Private Limited  Manufacturers and Exporters of skimmed milk powder and pure ghee, butter and cheese.
  • EMU INDIA FARM & HATCHERY  An Ostrich like Australian bird Emu and its products are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industries. The meat of the bird is recommended by doctors for those who are diabetic and heart patients. Further, its Feathers, Toe Nails and Skin are widely in the Fashion Industry, Nowadays Emu breeding is encouraged significantly and Emu India Farm & Hatchery is the living result of this encouragement.
  • Indo Foods  Indo Foods is glad to declare that, Indo food has the monopoly of selling Brand Colate and Brand Pitamber, of two different companies which are the pioneers in manufacturing of Choco Paste and Compound Chocolates Covering, We also are dedicated towards procurement of Cocoa Powder and are the Representatives of JB Cocoa, Malaysia. All these products are widely used in Bakery, Confectionary, Biscuit and Ice-Cream Industries.
  • Dynamix Dairy Industries Ltd.  Offering Cheese, Butter & Ghee, Dairy Whitener & Infant food, Casein / Lactose & Whey Products, UHT Plain Milk, Flavoured Milk and Juices.
  • Maitreya Group  The concept & the thought floated by Late. Shri Madhusudan Satpalkar, Founder & Director of Maitreya Group of Companies who passed away in 2003 at very early age of 34. made every individual financially independent & self sufficient. Mr. Satpalkr devoted his span of life for social commitment and worked in Rashtra Seva Dal & Narmada Bachav Andolana.
  • Pastonji Ice Cream  Engaged in manufacturing vanilla ice cream, strawberrry ice cream, mango ice cream, chocobar, classic cassatta, nut coated pineapple roll, kulfi and family pack ice cream.
  • Dairy Development Department  During Second World War to prevent of malnutrition pregnant ladies and children due to food shortage, Municipal Corporation of Mumbai started milk distribution system. Each female used to get half litre of milk. This scheme was operational till 1946. After that Civil Supply Department was operating this scheme.
  • Devashree Foods Pvt. Ltd.  Suppliers of dairy products including skimmed milk powder, full cream milk powder, butter and also provide fruits and vegetables.
  • Lactose (India) Ltd.  Manufacturers and suppliers of butter, dairy whitener, dairy calcium, whey powder, casein, caseinate and ghee.
  • Dynamix Dairy Industries Ltd.  Manufacturer and exporter of dairy products including cheese, butter, ghee, etc.
  • Blue Bird  Blue Bird is the taste that lingers on the tongue of the satisfied customers was started as a small household business. The company was founded by brothers Gambhirdas Shah and Anantrai Shah way back in 1950's as "United Trading Corporation". The firm then dealt in just the import of food products.
  • Mahanand diary  Mahanand Milk , the World-Wide Taste of Happiness.Mahanand Dairy is the Largest Cow Milk packing and distributing dairy in Asia.Mahanand Dairy is always related to any breakthrough or advent in the Milk Production and Dairy Technology in India. Mahananda has launched Mahanand Parijatak Scheme.
  • Asian Flavours & Fragrances  It is feeling pleasure in welcoming you to its glorious world of flavours and fragrances. We have been manufacturing flavours and fragrances, synthetic powder flavours, natural perfumery compounds. Our company established name in industry as a reliable manufacturers of flavours.
  • kasyap  Hindustan Lever Ltd. Colgate Palmolive, E'Merk India Ltd.We are corn refiners and manufacturers of Starch Derivative products and specialty sugars.
  • Mutual Multitrade Pvt. Ltd.  Milk items are very essential for human beings because they are good source of vitamins and minerals, which helps for the growth of bones and muscles of an individual. Incorporated in the year 2006, Mutual Multitrade Pvt. Ltd. is a noted manufacturer, exporter, and trader of Pure Ghee, Khoya, Basundi, Condense Milk, Milk Product, Paneer, Butter, Milk Powder, Curd, etc.
  • PUNJAB SIND DAIRY PRODUCTS PVT. LTD.  PUNJAB SIND DAIRY PRODUCTS PVT. LTD. is a well-known company, manufacturing in Milk & Milk Products existing in Indian market successfully from last 32 years. Today the Punjab Sinds milk products are well known in Mumbai for its quality and also for the healthy relation built by the firm with the patrons. And now day-by-day the popularity and also the production of the Punjab Sind products are growing in various aspects.
  • Gits Food Products Pvt. Ltd.  Supplying and exporting dairy mate, pure ghee, biscuits & cookies, meals, desserts and savouries.
  • Shruti Packaging  Suppliers of milk, water, butter milk , soft drinks, lassi, powdered spices (masala), milk powder, ghee, cooking oil etc
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