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    Yoga and meditation directory is an online information guide providing detailed information on leading yoga and meditation centres of India. View website compilation of popular institutes promoting yoga and meditation in India. Get information on famous yoga schools teaching the famous yoga and meditation courses which teach different relaxation techniques.
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  • Mikao Usui  Mikao Usui originated Reiki in 1922 after a twenty-one day retreat on Mount Kurama, involving meditation, fasting, and prayer.Reiki is a therapy that helps to maintain the universal energy. Reiki, the energy healing system, is based on the faith that feelings and thoughts have the power to guide energy, the same energy which shapes the world.
  • Suryayog  SuryaYog is an advanced Yoga that helps a common individual to merge (Laya) with Nature. It’s a way of refining the soul from the great Universal Masters. These Masters have been staying in the caves & Jungles for the past innumerable years without any food. They derive the energy from the SUN (Surya)the Eternal light of the world. The super magician human mind and the Atomic reactor human body cannot be managed by common human consciousness.
  • Yoga Shakti Missions India  YogaShakti Missions are non-profit organizations established worldwide by H.H. Ma Yoga Shakti Saraswati to teach the essence of yoga, meditation, and spirituality to all those who seek guidance. Our Motto is Truth is our Religion, Service is our Worship, Knowledge is our Breath World is our Family, Yoga and Meditation is our Way.
  • INH Daily  Rainbowray is the official website of "Indradhanush", which is promoted by Ms. Rekha Krishnan. Rekha is a professional artist and has been exhibiting her paintings in India and internationally, for more than 30 years, besides doing many commissioned works, including portraits.
  • Artistic Yoga  The ancient art of yoga says that an empty mind is God’s workshop. With the passage of time, medical science has made tremendous progress. So have metaphysics, physics, chemistry, human physiology and sports medicine. Yoga, which is a practical science, however, has fallen into the hands of those who don’t really understand its depth and use it for superficial purposes such as figure correction, weight loss and stress management.
  • K11 Fitness Academy  At K11 we believe that knowledge is power, and the right knowledge if imparted by professionals will take you a long way in the Fitness Industry. That is precisely why we have the best faculty in the business to deliver unadulterated scientific facts that will be applicable & recognized throughout the world.
  • Effective Living  Providng yoga services such as practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation and K-Yoga therapy.
  • Satyananda Yoga Centre  Satyananda Yoga does not postulate any political or religious beliefs. It provides everybody, regardless of social background, with tools for health, peace of mind and an inspired vision for their lives. People who practise Satyananda Yoga are of all ages, levels of fitness and come from many walks of life.
  • Live Active  Live Active, a company established by global fitness expert Namita Jain in January 2001, delivers effective and holistically designed wellness programs based on individual needs. Live Active is one of the first wellness companies to be launched in India.
  • Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation Maharashtra  Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of Maharashtra is affiliated to World Pranic Healing Foundation based in Manila, Phillipines. YVPHFM is engaged in the task of spreading Pranic Healing in Maharashtra through orientation seminars, free healing camps, news conferences and free meditation sessions.
  • Purna Swasthya Yoga Therapy Center  A yoga therapy center offer to treat various diseases like spondylosis, dyspepsia, bronchial asthma, coronary arterary diseases and also teach pranayam and have antenatal programmes for ladies.
  • Ultimate Perception  To facilitate the development of greater levels of Perception and Consciousness amongst the peoples of the world. To make people aware of the practical powers of Perception. The belief being upheld here is that Perception Is Reality. Expand your Perception and you will automatically be expanding your Reality, your World, and your Potential.
  • The Yoga Institute  These topics are based on the Samkhya principles of the Bhavas or attitudes which have to be inculcated for a healthy state. Many find succour, guidance and help at the Institute, while others find their experiences as life changing at this Institute founded around ninety years ago.
  • Shiv Holistic Yoga  Shiv Holistic Yoga has created a greatly unique system of teaching by blending various aspects of yoga viz., Surya namaskars, asanas, mudras, bandhas, pranayams , meditation and deep relaxation techniques of Yoga Nidra; in appropriate proportions, in its grueling hour-and-a-half-long practical sessions.
  • Holistic Studio  Holistic Studio was set up eight years ago by Leonard Velloz. Our area of practice expanded recently when Danovy D'Souza joined Holistic Studio, adding her experience and knowledge in the fields of Reiki, Tarot, Meditation techniques etc. We continue to provide solutions to our clients across the world.
  • Yoga Sadhana Kendra  The institute Yoga Sadhana Kendra has been influenced largely by the Bihar School of Yoga (the world's first Yoga University), conferences attended on this subject in various parts of the country and world literature on the subject of health, spirituality and well-being.
  • Yoga Science  The Sanskrit meaning of the word Yoga is Integration. It represents a process though which one learns how to live life in the most integrated way. This becomes possible through a process of constant effort for identification and elimination of all the elements, which would lead to dis-integration.
  • Dhyansanjivani  Shree Shivananda Das Divyayoga Aashram Charitable Trust, Proprietor of Dhyansanjivani Magazine, founder of website. A person of high caliber, tremendous wisdom, in-depth knowledge of spiritualism. Acharyaji has given a considerable contribution to our society. His name is associated with the enormous difficult task not only in the field of spiritualism but also for Astrology,Kundalini Shakti.
  • PRASANNA WELLNESS ACADEMY  our Academy is an initiative of Vedic Wisdom in a digestible and applicable manner for Corporate Governance.we improve in all technical and organizational behavior and also penetrating the shield of personality and creating the necessary transformation in the essence of the individual is the surest way of bringing about the results.our Academy has several qualified discussion leaders in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and in the US. Many of the qualified discussion leaders have a corporate background having been industrialists, executives, management team leaders and took up the cause of reaching wisdom to its rightful place.
  • Potentials Unlimited  Engaged in providing yoga consultancy services, yoga workshop, management training services, human potential development and commnucation skills improvment.
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