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  • Hiral International  Scientific products find wide application in varied industries including alcoholic-beverage, chemical, sugar and other sectors. These scientific-testing-products occupy paramount importance, as on the basis of their reading, a manufacturing unit can mix the exact proportion of chemicals required for production.
  • Analab Scientific India Private Limited  Manufacturer of all types of wide and narrow range ph indicator papers, universal range ph indicator papers and special indicator papers etc.
  • Classic Scientific  Our emphasis has always been on maintenance of strict quality norms and thus we have never compromised on it. We have set certain parameters that enable us to judge the quality of the product being manufactured, only after being scrutinized the products are set ready for delivery.
  • European Gemological Laboratory  E.G.L. reigns supreme in the world of diamond grading. Started in 1973, E.G.L. is the largest independent network of gemological laboratories. E.G.L. has its strong infrastructure base in India with laboratory in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and the special economic zone Mumbai. The E.G.L. diamond grading report is a thorough quality analysis of the diamond.
  • UNITED PHOSPHORUS LIMITED  United Phosphorus Limited (UPL) is the largest producer of crop protection products in India with a wide range of products that include fumigants, fungicides, insecticides, rodenticides & herbicides. The company ranks fourth amongst the generic agrochemical companies in the world. It is the world's largest producer of Aluminum Phosphide and Naproamide. Through acquisitions, strategic alliances and subsidiaries, UPL has built a network across the globe and their products are now exported to more than 105 countries.
  • Hexa Tech Instruments Private Limited  Engaged in supplying of scientific / laboratory instruments & equipments like bacteriological incubator, b.o.d. Incubator, cooling incubator, blood bank refrigerator, waterbath rectangular thermostatic etc.
  • C. J. E. X. International  Manufacturers and exporters of chemistry items.
  • medicalequipmentsindia.bangargroup  We are Importing, Exporting & Marketing full range of Surgical, Medical, Diagnostic, Scientific & Laboratory Equipments all over the world.our dedication to promote inventive, reliable, innovative, lifelong & quality products, devices and accessories, Laboratory Equipments world over to supply for medical specialists, distributors & associates, doctors, medicals, hospitals not only in India but also the rest of World.
  • Labultima  Manufacturer & supplier of laboratory spray dryer, ultrasonic spray system, syringe pump teflon absolute filter and teflon tube peristaltic pump.
  • METAL POWER ANALYTICAL (I) PVT. LTD.  Metal Power manufacture / market Analytical and Metallurgical Instruments. These include: Atomic(Optical) Emission Spectrometers; 3-in-1 Spectrometer Sample Preparation Machines; Analysers for Hydrogen content in Molten Aluminium; Laboratory Metallographic Sample Preparation Equipment, Portable NDT Metallography Kit MetKit; Portable Vickers Hardness Testers;
  • Pjex  Dealing in laboratory & industrial chemicals, electronic weighing scale, raw materials, scientific instruments, safety equipments, acids, solvents and caustic soda lye tanker.
  • NIMBUS PHARMA  Offering quality services for Distillation, Pharmaceutical Processes, Chemical Reactions, Solvent Recovery, Crystallization, Centrifugation, Hydrogenation, Hydrolysis, etc.
  • Komal Scientific Co.  Offering a wide variety of scientific instruments, scientific equipments, laboratory instruments and laboratory equipments
  • Hally Instruments  We take great pleasure to introduce overselves as a manufacturer & supplier of laboratory instruments for the needs of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, R & D Dept. or any industry, which needs quality control testing equipments.
  • Labquip (India) Private Limited  Manufacturer of all types of fume cupboards, laminar flow clean benches, chemical fansfreeze dryers and water purifications etc.
  • Sunjay Technology  Sunjay Technology is a company whose management has been providing scientific solutions to the field of research and analysis since 30 years.It has immense knowledge and experience in providing state of the art instruments and consumables for laboratory research.
  • E - Mech Enterprises (India) Pvt. Ltd.  Manufacturers of laboratory equipments & instruments, filter units, polishing equipments, cleaning systems, heat transfer wood finishes and accessories.
  • J-Sil Scientific Industries  Dealing in supply and export of scietific & laboratory glass wares such as burettes, flasks, measuring cylinders, pipettes, glass adapters, condensers, sintered wares, polypropylene & fused silica laboratory wares, thermometers / hydrometers, stands, clamps, laboratory rubber goods, funnels, bottles, beakers and test tubes.
  • Kitten Enterprises Private Limited  Manufacturer and exporter of filters, carlson filter sheets etc.
  • Medica Instrument Manufacturing Company  Manufacturer and exporter of all types of autoclaves, rotary vacuum evaporator, water and oil baths and other laboratory, vaccum pumps and pharmaceutical equipments etc.
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