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Organisations in Mumbai

Organisations directory aims to provide informative content to our online users on the various organisations operating in India. Get useful information on the many Indian private, non-profit and government organisations offering a variety of services to promote areas like healthcare, education, hospitality, women empowerment, music and dance, environment, etc. in India. The online web guide on organisations provides a listing of websites on the Indian organisations which will further provide valuable insights into the Indian organisations.
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Don Bosco Development Society  We are a group of people with many questionsabout why our adivasi, dalit and urban slum communities live in unjust situations, what they can do to change this state of affairs, and how we can enable our people to bring about this change. In our search for answers, we are constantly reinventing ourselves and entering many fields of action, depending on the needs that people in our work areas express.
Salaam Bombay Foundation  We, at Salaam Bombay Foundation, believe that children grow as their horizons grow. The broader their horizon, the greater their hope and higher their aspiration. Children can make correct informed decisions if they are given access to appropriate information and life skill tools to deal with every day situations.
The All India Plastics Manufacturers' Association.  An official website of AIPMA offering information about committees, membership, services, advertisements, seminars, events, delegation and conference.
Stree Mukti Sanghatana  The Constitution of India as well as other laws have conferred equal rights and status on women. These however have not been actualized as yet. In every field, women occupy a secondary and subsidiary place. The role of the Stree Mukti Sanghatana therefore becomes necessary to help liberate women from economic, social, political, cultural and psychological oppression.
Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad  Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad is an all India student organization, working in field of education with the wider perspective of National Re Reconstruction. ABVP works with a faith in the collective existence of the educational community, a firm belief in constructive work and a nationalist approach which stays above partisan politics
AADAR Charitale Trust  Our Charitable Trust was created by a group of ex-army personnel he were moved by the plight of the homeless elderly people and decided to do something about it.
Children Toy Foundation  A Mumbai-based non government organizasion with aims to develop a toy library for poor and deprived children.
The National Association of Disabled's Enterprises  A major portion of the able-bodied section of Society still continue to look upon "Handicapped persons" as a "useless", "unproductive and "cursed" part of Society who are suffering for their wrong deeds in their previous lives.We, at NADE, would do everything possible to change the above wrong notion of the people and convert today's Handicapped "Consumers" into "Producers" and "Contributors" of our national income.
The foundation  The Foundation came into existence in 2006 with the goal of unhesitatingly stepping in where it can,to make an effective,lasting change in discriminatory attitudes seen in our lives.It pledges to under-promise and over-deliver,making its interventions realistic,focused,intelligent,uncompromising,consistentand full of love.
Shraddha  Shraddha Charitable Trust has been rendering pioneering service to the autistic and mentally challenged young adults since its inception in a small garage owned by one of the parents of an autistic adult.Today Shraddha has grown by accommodating around 40 such special young adults. working on 2 floors,8 rooms of Mahalaxmi Municipal School Building.
LIFE Trust  We are a dynamic foundation that works in collaboration with the Government to introduce various programs at the school and pre-school level in order to improve the quality and accountability of the education system for the underprivileged children. We believe that every child should have the right to explore his talents and chase his dreams, and he can only do so if he is provided a platform for growth.
Sir dorabji tata trust  The JN Tata Endowment was set up in 1892 by the founder of the Tata group,Jamsetji N Tata,to encourage young people to take up higher studies at some of the best universities in the world. It is the first Tata benefaction in the field of education, and possibly the first of its kind in Asia.
Flying Bananas  Flying Bananas empowers people, through shared experiences of learning, discovery and laughter, to stretch boundaries, challenge assumptions and think differently. We believe that everyone has the ability to feel wonder, about the world around them and in the things they are able to accomplish.
Aangan trust  Aangan trust works closely with the local Indian government and the staff running the institutions to implement a more childfriendly and rehabilitative system of care in childrens homes.To achieve this,aangan has created a model combining a monitoring and evaluation tool.
Sir ratan tata trust  Mr Ratan Tata is the Chair of the Board. He has been the Chairman of Tata Sons, the holding company of the Tata Group, since 1991. Mr Tata received a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture with structural engineering, from Cornell University in 1962, and completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School in 1975.
Committed Communities Development Trust  Established in June 1990, CCDT is a voluntary trust registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950. Started with the vision of a single person, it works with vulnerable communities. It began in a leprosy colony in a suburb of Mumbai and catered to leprosy-affected families with services involving health and education. CCDT, as a result, started a clinic for leprosy patients under the National Leprosy Eradication Program of the Government.
Shree Chem Research Labs Private Limited  Providing all types of research and development and consultancy services for chemical industries. Specialization in high pressure reactions hydrogenation, aminations and catalytic transformations.
Sahaara Charitable Society  We, at Sahaara Charitable Society, believe it takes very little to give a lot to those who are not as privileged as we are. We provide a home to the homeless. But more importantly, we believe it is our responsibility to give hope to the hopeless. Because, to touch the lives of those around us, all that we need is a lending hand, and a heart that cares……
The Vasant J. Sheth Memorial Foundation  The Vasant J. Sheth Memorial Foundation is a registered charitable trust, dedicated to promoting education, welfare, health, conservation and publishing in maritime related areas. Founded in 1993 in memory of the Indian shipping pioneer, Vasant J. Sheth, the Foundation has funded and supported over 70 projects.
Goregaonkar  A Goregaonkar by birth, Professional in Audiology, Industrial Noise Control. Active Partiucipation in Social Events.Individuals/Businesses/Organisations Advertise with Us to Promote Your Products, Services and Brands to the ever Growing Goregaonkar Community.
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