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  • RADIOTHERAPY  Cancer has become increasingly common phenomenon these days, with advent of better diagnostics, awareness and changes in environment. The cause of cancer is multifactorial and varies from various types of cancer, for eg. smoking is associated with at least ten types of cancer the strongest and clear cut associaton being for lung cancer. Similarly, HPV virus is associated in cervical and oral cancers.
  • M.M. EyeTech Institute of Ophthalmology  With absolute eye care as our focus, the M.M. EyeTech Institute of Ophthalmology, New Delhi was established in 1990 by Dr. Madan Mohan, Padmashree, and has gathered the best technical and human resources with state-of-the-art ophthalmic equipment. Over 30 years of scientific research, academic work and clinical experience at the premier eye Institute of India has gone in its establishment.
  • Med Spa  Providing plastic surgery, aesthetic face surgery, body contouring, aesthetic breast surgery, non-surgical treatments and laser treatments.
  • Kalyan Medicare (India) Private Limited  Providing all kind of medical treatment and healtcare services for school and corporates.
  • Bapu Nature Cure Hospital & Yogashram  Providing services in naturopathic treatment, yoga, gymnasium, physiotherapy treatment and drug deaddictin cum rehabilitation centre.
  • Medi Media India Pvt. Ltd  Medi Media India Pvt. Ltd. is a publishing house that serves as a multipoint as well as multiplatform information source for the medical and dental profession in India. Using print and electronic media vehicles, the company provides accurate and comprehensive coverage of the latest developments in the field of medicine, dentistry and science that would impact every member of the medical, dental and the dental laboratory team.
  • Schizoplex  Schizoplex is an educational & interactive website for all those who are keen to find out about schizophrenia and related problems. Schizophrenia is a widespread mental illness across the world, as well as in India, but most of the people are not even aware of this. As a result, people spend a lifetime living with the problem hopelessly without getting adequate treatment.
  • Acube Health care  Acube Health care is the worlds premier and most diversified health care company. The vision of the company is to provide a single window to Hospitals in India and Abroad for their requirement for Skilled Health care Professionals and Medical Equipments or Consumables. The company is promoted by a team of Health care Professionals with more than 15 years of experience in Health care in India and Abroad.
  • SANKHWAR HOSPITAL  The Hospital can not guarantee uninterrupted access to this site, or the sites to which it links. We accept no responsibility for any liabilities arising from the use of our site. Where photographs of people appear on this site, they have given their consent for the use of the photographs for this site. The use of these photographs for any other purpose would constitute a breach of confidentiality on the part of the person using them for that other purpose.
  • Emsos Private Limited  Providing air ambulance and medical assistance services.
  • Child & Adolescent Wellbeing  Child & Adolescent Wellbeing is one of the few unique multispeciality centre in India which provides specialist health care for children, adolescents, and young people with emotional, behavioral, psychosomatic, neurodevelopmental and educational problems in a child friendly environment through a multidisciplinary team approach.
  • Indian Blood Donors  Indian Blood Donors tries to help victims patientsthose in need of blood. It is an attempt to reach out to these individuals in need of blood and connect them to those willing to donate. The approach is multipronged... Indian Blood Donors will serve as a public directory of voluntary donors The service allows those in need of blood to mention their needs which are then made visible to a wide audience A comprehensive database will help individuals locate the nearest Blood Bank It is also a myth dispeller an informative resource on blood and blood donation.
  •, an online medicine directory helps you find more information on infectious diseases, bone and joint surgery, drug interactions, clinical chemistry, medical informatics, rheumatoid arthritis, occupational and environmental, orthopedic surgery, holistic veterinary, respiratory therapy, emergency medicine physician, motion sickness, pharmacology, healthcare, bloodless medicine, nursing, symposium, emedicine, procedures and therapies, wound care, physical therapy, oncology, pediatric and more.
  • Delhi Heart And Lung Institute  Provide services such as transfusion services, cardiac surgery, cardiology, paediatric cardiology and pulmonology.
  • Park hospital  Providing services in the field of health care services with its crème-de-la-crème tertiary medical care with latest, ultramodern and sophisticated medical care.
  • is a unit of Discover Indian Holidays, is a travel company managed by a group of young & dynamic professionals from the various field of service industry like tourism, hospitality and IT with combined experience in tour operations and management for more than 25 years.
  • Akhil Systems Private Limited  Specialized in providing total health care solutions for hospitals, nursing homes and diagnostic centers etc.
  • Systopic  The name Systopic denotes Systemic and Topical therapies. Systopic is one of the most scientific companies in the Indian pharma market. The company has been providing innovative products aimed to deliver better therapeutic solutions. Our specialty focused customer base of Orthopedicians, Gastroenterologists, Gynecologists, Dermatologists, Cardiologists, Surgeons.
  • Cardiopulse Heart Care  Since 2005 CHC is involved in providing non-invasive cardiac solutions in India, CHC is specialized in External Counterpulsation (ECP) and been actively involved in preventive Cardiology, Cardiac Rehabilitation and treating cardiac patients in association with various heart institutes of the country.
  • FutureNet Technologies  FutureNet Technologies, has launched to focus exclusively on the needs of the Indian Hospitality Industry. was founded to improve the way people conduct business in the Hospitality Industry. The site serves as an online portal, aggregating buyers and sellers from all over India & overseas and enables them to efficiently buy and sell products. The site was launched to help the largest service sector of the economy communicate amongst itself, exchange ideas and experience and thus achieve international operating standards of efficiency and excellence. Our biggest objective is to be an indispensable source of industry related news, events and technological breakthroughs, and a respected forum for path breaking ideas and exchange of views.
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