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  •  Offering services of astrology, numerology, horoscopes, astrologer service, celebrity astrologers, numerologists, astrotalk, astro matrimony, astro date and astro magic.
  • Angrish Astro  Astrology is a guiding light to make our existence on this earth easy, happy and blissful. We want everything, but what we can have in this lifetime, based on our previous karma is very important information that can be gained through astrology. This information when revealed can save us from unnecessary struggle and burdens in our lives. We can have better choices and by making the best use of our given capabilities we can have better results.
  • Institute of Palmistry  Providing astrological services such as hand reading, hand analysis, palmistry including palmistry books.
  • Astro Point  A complete portal for vedic & indian astrology consultancy and also providing astrological services like astrological reports and predictions.
  • R. I. T. International  Providing astrology services, meditation services, yoga services, ayurvedic treatment etc.
  • The Himalayan Ashram Of Vedic Astrologers  Offers astrology & yoga books, palmistry books and also provides astrological services including horoscope matching, birth chart formation and astrological solution & remedial actions.
  • Palmist Indian  To know fate is also fate we are destined to meet . I have been studying palmistry from past 25 years. I specialise only in palmistry but do take help from astrology & numerology to be more precise . I give paid consultation on Indiatimes website a section is solely dedicated to mystical science, by the name of
  • Pragya Vilas  Offering astrological consultancy services related with career and education, health, life, child birth, physical health, horoscope, match making and personal relationships.
  • Astromatics Publication  Offering astrological horoscope services, jodiac predictions services, astrological prediction services, vedic astrology and vastu consultation.
  • Turning Point Studies Consultants Private Limited  Providing all types of personalised consultancy services and overseas education consultancy services for whole world.
  • Vedang Astro  Providing services of astrology service, numerology service, horoscope analysis service, transit forecast service, improving signatures service, gem recommendation and horoscope matching service.
  • Leo Palm  Leo Palm, The Best Astrological Software, for Windows Mobile Devices is developed by Future Point P Ltd. who are in the field of astrology since 1985 and is based on Hindu & Vedic Astrology. New dimensions were added to Astrology by Future Point by introducing modern techniques of mathematics and computers.
  • Astro Vastu India  Aagam Jyotish Kendra is a team of Vedic Astrologers with in-depth learning passed on to us over the ages from our forefathers and seers. The Rishi's and Mahatma’s have kept the knowledge alive by passing it on in an intuitive way to the deserving. Vast knowledge and Gold Medalist of Vedic Astrology, Vedic scriptures and rituals put a lot of quality into the products and services offered.
  • Accurate Astrologers  Offering astrology services such as life prediction, birth prediction, career prediction, weekly & monthly horoscope predictions and match making.
  • Jyotish Darbar  Jyotish Darbar is the combined wisdom of Vedic astrologer knowledge and principals where our mission is to forecast the future to the people to the best of our capability. At Jyotish Darbar we have a team of Indias leading Vedic astrologers who uses the most ancient Vedic techniques to help the people with their problems.
  •  Providing web based courses on vedic astrology, palmistry, numerology & vastu shastra and also providing online consultation services.
  • Astro Plus  Mr Sanjeev Anand is a lifetime member of Institute of Astrology and Occultism (Futurepoint), New Delhi and featured in their prominent astrologers directory of 90’s. He has participated in various seminars and workshop of astrology. Astroplus, was created in the year 1997 to help people discover happiness and success in their ventures. He is an expert in vastu shastra and gives consultation for construction.
  • Bharati Singh Astrologer  Welcome to the wonderful site of astrology. Developed as an accurate science of studying planetary positions and their effects on human lives by the people of wisdom and knowledge in ancient India, vedic astrology predictions is still wrapped in myth, making most of us believe that it is all about fortune telling and offering ready made solutions to the problems we all face in the journey of our lives.
  •  Provide services such as computerized vedic astrology horoscope and consultations with astrologers on various aspects of life.
  • Ajay Chandras Vedic Astrology & Horoscopes  This indian vedic hindu astrology offers you the best 2010 vedic astrology predictions and vedic horoscopes predictions composed by Astrologer Ajay Chandras. The lists of astrology predictions are exhaustive and they cover everything from career astrology predictions, love astrology predictions to your health astrology predictions.
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