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    Organisations directory aims to provide informative content to our online users on the various organisations operating in India. Get useful information on the many Indian private, non-profit and government organisations offering a variety of services to promote areas like healthcare, education, hospitality, women empowerment, music and dance, environment, etc. in India. The online web guide on organisations provides a listing of websites on the Indian organisations which will further provide valuable insights into the Indian organisations.
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  • RAY WELFARE TRUST  The trust was formed in the year 1999 with the sole objectives to take up the development activities / Awareness Programs in urban / rural areas. Trust gave emphasis to work in rural / urban areas for the benefit of the target community. Ray Welfare Trust is working from the last 10 years in rural Livelihood, health, education & environment having a presence in three states viz. Delhi, Haryana, U.P. of India.
  • Samadhan India  Poverty brings together a heterogeneous mix of families surviving on daily wages and caught in the vicious cycle of lack of education, unemployment, malnutrition and consequent ill health. This situation coupled with paucity of services, are the main contributors to a disproportionately large number of intellectually disabled persons in low-income communities.
  • Kayastha  Kayastha is not a caste but a culture. It is a large family, descendents of Adi Purush Shri Chitragupta ji, who had originated from the body (Kaya) of Shri Brahma for making a balance amongst the existing castes by keeping their record of the deeds, good and evil of the mankind and administer justice. The history reveals that the descendents of Chitragupta ji have continued to keep the same tradition of creating a balance by doing deeds, which lead to complete welfare of the mankind.
  • EARTH MATTER FOUNDATION  Keeping yourself informed about the peril of Indias wildlife is a great place to start to make a difference - but to make a real impact - create awareness in your community and demand changes be made in India and internationally. There are numerous things you can do to increase the level of awareness.
  • Manlibnet  MANLIBNET was born in the year 2000 and was registered as a Society under Societies Regulation Act of 1860. The primary objective of MANLIBNET is to provide a common forum to the professionals; and to develop understanding and co-operation particularly among management and business libraries and the librarians.
  • PAHAL  PAHAL is a Nationallevel organization registered under societys registration act of 1860. Pahal is working in Delhi, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh to create awareness about the importance es since 2003. We are partner withof Education, Health and Social Issu various Sate and. National Forums working for the Education of Children like, Alliance for people Rights APR , National Alliance for Fundamental Right to Education NAFRE and Lok Adhikar Manch.
  • Swanchetan Society for Mental Health  Swanchetan is a non-profit, secular and apolitical organization that provides emotional support to survivors of violence, abuse and trauma. We strive to support the survivors at all stages of trauma and continue to support till they are able to take charge of their lives. Swanchetan stands for the dignity and rights of all survivors to find their voice and express their pain, anguish and suffering caused by the perpetrators whether they are individual or state sponsored.
  • M.C. Mehta Environmental Foundation  MCMEF is a non-profit, non-governmental committed organization working nationwide for the protection of the environment, the rights of the people to clean and fresh water and air, the promotion of sustainable development, and the protection of the cultural heritage of India. We believe that if, all of us unite and take proper care in protection and conservation of the limited natural resources, we can give our children a better tomorrow.
  • Liberal Youth Forum LYF  College campuses are the natural environment for youth to start making a real difference. We are geared to make 2009 a big success with our Campus Pulse Project. With the longer term objective of having young liberals in the Parliament, this initiative aims to provide a platform for liberal youth activists to undertake governance projects on their campuses. Through an open application
  • Smile India  TELL ME AND I FORGET, SHOW ME AND I REMEMBER, INVOLVE ME AND I LEARN The essence of Smile India lies in the hearts of individuals who believe in the future of healthy oral generations. Smile India is all about giving to the society. SERVE A SMILE Smile India strives to make available the latest dental care at affordable or minimal cost to the under privileged masses.
  • ORUPA ORRISSA RURAL AND URBAN PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION  Orissa Rural and Urban Producers Association ORUPA is a voluntary effort towards encouraging and helping the handicraft and handloom artisans of Orissa to keep the traditional art forms alive.Launched on 26th January 1990, ORUPA was born from the expressed need of artisans themselves to have a marketing federation of their own.
  • Shri Banarsidas Chandiwala Sewa Smarak Trust Society  Shri Banarsidas Chandiwala Sewa Smarak Trust Society was established in 1952 by Shri Brijkrishn Chandiwala in the memory of his father Shri Banarsidas Chandiwala. Shri Brijkrishn Chandiwala was a freedom fighter and a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi. After independence, he was the Founder Member of Bharat Sewak Samaj & Sadachar Samiti. He was honoured with a PADAMSHRI for his devotion and services to various social service organisations.
  • Satguru Darshan Dham  Mahraz Charwinda Das Teer Tarakkari Ji the Founder and Chief of Satguru Darshan Dham Blood should not be shed in the name of caste, creed or religion. Religion took different forms with the passage of time. Different religious scriptures like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagwad Geeta, Bible, and Quran.
  • Indian Heritage Cities Network  The UNESCO-led Indian Heritage Cities Network provides a platform for sharing experience and expertise for the sustainable socioeconomic and cultural development of Indias historic cities. The Network was founded in September 2006 at an international conference held in Jaipur, with the endorsement of the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India.
  • Wada Na Todo Abhiyan  Wada Na Todo Abhiyan emerged from the consensus among human rights activists and social action groups who were part of the World Social Forum 2004 (Mumbai) on the need for a forceful, focused and concerted effort to make a difference to the fact that one-fourth of the world's poor live in India, and continue to experience intense deprivation from opportunities to learn, live and work in dignity.
  • Indian Society For Training & Development  The Indian Society for Training & Development ISTD, established in April 1970, is a national level professional & non-profit society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. It has a large membership of individuals and institutions involved in the area of training and HRD from Government, Public and Private Sector Organisations & Enterprises; Educational and Training Institutions and other Professional Bodies.
  • Nizamia Charitable Trust  Nizamia Charitable Trust based in Delhi has been working in the most backward districts of north India for the cause. The trust owes to the great Islamic scholar 12th A.D Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia R.A. who preached Islam and the basic principles of universal love and brotherhood. It remains apolitical and non-governmental organization in action since its registration in 1983. It renders service for the society without any bias towards class, color, community or religion.
  • INDIA-CIS  The INDIACIS Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established by late Shri Manubhai Shah in 1986. With his vast experience in the field of commerce and his long association with the Soviet Union, he sensed the need for an organization to bring together businessmen from India and the newly independent States of the erstwhile USSR. The objective of the Chamber is to assist in promoting trade and economic cooperation between India and CIS countries with the participation of all Industrial Houses and Trading Companies of India through trade fairs, exhibitions, seminars, symposia, lectures, campaigns and exchange of business delegations.
  • Growindia  Growindia is a non for profit organization, which aims to create work opportunities and internships for Americans in Indias social development sector. One of our goals is to balance the skills, interest and needs of the American intern with the requirements and opportunities in the host Indian organization and its available projects.
  • Mr. Rajendra Kumar Mathur  ADITI was established in 1987 for protecting interest of various company involved in dental trade, till date it remain our main objective and currently it is only recognized body representing more than 250 members, active in dental trade. Dental Trade in India continues to have majority players coming from family owned company either in form of Proprietorship, Partnership or Private Limited.
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