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    Organisations directory aims to provide informative content to our online users on the various organisations operating in India. Get useful information on the many Indian private, non-profit and government organisations offering a variety of services to promote areas like healthcare, education, hospitality, women empowerment, music and dance, environment, etc. in India. The online web guide on organisations provides a listing of websites on the Indian organisations which will further provide valuable insights into the Indian organisations.
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  • The India Sponsor Foundation  The India Sponsor Foundation mandate is to work on the rights and empowerment of women and children through education. We believe that education is not just a basic right but the most powerful catalyst for economic growth and social transformation.We are also convinced that education for the poorer sections.
  • Talking About Reproductive And Sexual Health Issues  TARSHI is a registered NGO based in New Delhi, India. It was founded in 1996. It works towards expanding sexual and reproductive choices in people’s lives in an effort to enable them to enjoy lives of dignity, freedom from fear, infection and reproductive and sexual health problems.
  • H 2 O Solutions  We, at H2O Solutions, believe that the success of an organization is based on the foundation of outstanding quality, excellent customer service and innovation. We have focused our expertise on the designing and engineering of fresh water and waste water treatment plants that are of premium quality. Our mission is to produce premium quality products such as Water Filtration Plant and Water Softening Plant for the benefit of our clients. The reverse osmosis water treatment equipment contains complete water purification system, softener water filter, water purifier and replacement filtration unit for home, commercial and industrial uses. Our mission is to improve the quality of our products and come out with better quality products to maximize our clients' satisfaction.
  • Programme on Womens Economic, Social and Cultural Rights  Programme on Womens Economic, Social and Cultural Rights PWESCR is an international initiative in the area of gender and economic, social and cultural rights. PWESCR works to promote womens human rights, especially in the context of economic, social and cultural rights by bringing a gender framework to policy, law and practice at local, national, regional and international levels through ever-evolving strategies and activities in both conceptual and practical realms.
  • Muslim NGOs  Muslim NGOs is a dream project of Centre For Advancement of Voluntary Efforts, which is providing consultancy services to ngos, trusts, societies, cooperative societies, schools, colleges, universities, firms and companies etc.We aim to build a powerful network of ngos throughout India to work for social concerns.
  • Sri Aurobindo Ashram  The Mother had once called the Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry a veritable laboratory to work out the future society. Its counterpart in the capital of India , the Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch, can best be understood as an extension of the centre of sadhana at Pondicherry . What is being done in this spiritual endeavour is the overcoming of the ascetic phase of the Indian tradition, which in a lopsided way equated spirituality with outer renunciation. In the Vedic times, integral life, prosperity, equality of sexes and a life-affirming attitude were cultivated by spiritual seekers. This integral approach was lost in later epochs when Mayavada (Illusionism) prevailed
  • Jamiat-Ulama-i-Hind  Jamiat-Ulama-i-Hind, though formally launched in 1919, was inheritor of a rich legacy dating back to early 18th century when Shah Waliullah of Delhi led a revolution to change the whole system by drawing attention of people to the depredations of European imperialism, degeneration and corruption among oriental rulers.
  • Satguru Darshan Dham  Mahraz Charwinda Das Teer Tarakkari Ji the Founder and Chief of Satguru Darshan Dham Blood should not be shed in the name of caste, creed or religion. Religion took different forms with the passage of time. Different religious scriptures like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagwad Geeta, Bible, and Quran.
  • Gandhi Aashram  GANDHI ASHRAM RECONSTRUCTION TRUST, led by veteran andhian, Nirmala Deshpande (Didi), is a unique experiment in reviving the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi and help in reconstructing Gandhian institutions to be elf sustaining with the larger view of preserving the ideals of the Mahatma.
  • Creative Uttarakhand  We are a registered non profitable association; amass of next generation youngsters from various institutes, universities and a range of professional organizations. This theth pahari domain is being expanded all over the world, loop of non resident Uttarakhandis from various countries like US, Singapore, Germany, UK, France, Russia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Dubai, Kenya, india and Japan are been actively associated as core members.
  • Galli Galli Sim Sim  Research indicates that educational inputs early in a childs life have a direct and profound bearing on the childs educational, social and life outcomes, and benefit society at large as a result. The first six years of a childs life are globally acknowledged as the most critical years for lifelong development.
  • Inclusion and Social Harmony With Attitude Reconstruction  A humanistic philosophy which recognises that though all individuals are different, they need the same opportunities and equal spaces in society. It is a move towards developing a more mature society, community and nation. With our legacy of tolerance and diversity, our strengths must lie in Social Harmony.
  • IRIS Publication Pvt. Ltd.  Our Profile IPP Ltd. undertakes a gamut of responsibilities and turnkey projects in English and Hindi along with its sister organisation, LIGHTS, a non-profit research and analysis factory. The range extends from conduction field surveys, research and analysis to presenting international quality books that can even be dispatched to the requisite destinations.
  • Akhil Bhartiya Brahmin Maha Sabha  The Akhil Bhartiya Brahmin Maha Sabha, was initiated before the ABBMS was born and subsequently , in the year 1941. The main objective is very clearly defined to protect , motivate and develop the age old vedic traditions which is a part of our daily routine. Even in the present day of highly materialistic world, to be in the forefront of the society, it is not only the proficiency in skill sets that takes you up the ladder but it is the sustenance that is important.
  • Wefor animals  This website has been created and is being maintained by a family of animal lovers. Different organizations focus on different aspects of animal welfare. Some of them profess vegetarianism and create public awareness for being kind to the animals. Some others are engaged in establishment of rescue homes, animal shelters
  • All India Achievers Foundation  All India Achievers Foundation (AIAF) is a non-profit voluntary organization registered under the societies registration Act of 1860. Aimed at contributing to the economic groth and socail development of the country , AIAF has been co-ordinating the sinceere efforts of individuals as well as institutions and organizations to take the indian nation to newer heights with each passing day.
  • Mouth Piece for Agenda-Based Network of Cultural Harmony  Office of the organization is well furnished with all necessary requirements like telephones, multimedia computers with internet facility, printers, photocopier, inverter and other office furniture. This was possible because of the dedicated, sincere and hard working staff of the organization.
  • Agewell Foundation  Agewell Foundation has been working for the empowerment & welfare of Older Persons since its inception. Presently Agewell Foundation has a network of over 1500 NGOs/VOs, over 6500 volunteers and 70000 sub-volunteers spread across 540 districts of India. Agewell interacts with over 25000 older persons and other concerned people on daily basis through its nationwide network of volunteers.
  • THE LIVER CARE FOUNDATION  Our Mission is to advocate and generate public awareness about liver health, through information, education and communication. We commit to assist those living with a liver disease. Striving continuously, we aim to bridge the global gap in the field of academics and research relating to the liver and liver diseases.
  • Freedom Trust  FreedomTrust is one such organization dedicated towards the upliftment of weaker sections of society and building a new India. Their dream is to see a united India, socially, economically and morally developed country which treats every one with dignity and respect. One family working towards this dream is the Singhs. Mrs. Alka Singh and Sardar Arvindar Singh.
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