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  • Samarth Bharat  An social organization working for the development of country providing articles on current affairs, political structure, BJP & RSS, judiciary, governance, constitution, education, society & life, indian talent and offbeat thoughts.
  • Parsiana  Parsiana is the international Zoroastrian communitys leading semimonthly magazine 24 issues a year. Covering a wide range of community related topics from politics to religion and art to business. Parsiana focuses on the development and achievements of Zoroastrians in all fields of endeavour.
  • Committee for Information and Initiative on Punjab  The Committee for Coordination on Disappearances in Punjab (CCDP) came into existence on 9 November 1997 with the following agenda:The Committee for Information and Initiative on Punjab (CIIP) traces its origins to Delhi's anti-Sikh pogroms during November 1984, in the wake of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's assassination. The pogroms were orchestrated by politicians and silently condoned by the security forces. Most members of CIIP were involved in the rescue and relief efforts
  • The Week  Provide information about politics, business, art, culture, current events, entertainment and sports.
  • The DayAfter  An international illustrated news magazine.
  • Outlook India  Provide information including national, international, business, politics, sports and entertainment.
  • Sandarbh Society  Our specific target is school teachers and students at high school level. This magazine is not so popular at publishing science based articles in Marathi language, but it is a magazine aimed at helping people to understand and appreciate science. This is a well established and respected in Pune. It is published and distributed, which is a registered public trust and a sister-organization of Palakneeti Pariwar.
  • Vote2change  Avinash Narula does not have a political party. He believes that the governance in our country is practically nonexistent. The government just works for the politicians, the rich and the criminal element. He strongly believes that shouting from outside is of no use because nobody is listening. We need to get inside if we want to make the Citizen of this country king
  • Gfiles Inside  Country's first independent magazine written, designed and produced for India's civil services—the vast and formidable network of bureaucracies and public sector organisations that provides continuity and stability to this nation's governance.
  • The Voice of Millions  A weekly news magzine providing news including states, national, international, entertainment and sports.
  • Hard News  Providing news about national politics, international politics, economy, crime media and elections from India.
  • Vikatan  A tamil news magazine covering daily news, cinema, entertainment and politics happenings.
  • Iqra Times  IQRA TIMES is a monthly alternative news magazine covering Politics, Health breakthroughs, Future science and Technology, Crime and Investigations, Suppressed News, Free energy, Religious Revisionism, Conspiracy, The Environment, History and Ancient Mysteries, The Mind, UFOs, Paranormal and the Unexplained.
  • Ford Foundation  The Ford Foundation is a resource for innovative people and institutions worldwide. Its goals are to strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international cooperation and advance human achievement. This has been its purpose for more than half a century.
  • The India Today Group  Offering information about India Today Group's magazines like India Today, Business Today, Aaj Tak, Headlines Today, Music Today and Care Today, etc.
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