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  • GRAMPUS LABORATORIES  The company Grampus Laboratories was established in the year 1994 and has not looked back since then. We are acknowledged as a renowned manufacturer of world class pharmaceutical formulations for all types of ailments and diseases.
  • Crishna Lifecare  Focusing on providing highly effective pharmaceutical products for health care, Crishna Lifecare came into existence in the year 2008. We are a flagship company of "Excel Health Care Pvt. Ltd.", which is known for its business interest in Healthcare, Communications, Education, and Infrastructure.
  • USAN PHARMACEUTICALS PVT. LTD.  Medical industries have stormed the huge industrial arena with booming success. The industry that aims to revive, restore and replenish human lives is one of the most respected ones worldwide. Today, when technology has touched enormous heights, how can medical science linger behind? Usan Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1952 to lay new milestones with pharmaceutical medicines in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Asha Foundation  A foundation for the help of stray animals and birds. Animal Helpline is the institution serving since 3 years. It is now amongst the helpline where a common man calls, when he sees a stray animal or bird injured or sick. This institution is mainly for the ownerless i.e. stray animals and birds who when injured have nobody to nurse.
  • Kamud Drugs Pvt. Ltd.  Manufactures of bulk actives, tramadol, ketamine, probenecid, timolol, cinnarizine, diphenydramine, zopiclone, nitrazepam, valethamate and benzhydrol.
  • AQVET BUSINESS DIVISON  Engaged in the suppliers of veterinary medicine, aqua and poultry product.
  • Dosch  Manufacturer and wholesale exporters of veterinary pharmaceuticals & also dealing in bulk drugs and formulations.
  • Natureway  Natureway Mission has been established in 16th Feb, 2002 belonging to two reputed families of ABOHAR (Punjab) Arora & Nagpal families. Natureway is one of the the best business entities where ethics and moral have found their true meaning. Presently, Natureway in 22 states with more than 5000 canteens, approximate 550 products &the company has a base of more than 5 lacs satisfied customers across the country.
  • NATURE & TIME FORMULATIONS  NATURE & TIME FORMULATIONS came in to existence with a vision to provide world class pharmaceutical, Cosmaceutical and Nutraceutical formulations, and this vision, hard work, sincerity and dedication of Mr. S.K. Agrawal (founnder) have set the stage for NATURE & TIME FORMULATIONS to enter in to international arena.
  • Goel Vet Pharma  Manufacturing and exporting animal health products and homoeopathic veterinary products.
  • WHITE PHARMACEUTICALS  Catering the diversified need of the customers by offering quality range of products, we, White Pharmaceuticals started our business operation in the year 1999. We are a renowned Manufacturer, Exporter & Trader of Cancer, Kidney, Life Saving Medicines like Geftinat, Veenat, Temonat, Bortenat, Docenat, Lenalid, Pemnat etc.
  • Vspca  Vadodara Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (VSPCA)has been working for sick, injured and neglected cows and other animals. In today's context, along with service to humanity, service to animals is much needed, because protection of animals is a unique feature of our socio-economic life.
  • Oriental Corporation  Dealing in supply and export of bulk veterinary drugs, veterinary medicines, human medicines, veterinary instruments, anesthesia needles, biopsy needles, ophthalmic needles, surgical instruments & equipments and hospital equipments.
  • BIOSTRUM NUTRITECH PVT. LTD.  Colostrum milk is the gift of immunity and perhaps the most important food that a newborn can receive from his mother. It helps a baby to fight several infections, thus, strengthening the baby's immunity. In certain cases when the mother does not lactate owing to certain medical reasons resulting in the absence of immunological defence in the child, B-colostrum, an oral immunoglobulin comes into play.
  • ALLIED CHEMICALS & PHARMACEUTICALS (P) LTD.  Backed by the expertise of diligent professionals, ALLIED CHEMICALS & PHARMACEUTICLAS (P). LTD. is persistently engaged in offering an assortment of Pharmaceutical Products that are at par with the International quality standard.
  • Nikunj Chemical Limited  Nikunj Chemical Limited is located at Baroda in the state of Gujarat, India. It is one of India's largest supplier of Azodicarbonamide (AC Blowing Agent), Chlorinated Paraffins, Hydrochloric Acid, Castor Oil & its derivatives. We also Supply Specialty Fine Chemicals, Pharma Intermediates and Veterinary Chemicals.
  • GOLDEN STREAK DRUGS AND PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.  Golden Streak Laboratories Limited, a WHO-GMP certified company, is a subsidiary of Golden Streak Group of Companies. Our company was established with a mission to provide quality veterinary, pharmaceutical and other related products for a better life of human beings and animals.
  • The Indian Society for Veterinary Medicine  An official organ of the ISVM providing indian journal of veterinary medicine.
  • PETVACATIONS.IN  Pet Vacations offers IATA specified Pet Cages and Crates, of different sizes, suitable for both pet cats and dogs. All the cages are suitable for both domestic and international air travel. Pet cages are available for Rent in Mumbai - ex-Mumbai. Cages for purchase can be supplied all over India.
  • ATNT Laboratories  ATNT Laboratories is a n ISO 9001:2000 Certified life sciences company dedicated to providing a range ofproducts that support innovative research in Obesity & Dibetology, hematology, immunology, cancer research, developmental biology, Animal Diagnostics and many other areas of life science research. It specialized products are available for a wide range of research applications, and are complemented by a diverse array of cytokines, antibodies.
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