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  • Indiaforensic  Provides articles & resources on forensic accounting, & on prevention, detection and investigation of fraud.
  • Securonix  Securonix provides innovative enterprise security management software solutions. We provide the industry’s first intelligent and adaptive Event Analytic and Behavior Based Anomaly Detection solution. We believe that our success depends on how we conduct ourselves in our ecosystem.
  • Web Kranti  Web Kranti is a leading provider of website security services. We also provides Forensic Science Services including Court Expert Opinions, Case Reports, Handwriting Examinations, Signature Verifications, Private Crime Investigations, Fingerprint Verification, Cyber Crime Investigation and Prevention etc.
  • Rovers Detective Agency  gnoring the integrity of employees at management level could prove costly for any large company. Any employee in a significant position within the company has the potential to cause severe damage if access can be gained to databases and confidential information. Your company security is only as strong as the weakest link.
  • WebDefenders  WebDefenders are into consulting for cyber security, cyber crime investigations, cyber law consulting, forensics, R & D, cyber training, web hosting, domain registrations and web solutions. WebDefenders offers a rich and versatile collection of services to cater to the needs of corporations all over.
  • Corporate Intelligence Services  Corporate Intelligence Services is being managed, owned and run by the most renowned and experienced detective Mr. Rajesh Pandey. The detective world has fewer Man detectives and particularly in India and among them Rajesh Pandey has been on the leading front.
  • Medi Probe Services  Medi Probe Services is a subsidiary of Medi Art Concepts Group which provides services of Investigation and fact-finding of Insurance Claims. At Medi Probe Services, we use many investigation tactics to help insurance companies reduce their exposure to deceitful acts of the claimants. We believe in quality and performance and are proud to have the highest ratio of fraud detection and denial of claims with relevant documentary evidence which has been a key of our success.
  • IFS INDIA  IFS INDIA is registered with Govt. of India, We provides various science services including- Expert Opinions Under Section 45 of Indian Evidence Act on Questioned Document & Handwriting Analysis, Signature Frauds and Forgery, Fingerprints, Forged Documents, Paper/Document Age Analysis, Cross Examination
  • Santosh Raut Investigative services  Mr. Santosh Raut is a Forensic Expert, Forensic Scientist and Investigator. We provide various Forensic Science related services including Investigation of Crime, Forensic Science Certification, Forensic Publication, Forensic Research etc. We provide Cyber Forensic Services, Handwriting Verification, Fingerprint Lifting, Fingerprint Verification, etc.
  • Wytewater Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  Wytewater Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Total Water Management by water conservation and recycling rather than a piece–meal approach to water and wasterwater related problems.An integral aspect of design, treatability studies form a key to a viable recycling or treatment plant.
  • Perfect Protection (India) Private Limited  Providing services like private detectiv services, security consultants and event security solutions.
  • Focus Detective Agency Private Limited  Manufacturer of all types of pre-marital investigations, post-marital investigations and background checks etc.
  • Institute Of Graphology & Personal Success  Providing all types of teaching institute graphology, handwriting verification and logo designing services as per graphology subconcious science etc.
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