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  • SHRI SARASWATI JYOTISH RESEARCH CENTRE  Astro Kapoor is a renowned astrologer belongs to Himachal Pradesh. He is practicing this divine science for the last thirty-six years. Though he is a Gold Medalist in homeopathy, yet he preferred to choose Astrology. He has established a research centre Shri Saraswati Jyotish Research Centre and has gained wide recognition as the originator. He is well-known for his accurate predictions. Under him there are many students who are learning this science.
  •  Ashvanth Shanker born in tradition filled middle class family in Nellai district of Tamilnadu, Shanker had spent more than two decades of his lifetime in researching various cults and practices. will guide you all to lead a happy and peaceful life.
  • Astro Fortune Healer  Providing all types of services of vedic astrology gemstones services, gemstone astrology services, vedic astrology services and gemstone consultancy services.
  • Bhavishya Darshan  We at Bhavishya Darshan strive to use the most scientific tools of Vedic Astrology & Cuspal Interlinks Theory (developed by Shri S.P. Khullar) to solve the complexities of life by analysing various aspects of individual's life under the influence of celestial bodies. We provide Astrological services using the most researched and proven tools of Vedic Astrology & Cuspal Interlinks Theory giving absolutely precise, accurate and specific predictions.
  • Vidyarambham Publishers  Vidyarambham Publishers is a eminent publishing house with more than eighty years of brilliant heritage. He has served in many committees related to printing and publishing. The promotion of books is largely done by releasing regular advertisements through leading newspapers and periodicals. The books are marketed out through all leading bookshops across the state apart from our own bookshops.
  • OLIMUTHU VAASTHU SCIENCE SOLUTIONS  Vasthu science technically correct the Without demolishing your house, office premises, factory even with out making a small crack in your floors, in our best consultant solutions.
  • Astrogyan  Upon getting divine blessings and inspiration from the most pious shrine Devisharnam and vital encouragement from the knowledge of Indian astrology, the company AKS Infotech and its web site came into being-the vision being to serve one and all to find solution of difficulties and problems related to their lives.
  • Sri Ram Jyotish Sansthan  Sri Ram Jyotish Sansthan is offering astrological consultations to people for the past 33 years and in this period has studied and gone through thousands of Horoscopes. His passion for Astrology leads him in to studying various astrological books, studying many charts over that period. Most of his clients are satisfied NRIs and foreigners around the globe, but he also has a faithful and loyal following in India also.
  • Problems Had Solutions  Provides astrological and remedial solutions related to marriage, birth, education, career and business, court cases, depression, videsh yatra, love etc also provides marriage bureaus services with horoscope matching.
  • Gnomon Astrotech Pvt.Ltd  Gnomon Astrotech is the largest multi-channel brand of quality optics for amateur astronomers and outdoor enthusiasts in India. Established in 2004, weve built our reputation on providing high-quality products backed by a 100atisfaction guarantee, competitive prices, and the best customer service and support in the industry.
  • Palmistry Lab  Providing dimensional analysis technique, marriage synastry, holographic solutions,naming of a new born, electro magnetic field, psychological assessment.
  • Palmist Indian  To know fate is also fate we are destined to meet . I have been studying palmistry from past 25 years. I specialise only in palmistry but do take help from astrology & numerology to be more precise . I give paid consultation on Indiatimes website a section is solely dedicated to mystical science, by the name of
  • Barathiya Jyotish  AstrologyPlus is a spiritual and religious non-profit organization dedicated to provide Astrological solution through Indian Astrology and supplying holy and religious items worldwide for use in Pooja, Healing and Self empowerment. These holy items are properly blessed and Energized by Pt. Narayana Sharma, a well known astrologer and expert in Mantra and Yantra from north India.
  • Astro Remedy  Hidden in the distinct and quaint locality of Behala, Kolkata, resides Dulal Bhattacharryya a renowned astrologer and healer. He has been awarded several awards by the Indian Astorlogy Association. In the day and age of training and education, Dulals expertise is an innate talent. Never to be one that self promotes his services, he provides his services to people with sincereity and integrity.
  • Parashara Software Pvt. Ltd.  Providing astrology consultancy, life time report, education report, career guidance, marriage consultancy, child birth report and gem recommendation.
  • Parashara Software Pvt. Ltd.  Offering astrology software in english, hindi, gujarati, marathi, bengali, kannada, tamil and telugu languages.
  • Dusmahavidyas  We have group of most powerful leading spritual guru and tantrik to perform all types of tantrik activities, We also perform all types of spirtual activities like homam,yagnas and fire rituals, various types of anusthan. We have specialised in making all types of kavach/amulet.
  • Guru Nanak Manufacturing Co.  Manufacturer of all kind of door hardwares, hydraulic door closer, door fittings, door locks etc.
  • Vastru Kruti  For this, our team of experts visits various cities and areas lying in proximity to them and propagates and educates the real view to the people. We are participating in various conferences, seminars, and workshops with out motto to make aware the people about Vastu science and have been honoured by many esteemed organizations.
  • Astro Jyoti  Offering astrology courses, free horoscope, personal forecast & online shopping of rudrakshas, saligramas, shankha and also also providing online booking for pooja.
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