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  • Centre For Evolutionary Growth  Providing astrology, matching horoscope and predictions.
  • Astro Lal Kitab  Lal Kitab’s main aim is to provide cheap and infalliable remedies which are with in the reach of common man. There is a lot of importance of birds, animals, trees, relatives and colours. We can see scientific importance of colours too for exp: White shows Peace and also it is related to Planet Moon. Moon means mother’s Lap and flowing water which in other words means like.
  • Astro Numerologist  Providing numerology services, horoscope, match making, lucky numbers, education & career, certified natural gem and semi precious stones.
  • Astral Astro Psycho Centre  Providing vastu, gemology, horoscope, astrology services.
  • Our Subhakaryam  Astrology is one of the greatest gifts given to the entire human race by the God. Every one can get benefits from this subject irrespective of their religion. But now , no teenager even an adult doesnt know what is panchangam, vaastu, subha muhurthams etc. We should protect this great subject by educating the new generation. Thats why we started this web site.
  • Astrologer Saroja Ramann  Providing astrology service, numerology service and vaasthu service.
  • Bharati Singh Astrologer  Welcome to the wonderful site of astrology. Developed as an accurate science of studying planetary positions and their effects on human lives by the people of wisdom and knowledge in ancient India, vedic astrology predictions is still wrapped in myth, making most of us believe that it is all about fortune telling and offering ready made solutions to the problems we all face in the journey of our lives.
  • Sankalp Vedic Jyotish Kendra  It is an honour for me to being a native of PRAYAG Allahabad -the holy and historical city of U.P. where 3 rivers GANGA , YAMUNA AND SARASWATI meet SANGAM also called TRIVENI world famous for KUMBH.With revived interest along with in-depth research and modern technological support, this science has entered the mainstream of our life.
  • Astro Fortune Healer  Providing all types of services of vedic astrology gemstones services, gemstone astrology services, vedic astrology services and gemstone consultancy services.
  • Divine Astrology Services  Offering astrology services, horoscope, match making horoscope, yantra, feng shui including marriage counseling, career predictions, financial predictions, new born baby horoscopes, crystal products, parad products, fengshui products and rudraksh.
  • Nisha Tarot Reader  Providing tarot reading and numerology services.
  • LAL KITAB  Lal Kitab is a remarkable branch of Vedic astrology. Collection of the 5 books, written during the period of 1939-1952 is called Lal Kitab. Written in ancient Urdu language, first time in the history of astrology, Lal Kitab introduced a new style of horoscope analysis with quick and affordable remedies. Authorship of the books seems to be disputed.
  • Sachin Arora Associates  Providing all types of vastu consultancy, landscape consultancy, interior designing and architecture services.
  • Naveen's Infosite  providing information about my city Mysore, vedic hindu astrology, amateur radio and many more topics.
  • Astro Vastu India  Providing all types of horoscope forecast services, match making services, business management services, legal services, carreer counseling services and property dealing services.
  • Raajayogam Matrimonial  India’s premier matrimonial service portal. We offer a one stop platform for online matchmaking that allows prospective Indian brides and Indian grooms to meet and communicate regarding matrimony. We utilize the most advanced search technology available for our matrimonial service. Registration is free for our matrimonial service.
  • Coimbatore Information  Providing all kinds of matrimonial services, real estate services, astrology services, hotel booking services, marriage halls booking services, tour and travel services, car rental services and air ticket booking services.
  • Mrs. Radhika Srinivas  Providing astrology consultancy for health issues, marriage issues, kundali matching, job query, business reports, finance reports and personalized predictions.
  • World Of Various Mantrik Yantras  Yanthra can be considered as the symbolic form of the immeasurable divine power of holy chants (manthras). It is the symbolized version of the deity of worship it self. The power of the deity fills the whole universe. But one can become one with the deity by wearing the yanthra or by proper upasana (deeply dedicated meditation and offerings) Inscribing mantrik symbols and letter, bringing in divinity through constant chanting of manthras and offerings, yantra is prepared fit for installation or wearing.
  • Falit Jyotish Anushthan Kendra  Vedic astrology is based on such accurate calculations of astronomy that dazzles modern scientists till date. And yet the depth of the knowledge crosses over mundane lifes issues, roping everything with a spiritual thread. Although it is said that an individual is born at the destined time and place according to his karmic pattern that he is obliged to fulfill, he has the liberty to make a new karmic patterns in his life.
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