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  • Alpha Detective  Our concern works with a network of lady detectives too, all over the city and out of stations under the guidance of a lady Managing Director. We supply our Security Guards to various leading Public , Private , Semi - Government , Organisation , Universities , Godowns , Offices , Show Rooms , Institutes , Hospitals , Hotels , Factories , Temples & Individual houses., etc.
  • Skip Tracing  Skip Tracing is a term that refers to the process of finding a person whose whereabouts are unknown and is based upon the word skip, which is often used to describe a subject who is believed to be skipping out on his or her duties and obligations- such as a debt or court appearance.
  • RAMMS India Pvt. Ltd  In today’s retail world, there are no safe havens-the customer is unpredictable but demands predictable shopping experiences. We've harnessed our vast experience in understanding the shopper and the retail environment to build a unique set of retail solutions
  • Globe Group  Providing services in the field of detective and security.
  • Immunology Foundation  Immunology Foundation is a registered nonprofit Trust created from the savings of the Congress. Its charter is to promote the development of Immunology and Allied Sciences by initiatives and inputs in activities currently limited by ready availability of resources. The Foundation would provide support for short term training of investigators and interlaboratory exchange programmes. It would sponsor workshops and seminars on advancing frontiers of knowledge.
  • Securonix  Securonix provides innovative enterprise security management software solutions. We provide the industry’s first intelligent and adaptive Event Analytic and Behavior Based Anomaly Detection solution. We believe that our success depends on how we conduct ourselves in our ecosystem.
  • Kashyap International Forgery Detection B. U.  Provider of Services Like as Detective Agency, Security Services etc.
  • Indiaforensic  Provides articles & resources on forensic accounting, & on prevention, detection and investigation of fraud.
  • AMX Detectives India  Providing detective services such as pre-employment verifications, post-employment verifications, pre-matrimonial, post-matrimonial, finger print verifications and handwriting verifications.
  • Omira Marketing Pvt. Ltd  Omira Marketing Pvt. Ltd. was launched by Mr. O. Miranda on 1st September 1993 , Specializing in the marketing and servicing of imported CNC Machine Tools & Testing equipment. At Omira we Believe that our greatest asset is our people and accordingly we have concentrated on building a compact and efficient team.
  • Falcon Detective Agency  Providing investigative services for individuals, small businesses houses, non profile organizations, multi national corporations, insurance companies, financial institutions and law firms.
  • V.C.Misra  Mr.V.C.Misra is a Leading Forensic Handwriting Finger Print Expert having done his Field Training at C.F.S.L. (C.B.I.) and having more that 20 years of experience in his field . Specially trained in Questioned Documents from Shimla and specially certified in Handwriting Identification from I.I.C., Nagpur.
  • Ams Inform Private Limited  Providing all types of education verification, criminal records services, professional lincence check services, employment verification services.
  • Bhargo Authentic Feng Shui Consultancy  Bhargo has a long-standing interest in metaphysical studies and had been studying Geometry for a long time.He has fine-tuned his skills at the Yap Cheng Hai Feng Shui Centre of Excellence and the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics,Malaysia.He realised that in his native country India and also across the world,people had a lot of misconceptions about Feng Shui.
  • Able Mind Consulting Pvt Ltd  Providing detective & investigation services, brand protection, security audit and executive protection services.
  • Bangalore Detectives  Our confidence and capabilities go to the extent that we dared and offered to trace down, catch or eliminate the Jungle Brigand Veerappan, the man who had murdered 132 men and poached 2,000 elephants. This was made possible only due to the concerted, determined and selfless services rendered by all ranks of our organization.
  • Delhi Detectives India  The market is thronging with several private detective agencies with each one claiming to be better than the rest. However, no one can match the expert services as offered by the Delhi Detectives India. We came into being in the year 1999 and are going steadfast since the very first day of our inception.
  • VPS Consultants  VPS, Versatile Professional Solutions, is a premier HR Management Consultant with corporate office at New Delhi, is committed to performance, quality and results. We offer the broadest HR services portfolio ranging from Executive Search, Staffing, Consulting, Outsourcing and Corporate Training. We are equipped with mature and skilled young professionals having good industry exposure
  • Perfect Detectives  PERFECT DETECTIVES, headquartered at New Delhi, is one of the leading independent national investigations company. We offer many services to our private and commercial clients including Employment screening, Assets verification, Under cover operations, Surveillance, Matrimonial investigations, Legal and insurance services, Background reports on individuals and businesses and many other services as asked by you.
  • Trivandrum Developement Front will offer a comprehensive store of information about the wonderful city of Trivandrum and its attractiveness to a variety of potential investors and visitors. This website will also strive to bring the latest development news in the city to its viewers, news often ignored by the traditional media who seem yet to grasp its significance. Going forward, will become an interface through which Investors can not only gain knowledge about one of the hottest destinations in India but also seek assistance and information. We will also offer a forum for interested Trivandrumites to discuss various issues and developments.
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