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    Directory on Hinduism is an effort to present valuable information on one of the widely practiced religions of India, Hinduism. View a listing of websites of institutions promoting the Hinduism religion in India. Browse these websites to get useful insights into the rich history, culture, temples, festivals and literature on the Hindu religion. Get online information on Hindu literature and scripts and other interesting writings on Hinduism religion and also download photos and wallpapers of famous Indian Gods and Goddesses. The online Hinduism directory is a comprehensive and useful information resource on Hinduism in India.
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  • krishna  It is described that there are three aspects of the Supreme that must be understood in order to have a complete realization of the Absolute Person. These are the impersonal and all pervasive Brahman aspect, the localized expansion of the Lord known as the Supersoul or Paramatma, and then the Supreme Personality or Bhagavan aspect. Bhagavan means the Supreme Being who is the originator of all qualities and who possesses them to the fullest degree
  • YOGADA SATSANGA DHYANA KENDRA  The little ones of our beloved Guru, Shri Shri Paramahansa Yogananda dwelling in and around Coimbatore came together by the grace of God and Gurus in 1982 .Mr.P.Kuppuswami of Truppur one of the earliest devotees of our Guru took the initiative in this regard. His efforts for forming a YSS meditation group at Coimbatore was guided by Swami Bhavananda Giri, the then Dharmacharya of YSS ashrams in India.
  • Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha  Much before independence i.e, as early as 1918, Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, aimed at the need to unite the northern & southern states of the country in the greatest interest of integration of the nation. Therefore he founded the Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha at Madras, as Hindi was spoken by the largest section of the people of India. Mahatma Gandhi was the life time President of this institution.
  • Sagar world  Sagar world is the official website for the upcoming theme park called Sagar World, the first of which will be situated on the outskirts of Navi Mumbai with a total of 9 theme parks all over India. The website will be an all inclusive internet solution for anything connected with Spiritualism, Mythology and Ancient History and Heritage of our great country India.
  • Ramakrishna Math  Baranagar Math is the genesis of the Ramakrishna movement and also of Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission. After the Mahasamadhi of Bhagawan Sri Ramakrishna at Cossipore Garden-House on 16th August 1886, practised severe spiritual austerities and assimilated the ideas and ideals of Sri Ramakrishna in a dilapidated house at Baranagar for more than five years, which is known as Baranagar Math the first monastery of the Ramakrishna Order.
  • Shiv Chhatrapati  The site gives details of his forts, warriors who fought with him, his biography, books written on him & much more...
  • Deshastha Rigvedi Brahmans  In olden days, especially in Maharashtra, a large portion of the land was referred as Desh or Deshawar. People who settled or resided here were known as Deshastha. Rigvedi is first and important among four Vedas. To gain and also to impart the knowledge of all kinds is the main object in this Veda.Brahman is one who knows Brahma. In other words, the intelligentsia the persons. who can guide, direct and lead for the betterment of the people, for the betterment of the society and for the betterment of the Nation is the main aim of a Brahman.
  • Mithilanchal  This website has been organized and promoted for bringing people together. The motto of creating this website is to bridge gap between people belonging same community. Going through this portal we can find people of karna goshthi and locate them. This portal provides complete information about mithila and its heritage.
  • Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram  Our society is registered under Society Registration Act 1860. Since then it is working for the welfare of helpless old and other down trodden people of our society. Currently we are providing two old age homes and very soon we are going to open more old age homes across the country.
  • Kanakadasa Adhyayana Samshodhana Pitha  Udupi is a famous temple town in Karnataka and has earned a special name in the country owing to its contribution in the field of education and banking activities. It is the district headquarters also. Manipal, the famous international university town, is just five kilometers from here.
  • World Of Various Mantrik Yantras  Yanthra can be considered as the symbolic form of the immeasurable divine power of holy chants (manthras). It is the symbolized version of the deity of worship it self. The power of the deity fills the whole universe. But one can become one with the deity by wearing the yanthra or by proper upasana (deeply dedicated meditation and offerings) Inscribing mantrik symbols and letter, bringing in divinity through constant chanting of manthras and offerings, yantra is prepared fit for installation or wearing.
  • Akhila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangham  Akhila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangham was founded by Dr. P.A. Velayudhan Pillai of Thiruvananthapuram during the year 1945 to render service to Ayyappa devotees undertaking the arduous journey to Sabarimala. At that time, Travancore Devaswom Board was not even thought of. ABASS was to sole service provider for the pilgrims.
  • Variyar Swamigal  An official website of swamigal offering information about devotional life & poojas, swamigal social services, kangeyanallur temple and cassettes lits.
  • Jagannath dham  The Temple of Jagannath stands on an eminence near the sea at Puri, situated on the east-coast of India. For centuries Puri, Purushottama Puri, so Sri kshetra, as the place is variously known, has been an important centre of Hindu worship, famous alike for sanctity and historic associations. Puri is the seat of Jagannath, the Lord of Universe.
  • Holy Bharat Pilgrimage  "Holy Bharat" is to be designed as a permanent Diary recorded carefully which can be preserved for long time to come and would be served as an immediate reference directory. To put briefly "Holy Bharat" would be "Treasure Cave" where, Immediate Treasure of Knowledge is stored and more you dig, the more you get.
  • About Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva pictures, Lord Shiva Wallpapers, Lord Shiva Website  All about great hindu god Lord Shiva, Free Lord Shiva EBooks, Lord Shiva pictures, Lord Shiva “Shiv Mahapurana”, Audio Mantra’s, Audio Stotra’s, Lord Shiva Stories, Lord Shiva History
  • Balu.Saravana Sarma  "K.V.B.Saravanan, Hindu Priest, Astrologer, Jothisham, Iyer, Gurukkal, Prohithar, Iyar, Tambaram, Wedding, Thevasam, Thithi, Kalyanam, Balu saravana sarma, Kalyan nagar, India, Death rite priest, Bramin, Temple, Siva, Murugan, Deepavali Here I share my ideas and creations with you, I take more efforts to publish the most needful information related to Pooja, Astrology, Hinduism, etc. I request you to please share your valuable golden ideas and suggestions
  • Arasavalli Temple  Providing information about temple, photo gallery of temple and route map of temple.
  • International Dialogue Between Islam & Oriental Religions  Believers in Oriental religions like Hinduism, Buddism, Sikhism and Jainism etc living India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Combodia, Burma, Sri Lanka and Nepal etc, constitute about a half of the world population. A majority of Muslims outside "Muslim" countries live among these communities while a majority of expatriate workers in Arab countries belong to these religions.
  • Jyotirlinga Temples  Jyotirlingas are the 12 special shrines dedicated to Shiva since ancient times. A Jyotirlinga or Jyotirling or Jyotirlingam is a shrine where Lord Shiva, an aspect of God in Hindusim is worshipped in the form of a Jyotirlingam or Lingam of Light, There are Twelve Jyotirlinga Shrines in India These shrines are Somnath, Shri Sailam, Mahakaleshwar, Omkareshwar, Kedarnath, Bhimashankar, Varanasi, Trimbakeshwar, Vaidyanath, Nageshwar, Rameshwaram and Grishneshwar.
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