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    Organisations directory aims to provide informative content to our online users on the various organisations operating in India. Get useful information on the many Indian private, non-profit and government organisations offering a variety of services to promote areas like healthcare, education, hospitality, women empowerment, music and dance, environment, etc. in India. The online web guide on organisations provides a listing of websites on the Indian organisations which will further provide valuable insights into the Indian organisations.
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  • Javahar Navodaya Vidyalaya  Navodaya Vidyalaya Simiti is an autonomous organization which has been set up to establish and manage co-educational, residential school covering VI to XII known as javahar navodaya vidyalayas. The National policy on education 1986 envisaged establishment of Navodaya Vidyalaya in each district of the country. The first two schools were started in 1985-86 on experimental basis.
  • M.M. Group of Institutions  MM University Trust erstwhile reputed MM Education Trust, Ambala, has developed another over 40 Acres new vibrant Campus at Sadopur on Delhi-Chandigarh National Highway in the suburbs of Ambala towards Chandigarh for bringing new life to the educational system and providing professional education to the people of the surrounding region. Beginning with the courses in the area of Engineering & Technology.
  • Panchtatva  Panchtatva are the most attention seeking elements in the life of any human being especially in the present time when on one side the depression and similar mental diseases are spreading like anything in human life and on other side global warming and similar environmental problems are growing day by day.
  • BHUBANBHAVAN  The Mahamandals objective is the regeneration of India. A large number of sincere, honest, hard working, patriotic, and courageous young men are everywhere in the country, who are eager to dedicate themselves for the regeneration of India. The Mahamandal intends to enthuse and unite them. The Mahamandal wants the youth to be confident and face the problems of their life as well as of the country.
  • The Exotica Dharamshala  The Exotica.Dharamshala is a lush green wonderland surrounded by snow capped Dhauladhar ranges, picturesque ambience and a soulful silence. The created to give a new meaning to your life - A peaceful space where you can expand your imagination and sour high. A perfect place for rejuvenation allows you to take a break from life and experience a world that is untouched, serene and almost timeless.
  • PEACE SOCIETY  The Society of PEACE is only a Social and Charitable one. And it origin began from the year 1983. Till the year 1993, it had functioned as something unseen in a very humble manner and that too as unofficial non-formal one. but in the year 1993 it was felt, in all practicability - Necessity, with convictions - true to facts, to convert the society of PEACE into something LEGAL & OFFICIAL and so it was registered as per the Society.
  • Partner Hooghly  Partner Hooghly located in West Bengal, India., was formed in the year 1993. Partner is a group of Parents and Well Wishers of Mentally Challenged Children many of whom have additional deficiencies like Epilepsy, Behavioral Disorder and other problems.Partner is Registered under West Bengal Society Registration Act. Disability Commissioner (WB).
  • The Institute of Cultural Affairs  The Institute of Cultural Affairs ICA: India is a voluntary non-profit organization, registered under the Societies Act 1860. The Board of Directors oversees the overall work and the staff in the various locations plans the ongoing activities. The ICA has been in the work of village development since 1975, working for socio-economic renewal. Now it is designing and facilitating various programmes to motivate and equip individuals, organizations and local communities.
  • Arya samaj marriage  Marriage is an important event in any body's life. In Indian society it holds a sanctimonious place. It is even more important in the lives of Indian people. Different parts of India follow different rituals and customs. But every Indian marriage is quite elaborate process and reflects its regional culture. Indian marriages are very much different from the western weddings. Indian marriages are full of vigour, colours and ceremonial funtions.
  • Technical Assistance Support Teams for State Health Reform  While several innovative steps have been taken to make access to health services easier for many people in India, a lot more needs to be done to improve the quality of those services and make qualified health personnel and good health institutions more widely available.Therefore, health systems and the way they function are being reformed in several states of India.
  • Network for Fish Quality Management and Sustainable Fishing  Network for Fish Quality Management and Sustainable Fishing NETFISH is a registered society formed under the aegis of Marine Products Export Development Authority MPEDA with a view to imparting knowledge to fishermen/ fisherwomen/ processing workers, technicians, etc. in fish quality management, conservation of fish resources as well as sustainable fishing.
  • Kangra Arts Promotion Society  Kangra Arts Promotion Society KAPS, is an NGO working for the promotion of arts of the greater Kangra region which comprises the current district of Kangra and surrounding areas that were once ruled by the Kangra Dynasty. It went in decline after the invasion of Mahmud of Gazhni in 1009. The purpose of KAPS is to ensure that the tradition of Kangra Paintings and other arts passes on to the future generations.
  • Medicare Education and Social Welfare Services Society  Mess is a charitable, non-profit making and secular organization. Mess is a state level health promoting lead agency to provide support service for the promotion and implementation of primary health / community health throughout the country. It operates with the active support and involvement of eight offices and one head quarter.
  • ABHIYAN  Inspired with Gandhi Jee, Vinoba, Lohia and Lok Nayak Jaiparakash Narayan a group of people with improved social devotion and feeling organized them To establish a just society in which no one remains hungry, unemployed, illiterate and exploited. ABHIYAN came into existence on the eve of International Womens Day, 8 th March 1991.
  • Indu Health Research Foundation  Indu Health Research Foundation is a public charitable trust funded by Non-resident Indians dedicated to developing creative, practical and innovative solutions to reach the benefits of medicare to the common man at the right time and right place. Set up by Nris it is run by experts drawn from various fields of clinical, medicine, business management and public health administration.
  • Sphoorthi Foundation  We are in the profession of reaching out to people, who have become dependent on drugs and alcohol as means of survival in their daily lives. In other words, in order to survive on a daily basis or toward off withdrawal symptoms, drugs and/or alcohol necessarily have to be consumed. All such people may be called as addicts and/or alcoholics.
  • Fit Vital Services Pvt. Ltd  Fit vital is a Dynamic, Vitality driven organization offering Healthy & Competitive environment for the betterment of the Society. The Company has been formed by the group of young medical and technical professionals with a mission to provide quality medical and other world class facilities to all the sections of the society. Fit vital strives for the best spirit of Health Care & Welfare and saving life of the people who can afford costly treatments.
  • Jan Madhyam  Our goa l- Inclusion Bring the challenged person into the mainstream and steering to words a productive and fulfilling life. Our focus - The challenged an economically disadvantaged girl-child. We promote - Self-advocacy and economic self-sufficiency. Today we work in depth with about 250 young persons (able and disabled) and their families.
  • TREE FOUNDATION PLT.D  TREE Foundation is a Registered Charitable Trust, which was started on October 15, 2002, primarily engaged in Environment Education, Sea Turtle Conservation and Community Development. TREE Foundation is inspired and guided by the world famous environmentalist Dr. Jane Goodall and is a member of Roots and Shoots International Network, of the Dr. Jane Goodall Institute.
  • Chetana  Chetana was established in 1996 by eminent writers and journalists who are sensitive to social problems and needs. The mission is to increase the awareness levels of the people in order to respond to the problems arising out of environmental degradation. Informed people would respond appropriately towards an environmental movement, action, policy intervention and governmental initiatives.
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