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    It is important to invest in Research and Development activities in order to achieve economic progress. There are many research and development centers in India. The directory on research and development centers provides valuable information on the institutes engaged in research and developmental activities in India. Here under online web directory of research and development, get information on the various institutes promoting and conducting research and development in fields like medicine, agriculture, business research, environmental safety etc.
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  • HRDS INDIA  The High Range Rural Development SocietyHRDS is a registered non-profitmaking charitable and voluntary organization working for the welfare and up-liftmant of poor, destitude and needy in the society. A team of noble-minded philanthropists and social workers are leading HRDS INDIA. HRDS plays a vital role in preventing the spread of the AIDS epidemic and mitigating its impact in the world of work. Due to the increase in the number of HIV infected persons.
  • Sanjeevani Vikas Evam Jan Kalyan Samiti  Sanjeevani Vikas Evam Jan Kalyan Samiti is a nonprofit, rural development and voluntary organisation in India whose mission is to eliminate poverty, unemployment, poor health and illiteracy. Sanjeevani is an indigenous NGO based in Almora District in Northern IndiaHimalyan Rigion. It was formed in 2000 by 7 peoples group of social workers and is comprised of an energetic group of recently qualified.
  • PETA  PETA India, based in Mumbai, was launched in January 2000. PETA India operates under the simple principle that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on or use for entertainment, while educating policymakers and the public about animal abuse and promoting an understanding of the right of all animals to be treated with respect.
  • Empowering Hapless  SERUDS is a non-government development organization NGO working on issues affecting the urban and rural poor, with a special focus on children and women. It is because Every child deserves a chance that the organization exists and works towards making that possible. A Team of youth activists who have passion in social service and compassion towards the sufferings of the disadvantaged sections of the society have come together and formed SERUDS.
  • The Adivasi Academy  The Adivasi Academy is established to create a unique educational environment for the study of tribal communities. The Academy is aimed to become an institute for the study of tribal history, folklore, cultural geography, social dynamics, economy, development studies, medicine, music, arts and theatre. With its multidisciplinary approach and related interventional measures, the Academy is striving to create a new approach of academic activism.
  • CHENNAI SOCIAL SERVICE  Unbelievable fact, But yes its true. CSS was started just as an online orkut community by our beloved founder Mr. N. Sathish Kumar a business man of chennai. We celebarated our third year aniversary and stepped into fourth year with a great administrative structure. All our team members work with a simple thing in their minds, its nothing but Share Your Living.
  • Delhi Foundation of Deaf Women  Delhi Foundation of Deaf Women (DFDW) was started as a club for deaf women, but observing the needs of deaf women it slowly started activities for their benefits and rehabilitation. Established in 1973, today DFDW is a Rehabilitation Center for all Deaf in India.
  • SHANTHIMALAI HANDICRAFTS DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY  The Shanthimalai Handicrafts Development Society was established in the year 2001 in Tiruvannamalai. It is situated on the Tiruvannamalai-Bangalore highway, close by the Ramanashram and the government arts college and opposite to the Om Sakthi temple. The Society functions with the main objective of helping the poor village people in the surrounding areas of Tiruvannamalai.
  • Mahashakti Seva Kendra  Mahashakti Seva Kendra was officially registered in the year 1992. It shapened to emerge as an all women organization, operating in the field of economic and social upliftment of women in Bhopal. Mahashakti Seva Kendra MSK is a secular organization, recognized by the State government, registered in the Firms & Societies Act, having its own four worksheds at Dwarka Nagar near the railway station, at one of the most gas affected areas in Bhopal.
  • GANDHI STUDY CENTRE  Gandhi Study Centre, established in 1978, is a registered body with the aim of spreading the message of Mahatma Gandhi especially among the youth and students. Founded by Sri T.D.Tirumalai (1921-1993), three full time staff and unstinted support by the volunteers, in the true Gandhian spirit, has made the institution unique.
  • RTI Awards  We are encouraged to see the response to RTI Awards and its impact in the very first year. We received phone calls from large number of officers across the country on our methodology and parameters for Public Information Officers. Some of them said From now on, we will try and satisfy every RTI applicant. Likewise, it also generated a lot of interest amongst many information commissioners and citizens.
  • Centre for Social Service  Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, double M. A. M. Phil, is the wife of late Mr. K. Saradhi I.F.S. She worked in the Health Care Industry and Government sector for many years. A woman of eminent strength and courage she bravely faced the tests of time and decided to channel all her energy towards the empowerment of under-privileged young girls in our society.
  • EMBASSY OF BURKINA FASO IN INDIA  Burkina Faso means Land of honest people and covers an area of 274,200 km2. It is situated in West Africa. It is a landlocked country surrounded by 6 countries. Niger in the East, Mali in the Northwest, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo and Benin to the South. Devoid of a coastline, it is more than 500 kms from the shores of the Gulf of the Guinea.
  • Mutual Assistance for Voluntary Institutions  Mutual Assistance for Voluntary Institutions in India MUAVIN is a voluntary organisation established in 1985 with the following aims and objects:a To undertake research and analysis and forward planning for the educational, economic and social betterment of Weaker Sections of people.b To promote and facilitate and co-ordinate the pursuit of excellence by existing institutions in their working for educational, economic and social betterment of Weaker Sections of people.
  • Science Teachers Association  Science Teachers Association, Mizoram STAM is a voluntary organization having popularization of Science as its main objective. It was established in 1986 9th August and registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 vide Regd. No. SR 8 of 1987. Being an active member of the NCSTC Network, STAM has been involved in the national level programs relating to popularization of science & technology and nurturing of scientific tempers among the masses.
  • Saraswathi Foundation for Rural Development and Training  ICAR has considered the foundation as one of the NGOs for technology assessment, refinement and demonstration and sanctioned Krishi Vigyan Kendra during April 2005 and named as Saraswathi Krishi Vigyan Kendra SKVK. The SKVK has been implementing various activities with well established physical, manpower 10 technical and 6 administrative staff and infrastructural facilities like administrative building with well equipped audio visual aids, conference hall.
  • International Association of Humane Habitat  The International Association for Humane Habitat IAHH is a voluntary nongovernmental organization of concerned professionals and citizens based in Mumbai, India and networking with architects, institutions and universities all over the world. The concept of evolving humane habitat is as old as human civilization. Many visionaries have contributed to the ongoing endeavour to improve living environment in human settlements.
  • SHRI BOLBALA CHARTIABLE TRUST  Bolbalatrust is divine Temple of Shree Maa Gayatri, committed with the mission of spreading awareness about Maa Gayatri and the powerful Gayatri Mantra. In building of Bolbalatrust, main Temple of Bolbalatrust Lord Shiva, Maa Ambaji, Shree Lalitambika and Lord Ganpati. and also Yagnashala, Yoga Ashram, Ayuvedic Dispensary, Dental Dispensary, School, Study Book Bank, Blood Bank, Gaushala, Bhojanshala etc.
  • DR. BRAJA VIHARI MOHANTY MEMORIAL MENTALLY RETARDED BENEFIT TRUST  Mental Retardation is one of the burning problems of our society. It is not a disease witch can be cured by medicines or otherwise.Mental Retardation means a condition arrested or incomplete development of mind of a person which is specially characterized by sub normality of intelligence. It is not only the problem of the family to which the Mentally Retarded Child belongs, but of the society and the State in general as a whole.
  • Shrut Bhavan Nirman Samiti  Jain Religion is one of the world's most ancient and scientific religion. The doctrines or principles of Jain Religion are powerful and able to give correct direction to entire human life. Abundant and innumerable scientific truths are hidden in Jain scriptures. Their glory and importance is increasing day by day as they are revealed or come outside gradually.
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