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    It is important to invest in Research and Development activities in order to achieve economic progress. There are many research and development centers in India. The directory on research and development centers provides valuable information on the institutes engaged in research and developmental activities in India. Here under online web directory of research and development, get information on the various institutes promoting and conducting research and development in fields like medicine, agriculture, business research, environmental safety etc.
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  • Centre for Social Service  Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, double M. A. M. Phil, is the wife of late Mr. K. Saradhi I.F.S. She worked in the Health Care Industry and Government sector for many years. A woman of eminent strength and courage she bravely faced the tests of time and decided to channel all her energy towards the empowerment of under-privileged young girls in our society.
  • NATIONAL CENTRE FOR COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCES  The National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS) provides the most powerful computing resources in the world for open scientific research. It is one of the world’s premier science facilities—an unparalled research environment that supports dramatic advances in understanding how the physical world works.
  • National Research Laboratory of Metrology  The National Research Laboratory of Metrology, as a national standard laboratory in Japan, has been establishing, maintaining and disseminating standards of length, mass, time and frequency, temperature, and so on, along with researches on measurement technologies in science and industry.
  • Center for Research On New International Economic Order  The Centre for Research on New International Economic Order was established in 1979, as a study, research, training and action oriented organisation. CRNIEO and its partners are well experienced in Training and have been involved in Public and community health for last nearly 30 years and have been striving to attain the Millennium Development Goals MDGs in its work.
  • Centre for Symbiosis of Technology, Environment and Management  The Centre for Symbiosis of Technology, Environment and Management STEM is an inter-disciplinary professional research group registered as a society under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960. STEM was established as a non-profit organisation in 1987 at Bangalore, India. Professionals with national and international experience founded the organisation.
  • MYRADA  MYRADA is committed to doing its part in contributing to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Very recently, an attempt was made to categorize MYRADAs records to date in support of the MDGs. While it is not possible to give a complete listing of all MYRADAs records, its major activities in relation to the MDGs have been as follows Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger, Achieve Universal Primary Education.
  • RTI NATIONAL SECRETARIAT  Round Table is an organisation of nonpolitical and nonsectarian young men between the age group of 18 and 40. The aim of the young men is to promote service, fellowship and goodwill in National and International affairs. The unique feature of this organisation is that it always remains young, because the Tablers retire when they turn 40, giving way to younger people.
  • Insurance Foundation of India  Insurance Foundation of India IFI is set up under Trust Registration Act 1882 of Government of India as a non-profit making organization. The main objective of IFI is to promote awareness of insurance in India through education and publishing of books in regional languages. The IFI was set-up in 2009 with the objective and purpose of increasing awareness about Insurance in India.
  • Sundarban Rural Development and Training Centre  The organisation obtained its registration under the name of Sundarban Rural Development and Training Centre on 6th May 1986, with the Registration No. S/51814 under Society Registration Act. XXVI of 1961 , Govt. of West Bengal. In 1990 the Organisation was on registration under Foreign contribution Regulation Act FCRA
  • Yusuf Meherally Centre  The Centre was started in 1961 in memory of Yusuf Meherally, and was formally inaugurated in 1965, by Dr. Zakir Husain, the then Vice-President. The initial objectives were promoting national integration and studying the problems of urbanisation. After 1967, the transformation of urban resources through men, money and material, and with the participation of local people got added as an objective.
  • VOTE MUMBAI  VOTEMUMBAI is a non-partisan peoples campaign comprising of concerned individuals and civil society organizations across Mumbai & the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Its objective is to make citizens realize the need for systemic reforms and bring about a significant improvement in the existing Municipal governance system by overcoming the current crisis in governance.
  • Visthar  We are a secular, non-profit organization, committed to enabling women, children and other marginalized sections realize their rights. We rehabilitate children at risk, and train activists, organizations and students to work for a just society. Over the years, many creative and committed people have contributed to our work.
  • National Research Center on Meat  Importance of Livestock production has been well recognized in providing livelihood and food security to the people in India. Animal products play a pivotal role in nutrition, food security and livelihood of people both in developing and developed countries. The relationship between crops and animals has been established for sustained agriculture and food production. Therefore, sustaining livestock production is essential for food production.
  • Sahyadri Foundation  Sahyadri Foundation is founded under Sahyadri Gramin Vikas va Bahuuddeshiya Yuvak Kalyan Sanstha which is a Social Non Government Organization established in 2002 under Society Registration Act 1860 and Under Mumbai Public Trust Act 1950. Donation to Sahyadri is exemption under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Jeffrey Stephens  Jeffrey Stepehns book Targets of Opportunity will leave every reader hanging on for Jordan Sandor's next step.
  • Rotary Club of Mumbai Nariman Point  Rotary Club of Mumbai, Nariman Point was chartered on 1st May 2002 with 34 members. From thereon our club has grown from strength to strength having members coming from different walks of life; financial advisors and analysts, advocates, insurers, doctors, merchants, entrepreneurs etc. We can boast of being a very young and dynamic club with the average age of our members being in late thirties. In this short span the Club has identified certain causes to which it remains completely committed.
  • Adarsh Divya Vikas  Adarsh Divya Vikas, a non-profit, non-government organization was founded in the year 1995, and it was registered in the year 1999-2000. It cares and protects the suffering humanity for their survival and executes welfare programmes for their overall development. It is state level non-profit making organization dedicated to the advancement of human welfare.
  • Truth Of Universe is an NGO  We are a registered NGO since 2004. We are based in India and working hard to make peoples life easy. We bleave in simple living with high moral values and to do what we can for poor people, rural development, child education, women wellfare, oldage help etc. We have a vast social network and working from 2004 for those who are in need. Still there are many people in rural areas who need our attention.
  • Grameen LABS  Grameen LABS came into existence as a result of this pioneering effort. The basic objective of the training programme would be to equip rural youths with marketable skills to enhance their capacity to secure employment in the organised sector or set up micro-enterprises for self-employment with adequate income generation. This skill development programme would be an integral part of SGSY and training may be provided on the basis of market demand and potential market opportunities.
  • EMCOR PROJECTS  Empowering Marginalized Communities for Rights and Poverty Reduction through Community Radio is a Rights Based Project implemented in 60 Villages of KBK region (Nuapada, Bolangir and Kalahandi Districts) in India by CHALE CHALO – Orissa (India) and Integrated Village Development Trust (IVD Trust) – UK in collaboration with DFID – UK. This 57 months project that started on 1st July 2009, aims to empower the voiceless marginalized communities to articulate their problems, demand their rights.
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