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    It is important to invest in Research and Development activities in order to achieve economic progress. There are many research and development centers in India. The directory on research and development centers provides valuable information on the institutes engaged in research and developmental activities in India. Here under online web directory of research and development, get information on the various institutes promoting and conducting research and development in fields like medicine, agriculture, business research, environmental safety etc.
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  • SHRI BOLBALA CHARTIABLE TRUST  Bolbalatrust is divine Temple of Shree Maa Gayatri, committed with the mission of spreading awareness about Maa Gayatri and the powerful Gayatri Mantra. In building of Bolbalatrust, main Temple of Bolbalatrust Lord Shiva, Maa Ambaji, Shree Lalitambika and Lord Ganpati. and also Yagnashala, Yoga Ashram, Ayuvedic Dispensary, Dental Dispensary, School, Study Book Bank, Blood Bank, Gaushala, Bhojanshala etc.
  • Indian Society for Bone and Mineral Research ISBMR  The ISBMR was established in 1996 and registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act 21, of 1860, on the initiative of the founder chairperson Dr. Ajay Gupta, Nephrologist, Henry Ford Hospital Detroit. The objectives of the India Society for Bone and Mineral Research ISBMR are to promote research and disseminate knowledge about metabolic bone diseases like osteoporosis, rickets, osteomalacia and renal osteodystrophy in India.
  • NATIONAL CENTRE FOR COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCES  The National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS) provides the most powerful computing resources in the world for open scientific research. It is one of the world’s premier science facilities—an unparalled research environment that supports dramatic advances in understanding how the physical world works.
  • Timbaktu Organic  Timbaktu Organic, a project of the Timbaktu Colllective was founded in 1990, and is now working in 130 villages of Anantapur district and has a membership of around 9000 women. Initiated in 1990, the Timbaktu Collective has been attempting to respond to the desperate situation and agrarian crisis in 140 villages of Chennekothapalli.
  • Defence Research And Development Organisation  Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) works under Department of Defence Research and Development of Ministry of Defence. DRDO while striving to meet the Cutting edge weapons technology provides ample spinoff benefits to the society at large thereby contributing to the nation buliding.
  • Centre for Social Service  Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, double M. A. M. Phil, is the wife of late Mr. K. Saradhi I.F.S. She worked in the Health Care Industry and Government sector for many years. A woman of eminent strength and courage she bravely faced the tests of time and decided to channel all her energy towards the empowerment of under-privileged young girls in our society.
  • Mutual Assistance for Voluntary Institutions  Mutual Assistance for Voluntary Institutions in India MUAVIN is a voluntary organisation established in 1985 with the following aims and objects:a To undertake research and analysis and forward planning for the educational, economic and social betterment of Weaker Sections of people.b To promote and facilitate and co-ordinate the pursuit of excellence by existing institutions in their working for educational, economic and social betterment of Weaker Sections of people.
  • Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam  Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam provides holistic education. We emphasize on all round development, striking a balance between academic pursuits and personality development. We focus on helping the child discover the joy of learning and imbibe the value of values. We strive to bring out the best in them as they adopt a global perspective while they stay rooted in our culture.
  • DR. BRAJA VIHARI MOHANTY MEMORIAL MENTALLY RETARDED BENEFIT TRUST  Mental Retardation is one of the burning problems of our society. It is not a disease witch can be cured by medicines or otherwise.Mental Retardation means a condition arrested or incomplete development of mind of a person which is specially characterized by sub normality of intelligence. It is not only the problem of the family to which the Mentally Retarded Child belongs, but of the society and the State in general as a whole.
  • National Geophysical Research Institute  National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI), a constituent Laboratory of CSIR, was established in 1961 with the mission to carry out research in multidisciplinary areas of Earth Sciences. The Institute has a staff strength of 550 that includes about 150 highly qualified scientists doing extensive research in Earth Sciences.
  • Salaam Zindagi Charitable Trust  Salaam Zindagi Charitable Trust. was established in 2008 to work as a link between those who can help and those who need help. Till now, we have served many patients from major disorders. We are providing them with after operation medical treatment too. We will not be confined to the boundaries of India only, in future we will be extending our operations throughout the world.
  • Shrut Bhavan Nirman Samiti  Jain Religion is one of the world's most ancient and scientific religion. The doctrines or principles of Jain Religion are powerful and able to give correct direction to entire human life. Abundant and innumerable scientific truths are hidden in Jain scriptures. Their glory and importance is increasing day by day as they are revealed or come outside gradually.
  • Insurance Foundation of India  Insurance Foundation of India IFI is set up under Trust Registration Act 1882 of Government of India as a non-profit making organization. The main objective of IFI is to promote awareness of insurance in India through education and publishing of books in regional languages. The IFI was set-up in 2009 with the objective and purpose of increasing awareness about Insurance in India.
  • RTI Awards  We are encouraged to see the response to RTI Awards and its impact in the very first year. We received phone calls from large number of officers across the country on our methodology and parameters for Public Information Officers. Some of them said From now on, we will try and satisfy every RTI applicant. Likewise, it also generated a lot of interest amongst many information commissioners and citizens.
  • TANKER FOUNDATION  Founded on 30th June 1993, The Tamilnad Kidney Research Foundation was set up primarily to provide financial assistance to underprivileged patients for dialysis, transplantation, investigation and medication costs. The Foundation also aims to encourage organ donation at time of death. It was started by Dr. Georgi Abraham along with a group of like-minded individuals.
  • Tapin  The Association is formed primarily to contribute to creating a more inclusive, collaborative and generative world resulting in a sense of abundance and to stand for any benign cause in general interest of nations and societies. We Provide a gateway to individuals, organizations and large systems for understanding and implementing new approaches to change management drawing from complexity sciences and leveraging neo-sciences.
  • FRIGE House  The Centre is recognized by Govt. of India, Ministry of Science & Technology as Scientific & Industrial Research Organization SIRO We are a group of scientists and doctors associated with above Charitable Foundation where we carry out various research activities in the field of Genetics and Endocrinology.
  • AIM for Seva  Swami Dayananda Saraswati is a great visionary, profound thinker, writer and one of the foremost masters of Vedanta. He is at home with most classical of scholars as well as contemporary youth. He has established 4 gurukulams, teaching centres, and many more across the globe through his students. He is acutely sensitive to the needs of Indian society, having grown up in a small village in the Kaveri delta in Tamil Nadu.
  • Centre for Multidisciplinary Development Research  The Centre for Multi-disciplinary Development Research CMDR has been functioning since 1976 at Dharwad as an autonomous non profit research organisation. It has been registered in 1980 under the Societys Registration Act. The aims and objectives of the Centre include, among others, conducting research on issues of socio-economic development, and decentralised planning at the sub-regional, regional and national levels in a multi-disciplinary framework.
  • North East Center for Research and Development  North East Center for Research and Development (NECRD) was conceived and operationalized to be a think-tank dedicated to North East India. It is committed to exploration and utilization of the vast resource based in North East India through capacity building, dissemination, implementation and innovation of Research and Development in and on North East India.
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