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    Sikhism directory is a one stop information resource guide on the Sikh religion in India. Get valuable details on the Sikhism such as origin, history, culture, tradition, festivals, practices, online gallery of photos, videos and discourses pertaining to the Sikh religion. The web guide on Sikhism is an informative online directory on the Indian Sikh community. View a listing of websites offering rich information on the Sikh religion in India.
Latest Website Listings
  • Sikh  Engaged in providing information about sikh women.
  • Sikh Point  A portal offering history of sikhism community, latest news on sikh culture, art gallery, nanakshahi calendar, charhdikala newspaper, articles, blogs, community and information about other sikh sites.
  • The Sikhism Home Page  Providing information about the history, introduction & philosophy of Sikhism, origin & development, Sikh philosophy & scriptures and resources.
  • Sikh Information  Engaged in providing information about sikh and guru govind singh ji.
  • Nanaksar Kaleran - Jagraon  Shri Guru Granth Saheb ji from NanakSar Kaleran, Jagraon, Also Katha, Kirtan and rare videos posted frequently.
  • B. Jawahar Singh Kirpal Singh & Co.  The finest resource for sikh religious books, sikh historical books, sikh cultural books, sikh general books, punjabi poetry books, religious poetry books, books on life of sikh gurus, books on bhagats of sri guru granth sahib & their bani, gurbani gutke, meanings of gurbani, meanings of bani of sri guru granth sahib and all sikh religious items available.
  • I love India  Offering information about Hindu festivals, sikh festivals, national festivals, buddhist festivals, muslim festivals and general festivals.
  • Sona  A website providing information about sikhism such as sikh history, sikh gurus, janamsakshi, sikh guru family tree, historical gurudwaras in india and gurudwaras directory- world.
  • Madras Diabetes Research Foundation  Diabetes is the most common metabolic disorder in the world. The World Health Organization estimates the total number of persons with diabetes to be 171 million as of 2000. The disorder is most prevalent in south Asia, especially in India, which with, 41 million individuals with diabetes, has earned the unwelcome sobriquet of the Diabetes Capital of the world. More worryingly, this number is set to increase to 70 million by 2025, more than 10 million more than China, which lies in second place.
  • Aapna Panjab  Aapna Punjab’s mission is to promote the sustainable socio-economic development of rural backward areas of Punjab, especially the along the border areas, via initiatives like education, health care, creating opportunities for women, fight against drugs/AIDS and human-rights/social justice for all.The border areas in Punjab have been neglected by successive provincial governments.
  • Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj  Engaged in providing information about baba nand singh ji maharaj, baba narinder singh ji and baba harnam singh ji.
  • Sada Punjab  A sikhism website offering information about history of punjab, dances of punjab, love legends, festivals of punjab, sports personalities and punabi games.
  • Panth Khalsa  Offering information about the sikh nation like sikh spirit, code of conduct, sikh sovereignty, famous sikh, hukunnama, gurmat related articles and panthic information.
  • Shree Panchdeo Temple  Provides information about temple, temple shrine, deities, festivals, prayers, programmes, accommodations, devotee and organisations.
  • Heera Kirtan  We are launching this website. Now you can listen kirtan both in audio & video, by CharanJeet Singh Ji Heera on this website, You can also download the same absolutely free of cost. We shall be updating our website with latest Gurbani kirtan & Articals on regular basis, We would welcome your suggetions for any further improvment.
  • sikhism  This is the sacred ceremony for the initiation into the Khalsa brotherhood. It should be taken only by those who are fully mature enough to realize the commitment required and the significance. The initiate may be a man or woman of any caste or previous religion. Generally they are encouraged to start behaving, acting and looking like a Sikh before seeking baptism. The baptism is done in a quiet place away from distractions where Sri Guru Granth Sahib has been installed. The initiate is required to wash their hair, cover their head, wear clean clothes and the 5K's before presenting themselves before 6 amritdhari Sikhs (those who are already baptized). Five amritdhari Sikhs will conduct the ceremony while one reads Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The principals of Sikhism are explained to the initiate and this is followed by Ardas and taking of the Hukam (opening of Sri Guru Granth Sahib to a random page and reading of a hymn). Amrit (sweet sugar water) is prepared in a steel bowl and stirred with a kirpan by the five beloved ones while Japuji, Jaap, Ten Sawayyas, Bainti Chaupai and 6 verses from Anand Sahib are recited. This is followed by Ardas and the initiate drinking the amrit five times in cupped hands and exclaiming Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh (The Pure Belong to God, Victory to God). Amrit is then sprinkled on the hair and eyes of the initiate and any leftover is drunk by all present. This is followed by an explanation of the code of conduct and discipline required for a Khalsa. The Khalsa is required to wear the 5K's and abstain from 1) cutting hair, 2) eating Muslim halal meat, 3) cohabiting with a person other than ones spouse and 4) using intoxicants such as tobacco. Other breaches of the code of conduct are also explained before Ardas is once again repeated. This is followed by taking Hukam and eating of karah prasad (sacred pudding) from a common bowl. If a person does not have a Sikh name, they take a new name at this time.
  • Sikh Foundation  Our organization was formed in 1999 to promote Sikh culture & history through publication of books. We are the an ongoing effort in promoting the Sikh culture, heritage and ideology among the new generation through new type of presentations. We provides Books of Singh Sahib former Jathedar Sri Akal Takht Sahib, Dr. Sarbjinder Singh, Professor, Deptt. of Guru Granth Sahib Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala and other Sikh intellectuals has been published by the organization.
  • Nanaksar   A sikhism website providing information about nanaksar, guru nanak and baba nanad singh.
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