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  • A 4 AYURVEDA  A 4 AYURVEDA was a result of long awaited need to cater to the increasing demand of authentic ayurvedic medicines and products globally through a single window and we formed “ANANDAM GREEN SOLUTIONS” to give more awareness and support to the communities who would like to accommodate the natural remedies to a well balanced life and at the same time the people and their tradition which are dedicated to the well being of the humanity with the help of mother nature.
  • Ayurdhara Pharmaceuticals  The Federation has been in the field of Minor Forest Produce MFP collection and distribution in Kerala since 1981. It was felt in the nineties that the next logical step for the Federation in its quest to achieve the ambitious goals stipulated in its byelaws would be forward integration from MFP to Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing.
  • Bhaktivedanta Ayurvedic Center & resorts  Our Ayurvedic health facility in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. As one of our aims at the Bhaktivedanta Ayurvedic Center & resorts, we strive to restore a natural balance of the body, mind and spirit to the individual. Ayurveda focuses on living in tune with nature. Its principles are universal. By connecting mind, body and soul, Ayurveda strives to improve harmony and happiness in an individual.
  • Saptarshi Ayurveda  Saptarshi Ayurveda offers an exceptional and priceless opportunity to get deeper in the understanding about one's own mind and body. It takes one through the various processes and ways to maintain good health. The basic concept about the Ayurveda is to maintain balance amid the different elements, and precisely tells various ways and means to attain balance.
  • Healing Veda  Healing Veda is the international consultants for Ayurvedic Travel Tourism. We promote the natural and genuine science of healing. Aim of this organization is to protect the human being from the hazards of artificiality and misleads by providing them genuine information about medical sciences.
  • Amritha  Amritha” means the Eternal medicine which keeps one immortal and evergreen, the mythology describes its origin along with the god of Ayurveda from the ocean of milk . We also believe in the ageless body and time less mind where our body is a tool to perform higher functions. Amritha Ayurvedic centre and institute for better eye sight is operating in since 1996 in various fields of Ayurvedic health care.It is specialized in handling Ayurvedic Principles for the tourist populations since its.
  • Ayurveda  Ayurveda is composed of two words “Ayu” and “Veda”. The meaning of “Ayu” is life and “veda” is Knowledge/Science/Wisdom. So, Ayurveda can be roughly translated as “Science of life”.Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old life science and health system, has its roots in the ancient Vedic civilization of India. It is a holistic system, that leads to a healthy body and inner peace.
  • Changampally Ayurveda Nursing Home  Our teams of Doctors all are from our family, qualified and efficient Ayurvedic Physicians and also experts in traditional Marma treatments of our family. From very young they practised Marma treatments under the senior members of the family.Now this team is lead by Dr. CH Abdul Raheem Gurukkal (Chief Physician) and others are Dr. Mansoor Ali Gurukkal BAMS, Dr. Ansar Ali Gurukkal BAMS , Dr.Nadiya Mansoor BAMS and Dr. Shihabudheen Gurukkal.
  • Gurukripa Pharmaceuticals  The Mission of the gurukripa pharmacy is to prepare medications that are content-wise based on the traditional Indian science of Ayurveda without any compromise on the quality of the ingredients, produced and packaged using the latest available global technology in the field and marketed in such a way as to reach all potential consumers with the least number of intermediaries and the smallest possible margin of profit.
  • AyurVedic  is an ayurveda portal, which opens the door to the ayurveda world. Dedicate ourselves to the cause of Ayurveda in its pure and traditional methodologies. Extend the ayurveda information services to the public and show them to find out the best in affordable cost. Promote Ayurveda without compromising on its ageold principles.
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