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    Flowers are a perfect choice for all reasons and seasons. Choose from a variety of flowers which are available online and gift it to your dear ones. The flowers guide showcases website details of leading florists of India.
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  • flower  There are eight Buddhist symbols and the lotus is the 8th symbol. The lotus symbolizes faithfulness. Different parts of the lotus represent different elements but to briefly explain: The Lotus means love, good health, long life, honor, divinity, and fertility.Please use the Our Email List Join Now near the top left of this page to receive an email in early winter of 2009 that we are shipping lotus Lotus are started in the house in early to mid-January to insure that they bloom the first year.
  • Flowers  Although we are primarily wholesale suppliers they also offer a retail section for those customers who want to buy direct. They have a range of set box combinations which include various mixtures of product combinations. The price includes GST, delivery to your door, care sheet, card and your special selection of our magnificent exotics all packed in our unique wet pack box for extra life and freshness. These box's are ideal for gifts and the shipped by air, all year round, from our farm in Cairns.
  • roseflower  Roses for the longest time have enjoyed the honor of being the most popular flowers in the world. The reason for popularity of the rose flower may be its wide variety in terms of color, size, fragrance and other attributes. The rose has been a symbol of love, beauty, even war and politics from way back in time. The variety, color and even number of Roses carry symbolic meanings. The Rose is most popularly known as the flower of love, particularly Red Rose.
  • flower rose  Now renamed Surprise in honor of her role in the film, the ship is open to the public daily as a dockside attraction at the Maritime Museum of San Diego. Does this mean her days of ocean sailing are behind her? Only time will tell. The Museum has not committed to a future for the ship either way but have stated they hope to have her sailing again in 2007. Stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter.
  • flowers  The mountains of Mexico and Guatemala are considered the home of origin for today's dahlia ancestors. Dahlia is a very diverse flower with many different size, form and color. For more information about dahlia, please read them at many web sites from dahlia societies around the world, for example, the American Dahlia Society.
  • flowerstudio  They are a contemporary flower shop located in the picturesque setting of Tynwald Craft Centre, in St. Johns on the Isle of Man. Their style is a fusion of contemporary chic and natural charm and they use only the highest quality materials, which they try to order from environmentally and ethically certified sources.
  • Flowers  The powerful language of colour, shape and movement that goes to make a flower has compelled me to try and preserve their beauty in my flower paintings. I work in pastel, which we love for it's immediacy and richness of hue. Pastel allows me to work quickly and capture the movement and light on a particular flower.
  • Sooriya Kanthi  Sooryakanthi (Helianthus Annuus), commonly known as sunflower got its name of two different facts that they flowers always face they sun and the shape of the flower resembles sun. Sooryan in Malayalam means sun and kanthi means beauty – suryakanthi is the beauty of sun.
  • Flowers  Flowers are the source of our photographers inspiration, please browse gently through our flower pictures...enjoy, savour, floral pics which are sometimes soft, subtle and flower pictures which are sometimes energetic and vibrant, but at all times gorgeous. Our pictures are nature's beauty at its best. A great floral balm for the soul! Daisies, poppies, lilies, orchids, wild flowers and "maybe roses" are all included
  • flower  Many millenniums flowers personify beauty at people, pleasure and perfection of the nature. Flowers are giving to everybody, it does not matter who you are rich or poor, they give you that wonderful world, in which you feel yourself happy. Therefore people always tried to decorate with these surprising gifts of the nature not only celebratory and gala days of the life, but also everyday lives, which, as is known people have more even more full to feel pleasure of short-term life on the guilty Earth.
  • lotus flower  The lotus flower appeared in legends originating from ancient Egypt. It played an important part in ancient Egyptian religion. The pure white lotus flower, the only plant to fruit and flower simultaneously, emerges from the depths of the muddy swamp. Growing from the mud at the bottom of ponds and streams, the exquisite Lotus flower rises above the water and is usually white or pink with 15 or more oval, spreading petals, and a peculiar, flat seedcase at its center.
  • Dahlia flower  Dahlias are commonly grown as an annual but they can be grown as a perennial if their tubers are dug up shortly after the first frost. To dig up a dahlia properly, simply dig the frost blackened plant out of the ground. Brush (not wash) as much soil off as possible and then cut the stems back to about 6 inches. Set them out in a cool dry place to dry for a day or two. Basements or garages are ideal for this. After they have dried out a bit, dust them with a bit of fungicide and pack them away. Packing them in vermiculite or sand will help to ensure that the tuber will not be affected by fungal infestations.
  • Flowers  The Christian alternative to the lotus is the white lily which, relating to Mary as queen of heaven, signifies both fertility and purity. Traditionally the Archangel Gabriel carries the lily of the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary. "Blessed are the pure in heart," said Jesus, "for they shall see God." They teachings of the Galilean Master and those of India's great yogis were cut from the same cloth of self-realization.
  • rose  The blossoms of wild, native roses are similar to our Standard Blossom in that they possess five colorful petals. However, as you can see in the rose at the right, that flower has many more than five petals. That's because the rose in the picture, and most of the roses you'll run across in average backyards, are horticultural varieties that have been hybridized and otherwise changed around by humans so that they have extra petals, which make them more gaudy.
  • forever florist taiwan  “All flower types/colours and containers (vases, gift boxes etc) are subject to availability. In the event of unavailability of a certain flower type/colour and/or container the item will be substituted for the closest available to ensure timely delivery” Please note that the value of the substituted order will always be at least of equal value but more commonly of greater value.
  • jasmine flower  Many types of jasmine that has been identified, there is at least 200 species are already known and recorded. But these types are categorized as actual jasmine flower (because lots of fragrant plants like jasmine classified into the type of jasmine) and there are some who do not have a scent.
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