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    It is important to invest in Research and Development activities in order to achieve economic progress. There are many research and development centers in India. The directory on research and development centers provides valuable information on the institutes engaged in research and developmental activities in India. Here under online web directory of research and development, get information on the various institutes promoting and conducting research and development in fields like medicine, agriculture, business research, environmental safety etc.
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  • Kerala Biotechnology Commission  Government of Kerala announced its Biotechnology Policy in 2003. The BT policy for Kerala is designed to catalyze the development and application of BT, taking advantage of the States resources and emphasizing its specific needs while meeting global requirements. The policy is aimed to ensure the rapid exploitation of pipeline technologies and opportunities available in the State to products and processes and to promote
  • Jaipur  Jaipur, the fascinating capital of the marvellous state of Rajasthan, is one of the well-planned cities of its time. Jaipur was established by the then Maharaja, Sawai Jai Singh in the year 1927. The graceful architecture of the City that runs across in pink colour has earned Jaipur the title of "The Pink City".
  • Kim Lighting  Kim Lighting has a rich culture founded on innovation. Established in 1933 by F.B. Nightingale, Kim has maintained a culture of continuous innovation. Nightingale fathered many of the landscape lighting techniques in use today. Throughout the 1960's, Kim innovated luminous body products.
  • Holistic Medicine And Stress Research Unit  Involved in research activities aimed at studying the impact of stress in our society on health and to figure out ways to reduce stress in our lives so that we can lead a more healthy life.
  • Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation  Organisation set up to promote and assist in the rapid and orderly establishment, growth and development of industries in Kerala; to identify industrial sites and set up the required infrastructure systems etc.
  • National Institute Of Speech & Hearing  The National Institute of Speech & Hearing (NISH) is a society set up with the support of the Government of Kerala in 1997. It is a comprehensive, multipurpose institution dedicated to the total rehabilitation of persons with speech and hearing impairment.
  • Kerala Research Programme on Local Level Development  Promoting multi-disciplinary research and building research capability at the local level for sustained development, with active participation of local administrators, social activists, non-governmental organizations and concerned individuals.
  • Mcbs Kalagramam  Mcbs Kalagramam is a socio-cultural development institution started in the year 1997 at Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram. Mcbs initiated Kalagramam with the purpose of teaching arts, music and communication skills to younger generation towards building their global acceptance.
  • SCERT  SCERT (Kerala) functions as an R&D institute at the state level by providing guidance, support and assistance to the State Education Department in its endeavor to improve the quality of elementary and secondary education and teacher education. To achieve this goal, the SCERT conducts research Studies, develops information systems, curricular policies, and instructional materials and co-ordinates in-service education for teachers at all levels.
  • Centre For Development Studies  A premier social science research institution to promote research, teaching and training in disciplines relevant to development.
  • NATIONAL CENTRE FOR COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCES  The National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS) provides the most powerful computing resources in the world for open scientific research. It is one of the world’s premier science facilities—an unparalled research environment that supports dramatic advances in understanding how the physical world works.
  • Indian Society For Mass Spectrometry  The Indian Society for Mass Spectrometry (ISMAS) was founded on March 21, 1978 at a meeting of the mass spectrometrists from all over India at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Bombay during the First National Seminar on Mass Spectrometry. The ISMAS members are from Research Institutes, Universities, Industries and Hospitals from all over India.
  • National Research Laboratory of Metrology  The National Research Laboratory of Metrology, as a national standard laboratory in Japan, has been establishing, maintaining and disseminating standards of length, mass, time and frequency, temperature, and so on, along with researches on measurement technologies in science and industry.
  • Georgia Tech Wearable Motherboard  This research at Georgia Tech has led to a groundbreaking contribution with enormous implications: The creation of a wearable information infrastructure that has opened up entirely new frontiers in personalized information processing, healthcare and telemedicine, and space exploration, to name a few.
  • Indian Institute of Toxicology Research  Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (IITR) (formerly: Industrial Toxicology Research Centre), Lucknow, a constituent laboratory of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, was established in 1965. IITR undertakes research in niche areas of toxicology.
  • RRI  The Rights and Resources Initiative is a strategic coalition of international, regional and community organizations engaged in development, research and conservation. Together, we are working to encourage greater global commitment and action on pro-poor tenure, policy and market reforms.
  • vejthani  Vejthani Hospital established in 1994 is to be the leading private health services provider by delivering high quality,innovative responses to society's changing health care needs. They Serve their patients both local and global community by providing the finest clinical integration while respecting the needs of the human spirit.
  • JDA International  JDA helps individuals and communities raise their capacity, to effectively use their skills, resources and creativity to sustain and promote development on their own. JDA is continuing its agricultural research in northern Afghanistan.
  • Mission Specialities  "Mission Specialties is dedicated to serving orphans to achieve their God-given potential and to become productive members of society." MSi carries this out by establishing and supporting programs that empower orphanage graduates for independent living through personal and spiritual mentoring, life-skills training and career development.
  • Kerala International Centre  The objectives, activities and the structure of the Centre are outlined in the following pages. We invite you to share the excitement of building a new institution to bring the Kerala perspective to Indian foreign policy and to be a forum for foreigners and non-resident Indians to interact with the Kerala intelligentsia.
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