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Gujarat Information

Gujarat City Guide

Gujarat Unleash the beauty of the state that encompasses many tourists spots. The state rich in handicrafts, history, culture and natural beauty, Gujurat is one destination that is needs to be explored.

Discover a fascinating state of India that has the power to lure many discerning travelers. Situated near the sea, Gujurat State boast 1650 kms long shore line. Famous for its beaches, temple towns and historic capitals, Gujurat is one state that shall be explored by every tourist. Wildlife sanctuaries, hill resorts, and natural grandeur, of Gujurat makes states a breathtaking destination.

Located on the western part of the Indian sub-continent, Gujarat obtain its name 'Gujaratta' meaning the land of Gurjars. The Gurjars passed through Punjab and settled in some parts of Western India, which came to be known as Gujarat. Gujarat tour gives you a unique opening to experience the rich culture and ethos of the state.
Enchanting Attractions of Gujarat
Gujarat today provides a wide range of the most spectacular attractions - which comprise breathtaking locations and scenic landscapes. Gujarat is also a mix of various civilizations resulting in a vibrant culture and a rich heritage. Gujarat is home to several architectural marvels, witnesses of its glorious history and pilgrim centres for many faiths. Finally, it is also the land of several mythological and historical figures like the legendary Krishna and Mahatma Gandhi the apostle of non-violence.

Places to visit in Gujarat
Kandla Port: One of the 40 ports, this natural well-protected harbour in Gujarat has a Free trade Zone, the first in the country. The largest salt works in Asia are located near this port.

Gir Sanctuary : Is one of the largest and most important wildlife sanctuaries in India sheltering Asiatic Lions

Velavadar Black Buck National Park : The principal attraction of this park in Gujarat is the massive population of blackbuck, the majestic Indian antelope.

Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary : Is known to harbor more than 200 species of birds. In winter, the place is flooded with thousands of migratory birds.

Rann of Kutch : The biggest and the most sparsely populated district in Gujarat, it is famous for its hand printed sarees, embroidery, exquisite gold and silver ornaments. The major population comprises of different tribes, each with their own culture and traditions. It is also the only home for endangered Wild Ass, a member of wild horse family.

Surat : Situated on the Tapti, Surat is famous for its textiles, zari and brocade industry, diamond cutting and polishing industry. During Mughal times, the city was the main port from which pilgrims sailed to Mecca - hence it is known as 'Gateway to Mecca'.

Dandi : Along the coastline of Gujarat lies Dandi where the famous Dandi March Satyagraha was led by Mahatma Gandhi in 1930.

Porbandar : Is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the nation.

Vadodra : Formerly known as Baroda, is a graceful city of gardens, palaces and museums.

Ahemdabad : Also known as 'Manchester of India' is a major textile center. Situated in this city is 'Gandhi Ashram' which served as the headquarter during India's independence. It was from here that he set out for the 'Dandi March' to have Salt Tax repealed.

Palitana : Has around 800 beautifully carved Jain temples.

Mount Girnar : Is a 600 meter high massive rock where Emperor Ashoka engraved 14 edicts in the Pali script.

Fairs & Festivals in Gujarat
'Navratri' - nine days of celebration in honour of Goddess Durga are celebrated with the highest grandeur in Gujarat with young boys and girls performing 'Garbha', a traditional form of dance.

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