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Kangra Fort

Kangra City Guide

Plan a trip to Kangra, one of the popular tourist destinations of Hiamchal Pradesh, famous for its temples, forts and churches. One of the main attractions of Kangra is majestic Kangra Fort, stands tall on a steep rock, overlooking the valley. Tourists travel to Kangra to witness the remains of the fort, which are well preserved by the travel & tourism department of Himachal Pradesh government.

An important monument of Himachal Pradesh, Kangra fort is located at a distance of 17 km from Dharamsala. This massive fort, remained as a great attraction to conquer and to add up in their regime. Today it is one of the major source of attractions in the Kangra Valley, visited by a huge number of tourists from all over the world. The fort is famous for its century old paintings, temples, palaces and museum. Situated amidst lush green forests and gushing rivers, the fort is considered as a popular tourist destination of Himachal Pradesh.
History Unfold - Kangra Fort
The ancient fort of Kangra was constructed by Raja Bhumi Chand, founder of Katoch Dynasty. Situated at a height of 350 feet above sea - level, the fort of Kangra had been the center of attraction for the rulers of Northern India. The legend says that the fort witnesses many attacks by the invaders over the period of time. The first attack was made by the King of Kashmir 'Shreshtha' in 470 A.D, and finally In 1846 Kangra fort fell into the hands of the British Empire. The King of Katoch Dynasty held court here for almost 25 years. Today, Kangra fort remains as a monument of Kangra Valley that attracts huge number of tourists for its huge art galleries and museum.

The Kangra fort is a blend of medieval and ancient form of architecture, that can be well depicted every where inside the fort. The fort is spread over a large area and is guarded by high ramparts and the massive wall. The huge gates, the typical of medieval architecture, showcases the name of their conquerors who captured the fort from time to time. The outer structure of the fort was built using black-sandstone, the remains of which could be still found out in the fort premises.

Inside The Fort
There are famous monuments like temples, museums and palaces located on the turf of Kangra Fort, which displays state of the art paintings and sculptures. The temple of Lakshmi Narayan and Sitala is considered as one of the valuable monuments, located in the courtyard of Kangra Fort. Adorned with beautiful carvings and design, the ceilings of the Lakshmi Narayan temple is uniquely decorated with vibrant color and patterns. Apart from these, a famous Jain temple is also located in the vicinity of Kangra fort dedicated to Adinath. A large number of Jain pilgrim visit this place, which is also considered as a Tirtha (sacred place) to get blessings from their Adi Guru. Besides, the museum in the Kangra Fort houses miniature paintings, which is a blend of Mughal and Katoch style of art. About forty thousand of these paintings are preserved in temples, palaces and in museums at Chamba, Chandigarh and Delhi. The fort remained neglected during the British period but now the Archaeological Department of India maintains this monuments. The fort is still an attraction to the tourists and pilgrims visiting Kangra.

How To Reach
Kangra fort is easily accessible from Kangra (6 km), Dharamsala (17 km), McLeodganj (27 km) and other cities of Himachal Pradesh via road. From all these places, private taxis and state transport buses are available. Tourists can hire taxis at reasonable cost from the major intersection of the city. Generally taxi rates are fixed by the taxi trade union and does not require further bargaining.

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