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Bithoor- A Temple Town

Kanpur City Guide

Bithoor is well known for the Ghats on Ganges. The small village was a major centre of activities of freedom fighters of India. The place is supposed to be existent from the start of this earth.
Location : Bithoor is situated 20 Km from Kanpur city centre.
Best Time to Visit : September to April, as climate is cool during these months.

The Historic Ghats
Bithoor is small village in the rural parts of Kanpur, located on the banks of Ganges. Religiously important, Bithoor played an important role in the freedom struggle of India. The place is said to be existing from the times when the earth was created. According to legends, Brahma came here to start the human race. Since then Bithoor is also called Brahmavart, meaning, the place of Brahma. Legend also has it that Sita, wife of Lord Rama, came to live at the ashram of the sage Valmiki, after Rama expelled her from Ayodhya. During 1857 war of independence, Nanarao Peshwa and Tatya Tope made Bithoor as there centre for activities and stayed in the fort, which is now in ruins. There are many small and big temples, monuments and historic places in Bithoor. There as many as 30 beautiful ghats in Bithoor.
Dhruv Tila : The Dhruv Tila is the historic place, where Dhruva prayed to Brahma. It is said that Brahma appeared before Dhruva and converted him to a star, called as Dhruva Taraa (The Pole Star).

Valmiki Ashram : According to legends, Valmiki Ashram used to be the residence of Valmiki, the writer of epic Ramayana. Sita, after being expelled from Ayodhya, came to Valmiki Ashram and stayed here for few years. Luv and Kush, children of Rama and Sita were also born and brought up here.

Ghats : The ghats of Bithoor are very beautiful. Total number ghats is around 30, next in number to ghats of Varanasi. The ghats hosts a large number of temples.

Brahmavart Ghat : This main ghat in Bithoor has a small temple of Brahma. The Brahma temple has a small shrine and a metal bar, believed to be streched to the core of Earth. The ghat is very holy and a bath on this ghat is said to wash away all the spritual sins.

Forts : Bithoor has also got great importance as great freedom fighters like Nana Saheb, Tatya Tope and Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi started their struggle for freedom in the year 1857 from this place only. During his stay in Bithoor several forts and places were built which are still a source of inspiration and attraction to the Historian and research oriented people.

Getting There
One has to reach Kanpur to visit Bithoor. From Kanpur railway station and airport, one can get taxis, auto-rickshaws and bus to reach Bithoor. Imambara.

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