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Meerut Travel Guide

Meerut City Guide

Meerut town in northwestern Uttar Pradesh state lies northeast of Delhi. Meerut is a major trade centre for agricultural products and has a considerable amount of industry, including manufacturing, smelting, handicrafts, and the milling of sugar, cotton, flour, and oilseeds. Meerut University (1965) is located in the town apart from Meerut College (1892) and several other colleges are affiliated with the university. The town also has a 12th-century mausoleum and a number of old temples and mosques. Meerut is an important army headquarters. The initial uprising of the 1857 Indian Mutiny occurred there. Modinagar, a sprawling industrial township establish by the Modi industrial group, is closeby. Meerut is fabled for its scissor-making.
Getting There
By Air : Nearest airport is Pantnagar, 62 km.
By Rail : Nearest railhead is Ramnagar, 78 km and Khatima 15 km.
By Road : Well connected by road. Bareilly, 124 km Nainital, 121 km.
Tourist Attractions
St. John's Church : Established in 1819 in Meerut Cantonment this church was completed in 1822. Seat up by Chaplin revered Henry Fisher on behalf of the East India Company, this Church was dedicated to the people by Bishop Wilson. The church has a seating capacity of 15,000 people. During the 1857 uprising this church was the scene of heavy fighting between the rebels and the British forces. The church also has the honors of being oldest church in North India.

Baba Vishwanath Temple : The town has Baba Vishwanath temple, another ancient temple of Lord Shiva probably built around 1887. The temple draws thousands of pilgrims every year during festive seasons and is among the most visited Shiva Temples in Uttar Pradesh

Dargah of Shah Pir : Situated near Shah Pir Gate, the Moghul mausoleum, the red stone construction was built in 1620 A.D., by Noor Jehan. .

Sardhana : 19 km northwest of Meerut lies the fascinating town of Sardhana with a romantic and historically significant past. In the late 18th century the French adventurer Walter Reinhardt came to India and soon became popular as 'Samru'. He received Sardhana from Najaf Khan of Delhi for successfully supporting his troops and in 1773 the principality of Sardhana was formally established. After his death in 1778 his formidable widow Begum Samru who converted to Roman Catholic Faith in succeeded him 1781.

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