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Dhobhi Ghat Review
posted on 21st Jan 2011

Dhobhi Ghat Dhobi Ghaat is a much awaited Bollywood Movie produced and directed by Kiran Rao and scheduled to release on 21st Jan 2011. It is Aamir Khan starrer along with Prateek Babbar, Dan Husain, Monika Dogra and Kriti Malhotra being the other actors. Kiran Rao has released only three small promotional clips but even then it manages to catch the viewers attention as because of excellent background music and attractive theme. There are 3 songs in this film (Stranger Lives, You With Me, Ghat Kaisi) and music has been directed by Gustavo Santaolalla. The third song is composed by Gustavo Santaolla as well as Aamir Khan. Dhobhi Ghat is a story of four people from different backgrounds come together and gets separated by fate. Living in Mumbai, the city creeps into their minds and forces them to live a life which alters its course every now and then. Their life is shown through an amateur video and some black and white photos which has a touch of love, loss, longing and loneliness.
The movie looks more like a narrative and the plot, except for some poignant scenes in the climax, is not very entertaining. Kiran's Rao story is of course brilliant and the movie is not completely unwatchable but fairs rather below the high level of expectation viewers had from it. The unconventional cinema is all of 95 minutes but is rather slow. All the new talents have dona a fantastic jobs including Kiran Rao with the cinema proving to be a technical masterpiece. The busy streets of the pulsating Mumbai city are showcased perfectly with crisp camera angles in a fresh look. Dhobhi ghat is surely a one time must watch as it is different, brave, courageous and of course has our very own perfectionist “Aamir Khan” playing the lead, but whether it appeals to the masses is a different question.

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