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Top 10 Saving Investment Tips
posted on 25th Dec 2010

Saving Piggy Bank If you want to make your life security from financial crisis then start up your saving investment right now. However, in this age of price hike on daily basis the cost of living has tremendously gone up. In this jeopardize of high prices and low saving philosophy, the life of common people has gone bad to worse, as they want to save more for a secure financial future.

Various ways to curb spending
Save more and boost your income, such as reduce cost on outdoor eating, doing household deeds on your own, increase your skills, initiate a parallel business and even driving less, among others. You can try these method as they are the sure-shot ways. Normally people are unable to save money, because the core reason is they do not like to save. But always blame to the less income .These are just lame excuses as various studies have already proved that how much you save has little to do with how much you make. But If you think , they have kidded all avenues for saving the penny , you can still endeavor these ideas and sure - shot ways which can help you save more.
The best way to save more may be is "Paying your self first", Actually phrase used by George S Clason .He used this phrase in his book (Richest Man in Babylon). Although many of us might have listen about it, but few follows. The phrase means - the first bill you pay each month should be to yourself, simply because you have burn mid night oil for it and deserve it the most. Before you pay your monthly bills, before shopping, and before you do anything else, definitely you save 5% to10% or whatever you think. Then deposit the amount into a saving account.

Most useful ways for saving money.
  • Save on vehicle fuel, use public transport, or car pool.
  • Don't waste electricity & pay more .
  • Wait for good discount & makes habit of bargaining.
  • Avoid food from outside and used healthy diet so, help you cut down in hospitality bill.
  • Use cheap phone and cut your phone bill.
  • Find way of enjoyment in home.
  • Exercise at home.
  • Avoid usage of Plastic penny. (Credit Cards)
  • Cut Your Mortgage Charges.
  • Recycle all items that can be recycled.
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